How to Grow Your Newly Made Blog and Drive Quality traffic

Hey guys, Don’t laugh at me because this blog isn’t getting much traffic. Main reason behind it is I am not working at good rate on this blog.

Recently, I started working regularly on my 2 blogs. I will be publishing articles regularly on both of my blogs to drive much traffic. After becoming active, I’ve seen improvement in traffic on both of my blogs.

I am back with this article in which I will show you how you can grow your Newly made site on any niche and make it Authority blog! Recently, As you know, I just started working on one niche site on whose age is not more than 15 days.

How to Grow Your Newly Made Blog and Drive Quality traffic

I started posting good articles on that blog and I will be posting articles regularly and I am thinking to reveal the domain name so that you all can see the growth of the site by yourself.

Healthy server environment is one of the many successful website’s behind the bar reason. SQL Performance is need to be in top of the rank and server side catches also play major role in your page loading time.

Today, In this article, I will show you how exactly you can make your new niche site get high quality traffic. Remember that the traffic you are getting should be high quality traffic to get higher conversions. Here, High quality means, the visitors who are visiting your site should get relevant content on your site.

For example, if you are having blog related to marketing, you should get visitors who are looking for Marketing tips, marketing tools, techniques and much more.

If someone is looking for Android phone and visits your site by mistake, he/she is not going to give you single rupee (In case, you don’t use clickjacking scripts :p ).

Now, back to the topic, Here, I am going to show you how you can make your newly made site get high quality traffic and sales too!

NOTE : This guide is not for you if you are making crappy sites on some highly search keywords having suggested bids of 1Rs or 2Rs. Keywords for example : WhatsApp for PC, Make money quickly etc….

I can’t recommend this guide for that type of sites because, This techniques will not work and this technique will not drive traffic to your site if you are working on that type of sites… They are actually good because that sites can also make 3-4 figures for you…

If you are targeting complete niche like any musical instrument, Health product, electronics, Servers etc then this guide is for you! Here, I will give you some really good tips from my experience so that you can grow your blog!


Quora is the great source to drive traffic that will convert as Subscriber and even Customer who will help you to make money from your blog.

Now you’ll think how is it possible. Let me explain you, When it comes to quality Questions and Answer, first name we can think of is Quora. Quora’s traffic is really high converting because someone opens up quora whenever he/she want to ask something related to things they want (when you think about profit).

For example, if someone wants to purchase Flute (Don’t think you are smart! It’s not my niche :p ), they will put questions on Quora like How to select best flute to purchase? or Which brand flutes are best to start? or similar.

You can even write articles on that topic and you can start answering such questions in your niche. Even if they are not posting something related to purchasing something, you can answer the question to drive some high quality traffic to your blog.

Today, I just answered 1 question on quora related to my niche, Here are the stats of the answer after 8 hours of Answering…

Views : 100
Upvotes : 3
Rank : 3 (out of more than 15 answers)

Considering that the answer was published just before 8 hours, 100 views and 3 upvotes are really good! this is how you can take advantage of Quora.

Yeah! I put link back to my niche blog whenever I write answer on quora… As A result, I get some traffic as well as subscribers to my niche blog.

Considering that the blog is just built before some days having no source of traffic like social media and search engine….. Quora is really good to drive traffic initially to niche blog…

This is how I Initially drive good amount of traffic to my niche blog.

High Quality content

If you make blogs related to apps for PC as I said above, the content written by cheap writer or spinned content will also work because in that case you have to do lots of spamming and that is only the way to rank for the targeted keywords.

When it comes to make the site authority in it’s niche, you can’t do that because there will be tough competitors having static rankings since years! it is hell hard to outrank them without having high quality content.

In this case, you have to write content having length more than your competitors are having. Sometimes, you have to write content having more than 1500-2000 words per article.

If you are thinking that Content is not king then you are wrong. When you are thinking to make whole new blog in new niche and want to make it authority blog, Content is still king!

Yeah, still you need lots of backlinks to outrank your competitors… but

Currently, I am writing good amount of content on my niche blog as well as on Quora as well as on other’s blog. That’s what 3rd thing is, to grow your blog.

Guest blogging

According to google, it is not good to do guest blogging because you might get penalized. But only if you are doing guest blogging on low quality blogs and just doing it for the sake of the comments.

If you will do guest blogging in the right way, you can still get link juice as well as traffic to your blog. What you have to do is to think that it is your blog and you just have to publish High quality content on other blog. Put one link pointing to your blog.

In short, In the Eyes of google, it should not be the paid link or guest post done for the sake of the backlink. Now, I am sharing once again, the technique to find guest blogs that allow guest blogging.

inurl:”write-for-us” your_niche

So, by using this footprint, you can find blogs on which you can do guest blogging. You can send the mail to the owner of the site to ask whether they still accept guest posts or not. After recent Google update, some site owners don’t allow guest blogging because they might get penalized in next update.

By doing guest posts, you can get good amount of traffic as well as backlinks! Not a bad deal!

Conclusion: Niche blogging is always good to make money. If you are doing Micro niche blogging, then also you can use this techniques to get traffic and backlinks to your blog.

When it comes to guest posts, be sure that the blog on which you are going to guest post is active, otherwise your backlink might not get indexed for days and also, you will not get traffic (the thing you need badly….).

Finally, If you have some tips too… you can comment them down for other readers and if you are reader having some questions in your mind, Comment them down! I will solve your questions. Share this to help me spread the word.