3 MailChimp Alternatives Email Marketing Service

Best MailChimp Alternatives: Top email marketing service is listing out 3 top alternatives to MailChimp. These mailchimp options and services are work almost like MailChimp. There is no doubt that MailChimp is one of the best email marketing service available in the market. MailChimp is highly popular among the people who need email marketing system for their business. It has a network of multi million users across the world. Like every service, application has an alternative, MailChimp too has some alternatives. These are some popular email providers like, Get Response, Sparkpost,
ActiveCampaign, Maropost, AWeber, Emma, etc. So, in this article about MailChimp options, we are get detail information of available options in market with economical solution providers for your email marketing campaigns. So let’s have go on MailChimp alternatives.

3 Best free alternatives to MailChimp

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There are numerous E-mail programs on the market for newsletter tools. It’s not just the features that differ from program to program, but also user-friendliness and costs. MailChimp offers a good compromise when it comes to these three points: in particular, the clear structure, coupled with a flexible cost system (including Free system) appeals to many users. However, the following online companies also offer useful tools that help companies get to grips with their newsletter marketing.

MailChimp Alternatives Email Marketing Services


GetResponse is one of the best alternatives to MailChimp. The easy-to-use web-based email marketing platform of GetResponse helps you build customer confidence and increase profits. You can create aesthetically appealing newsletters and landing pages within no time which helps you increasing your business. The best part is that it is very fast and takes just a couple of minutes to design these.

For the complete features of GetResponse you can visit :

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Some important features of AWeber are: Auto Responder and Followup, Drag and Drop Designing tool which saves your time in designing and easy to design your news letter and Subscriber segmenting which helps in categorizing your subscribers according to your business segmentation.


You can select from 400+ sign up options which suits the best for your website. There 600+ built in email templates that you can instantly use without the need to modify it.

With the RSS to Email feature it can automatically create and send news letter from your newest blog posts.

There are over 600 html templates available to create great looking email news letters. And many more features are there in AWeber which can help your business grow faster. For more details on AWeber features please visit:

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Like GetResponse and AWeber, iContact is also a very good alternative to MailChimp. With iContact you have the option of choosing more than 600 Email templates which are fully customizable. The easy to use message creation tool helps you in designing beautiful emails in just a few minutes.

All set of features you can find here:

If you are planning to go for a email marketing service then above 3 services could be a great alternatives to MailChimp. They do have trial version of their services, you can try them before finalizing any of them.

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Conclusion of MailChimp vs alternatives:

All about popular MailChimp alternative for online business marketing.  But you can find with free trials with all above mention MailChimp alternative email provider options

I am recommended email services – GetResponse email marketing.