How to Increase CTR of your Site without ClickJacking

High CTR is most important to make more money but nowadays, many bloggers don’t want to mess up with their valuable visitors who are their god and start using wrong techniques to increase CTR like Clickjacking.

Clickjacking is not only the technique to increase the CTR, some bloggers also use Floating ads, If the ads don’t cover the Content, it is okay according to me because it does not Irritate users. Still, it is against google’s Terms and conditions.

Here in this article, I will tell you how to increase your CTR without clickjacking. Yes, there are some bloggers who make thousands of dollars but they really don’t know the meaning of backlinks too! Yeah, they do Clickjacking.

Without the knowledge of what blogging is, they make the blog and do clickjacking, Results, Stole thousands of dollars from Advertisers and Google.

Yes, There are many big companies who can afford to lose thousands of dollars but Adsense shows ads of the Startups too! they don’t have much money to advertise. They also lose their money because of clickjacking.

Coming back to the point, Let me show you exact technique that you can use to increase CTR so that there will be no need to do clickjacking to make money.

1. Generate Heatmaps for your site

Using Heatmaps, you can see that which part of your site is most interactive! How? First of all, let me show you the example heatmap of Example site to explain to you what exactly is Heatmap (in case, you don’t know).


Here are the example site and heatmap of example site. Now, How to read the sitemap? It’s easy… the parts with white color has the most number of clicks. In this case, the sidebar has the most number of clicks and it is one of the most interactive parts of the site you can see above.

As the color turns to light, the number of click decreases, Grey part does not have clicks at all! by using Heatmap, you can come to know that which part of your site is most interactive.

For example, if it is the sidebar, you can place more advertisements in the sidebar so that you can increase the number of real impressions and finally the clicks on the advertisement.

there are many heatmap tools that will help you to generate the heatmap of your site. But as it will help you to make more money, most of the heatmap tools are paid. Yes, there are some free tools too! Like PtEngine.

It is free for 1 domain and 10000 pageviews per month per account. Yes, if you want to make heatmap for more than 1 sites, you have to purchase the premium account. You can also make other accounts but it will be hard for you to handle all the accounts.

If you don’t want to purchase the account, there is heatmap script available in Codecanyon that you can purchase to use it on your server so that you can make the heatmap of all of your sites without any limitations.

It will be really effective when it comes to increasing the CTR of your site so that you can make more money! Now, let us see the Perfect placement in which you can get most CTR.

2. Optimized Placement for CTR

Adsense allows you to put 3 banners per page. Now, it’s your turn to place those banners in a manner in which you can get highest CTR.

Here is the best Placement according to my experience…

  • 728*90 Banner Beside the name of the site (If there is space available to place advertisement).
  • One Wide SkyScrapper in the sidebar.
  • One banner (Size of your choice…) after the first 2 paragraph of every article!
  • In case, if you don’t have space to place banner beside the Name of the site, you can place one banner at the end of each article.

In the list, 3rd is bit different as well as it is effective! It is because if the visitor will not like your article after reading 2 paragraphs of your article, he/she will be more likely to leave your site by clicking on the banner you placed there!

If you don’t want to go for the Heatmap technique, you can try the different placements and try to get more CTR. You can also place more advertisements using iframes if you want… But it will make your site look spam.

Conclusion: These are the 2 most effective techniques using which you can see the quick difference in the CTR. Coming back to the clickjacking, It is not good to clickjack! Use smart ways to increase CTR and finally to make more money, not wrong way. If you have any more questions, you can comment it down in the comment section so that I can solve it for you.