How To Recover Data From Deleted Partition – Step by Step Guide

How to recover data from a deleted partition – Step by Step Guide,… After getting the hard disk, we all have to divide a partition into several partitions. Partitioning hard disks in many parts is very important and helpful. It lets you manage your place wisely.

You can also specify a different partition to store different types of files and folders. The most important advantage is that if something goes wrong in one division then the other sections are unaffected. Data in other partitions will be completely safe.

How to Recover Data From Deleted Partition – Step by Step Guide

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Losing data is very painful and we all know it. But can the partition be damaged, destroyed, or removed? There are several reasons for the loss of division which accounts for.

  • The first reason for division loss or removal is accidental mistake. You may accidentally delete your hard disk partition while doing some hard operations. An incorrect operation can cause damage to the entire division.
  • One more thing that causes division loss is the partition table loss. If the table is missing or corrupted then this division can cause a loss.
  • Although it is possible to resize your partition, but it is very risky to do so. An inaccurate operation or sudden disruption and the entire division can be damaged.
  • A virus infection can also cause a lack of division. If your system is not safe against a virus or malware attack then you may lose your partition.
  • If the operating system or file system has been corrupted in any way, it will also affect your partition and it may be lost or damaged.
  • If there is a problem with your system and it suddenly stops, it can also lead to division loss due to bad system.

But do not worry because partition loss is a perfect solution to help you recover lost or deleted partitions and this recovery data recovery tool.

Feature Of Recoverit data recovery review Step By step file recover

  • Quick And Easy

Recoverit is a simple and easy to use software.

This helps you easily recover lost or lost partitions. Recoverit  supports a straightforward method to recover a deleted partition so that each user can use it without any difficulty. The tool also works very fast, you can get your partition quickly.

  • Recover All Type Of Files

No matter what kind of files were stored in the partition, Recoverit can recover them all.

Whether there are images, documents, email files, videos, audio or any other type of file, you can take them back with the recapture. It supports a large number of file formats to include


  • Recover Partition Irrespective Of The Cause

Regardless of whether your partition was lost due to accidental deletions, virus infections, sudden system shutdown, system crash or any other reason, recovery will recover it for you. You do not have to worry about losing your division, this division recovery tool will fix it in any way.

  • Offers Multiple Recovery Mode

Well, not only the partition recovery but Recoverit provides several other modes of recovery including Deleted Files Recovery, recycle bin recovery, formatted drive recovery, external device recovery, virus attack data recovery, system crash recover and all-round recovery mode.

Steps To Recover Data From Deleted Partition with Recoverit

Now, here is a quick guide for the lost partition recovery with Recoverit data recovery software.

So, what you have to do is to download Recoverit software on your system. It is available for both Windows as well as for Mac.

1. Launch the software and it will present several data recovery modes. Here, you need to select the Deleted Partition recovery option.

2. After that, you will be asked to select the drive where you lost your files. Simply select the deleted or lost partition and hit the Start button.

3. It will start scanning the files in the deleted partition. The scanning process will take a few minutes to scan the whole partition.

4. Once the scanning process is finished, it will show all the scanned files. You can preview the files and then select the ones that you would you want to recover.

You can even select all the files and then click the remove button. That’s all you need to do. This way you can recover the deleted or lost partition using Recoverit.


This way Recoverit can help you get the data back in easy steps. You can get back all your files in no time using this partition recovery tool. There is a free version available for Recoverit to test its features and you can also buy the paid version as per your need which only costs $35.95/month or $39.95/year.