Affiliate site 1.0 : Got the Idea, Did the Niche Research

So, As I promised that I will share each and every thing that will happen with me in my journey, This is the first project I am starting after starting the So, Yesterday I got the idea to start the affiliate site.

My Idea was, I will make Whole site for the single Product and will rank for some selected keywords only on the top 3 positions. As I have to rank for top 3 positions, Keyword has to be medium competition or low competition.

Affiliate site 1.0 : Got the Idea, Did the Niche Research

But! Before finding that type of keywords, Something was stopping me and that was Finding product! Now, It’s not like you can select any product and start Affiliate marketing on that Product. Our aim should be the benefit of customers we are going to get.

So, I got an Idea that I will find the product that allows their Affiliate to create Coupons. That was the great idea as because of this, Users will get the discounts when they will purchase the product with our Coupon code and we will get affiliate sales.

As we are giving Huge discount to users, I am sure that visitors will get attracted to us. But again The Problem! Now, I have to select the products who allow their affiliates to generate coupon codes for their customers so that customers can get benefit as Discount.

How Can I know whether any product allows their affiliate to make coupons? I can’t sign up on every product and check whether They allows or not. So, What I did is I searched in the google about that for around 1-2+ hours without success.

Yes, I found the products in that 1-2+ hours. But in some products, Commission were low, In some, Competition on their keywords was high. So, I left all that products behind and moved on with other products.

So, What Not to do while finding Niche?

Yesterday, What I was doing is I was finding products in google and some lists. But, According to my needs, I was not able to find products. So, Never ever find products googling.

Another method by which you can’t find products is finding products in keyword planner. It is because there is no input for us to enter in keyword planner. Moreover, Keyword planner is Broad Keyword finder. I mean, It will never give you the results you want in this case. It is because it will show keywords related to the keyword you’ve entered in the keyword planner.

Moreover, I was not having the premium Tools like Long tail pro or SEMrush to do niche research. Believe me, I’ve used SEMrush and I can say, It’s very easy to find what you want to SEMrush in comparison with keyword planner.

So, What’s the right method that I think that is better to find niche?

Finally, I sent mail to one company asking that they allows their affiliates to generate coupon or not. Without waiting for their reply, I started finding the other products. After that, I Remember that The Product That I am using allows their Affiliate to make coupons and give their customers a huge discount when they first purchase the product.

So, the best method is to first look at the product that you are using. As You are already using that product, You can write a lot on that product and Main thing nowadays to rank on the top of the SERPs is the content. So, Selecting the product you are already using is the right method.

As I found the product, Now it was time to check how many searches there are for Coupons and discounts for that product. I opened up the Keyword planner and here is the result…

So, the top two countries searching for this keyword is India and US which is really good because United states searchers are really looking for the Discount and are going to use it. It means that I am really going to convert the visitors coming from United states.

India is also the first country from which peoples are searching for coupon codes for the product I’ve selected. In this case, Discount is so much high that Indians will purchase too! Hehe… We Indians expect 12$ of work whenever we spend 10$ . This deal is not less than that. So, It’s great to have Indian traffic on this keyword.

One more thing I want to tell you is, I am going to target this single keyword only for the whole site. Yes, I may target some other keywords to get more sales but they will not be exact match keywords.

So, What should you learn from this post?

It’s very beneficial for us to work on the micro niche affiliate sites because once they are ranked, You have to keep adding content only and that is not a big in front of 3 figures – 4 figures income. Sometime, It works on Automation also. It means, Just rank for 1 time and earn till the niche exist.

I showed you that how I found the niche and how you should find it. And also, I showed you that how not to find the niche when you are starting niche site.

This is the first Post of 1.0 which means Affiliate site 1.0 . As I will make a site and will add content and will make backlinks, I will keep updating 1.0 on this blog. So, Be ready to learn from my mistakes and be Ready to know what to do and what not to.