Why Event Blogging is better than Niche Blogging anytime any day

Event Blogging vs Niche Blogging: The title seems a bit ironic in contrary to popular beliefs. Which state that short term pleasures should be avoided for the long term happiness. That’s what you might have heard from a lot of people suggesting: You to dodge the idea of Event blogging and begin with niche blogging instead, as apparently. It seems to look as if it is a less of a gamble. It is an entirely white hat (Bitch Please!), also is good for a passive income and some more deluded crap.

Why Event Blogging is Better Than Niche Blogging?

See the basic idea of event blogging and niche blogging is similar, which is to create an income foundation. Everybody needs money as returns, and that is what drives oneself to work of any sort.

If money is the goal then why am I telling you to follow the short-term measures instead of long-term, Confused? Right, I know you would be.

But there is reason behind my statement, and I will try to explain you my view through the following post.

In event blogging we choose an event which is nearby creating a site, write some content in which quality is hardly a factor, and we start spamming like freaks and create hell lot of links in order rank higher in serps, Event blogging focuses on a simple idea which involves a backlink,

Which One Best Event blogging vs niche blogging

You just need to make a lot (really hell lot!) of links depending on the competitiveness of the picked event. If you rank the site, you then place ads, get ad clicks and eventually you get paid for the clicks. This is simple methodology of pursuing event blogging which most of the people are already into.

Forgetting Innovation, which without a single doubt makes a normal entity extraordinary.

See the innovation you could have applied with any ranked event with lots of real-time traffic, by building a considerably long email list, by nailing some affiliate sales over the placed product banners, PPD, CPA, and CPI. Everything could have been made possible.

But the thing is you just need to be imaginative enough to find a path which is less travelled and make it happen.

Now enough with the portrayal of Event Blogging, lets head over to Niche Blogging.

Niche blogging is comparatively hectic process and focuses on more perspectives. Now niches can be of two types, one which targets searched keywords and is dependent on ad networks for an income, and the second ones in which you review a product most of the times, let it be you promote a product or promote numerous products.

Your main target is to get sales and earn through commissions.

Now fetching sales isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It is quite a fishy process. You need to create a blog, create a superbly ideal content which should be ranking at peak in the SERPS. Then build links to your site in a completely different manner compared to that in an event blog.

You need to do guest posts, do article submissions, get high quality links which is easier said than done. Niche Blogging is difficult on the whole when compared to event blogging. You need to build an email list also to get email marketing initiated.

But it can be extremely easy if you shoot an arrow at the silver lining, i.e find a niche which is not competitive at all or is very less competitive, which isn’t a lucid thing to do.

Niche sites can be an adequate source of passive earnings, but the thing which most of us hate is long hours and days, in some cases months, just waiting helplessly. And niche site requires patience, patience to rank, patience to make a sale. Niche sites require frequent investments as well.

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Myth Busting

  1. Event Blogging is Blackhat

Well for that, I would like to take backlinks into reference, Yes in event blogging we create links like paranoids and in Niche blogging link building is planned and in a white hat way.

But looking on Google’s take over it, you cannot create a link to your site, Link pointing to your site should be natural. If you have created a link then you are using black hat techniques.

So one way or another, You are breaking the terms and conditions of Google. So do until it can be done, one day eventually it will come to an end, Exploit it till you can.

  1.  Event Blogging is Uncertain & Risky

Well that’s what life is- Uncertainty and Risky, You will die one day and leave this earth behind, But does that mean you will stop living today just because one day you are going to die, NO YOU DON’T.

So stop overthinking and overanalysing and start doing. There is a risk involved in everything.

Google doesn’t care whether you make high quality links or low quality ones, When Google’s gonna hit you, It will, without considering your link building methodology.

  1. Event Blogging requires Hard work for a Longer Period.

A child takes 18 years of his/her life to be called an adult,

18 years equals = More Than 6570 days,

You have waited when you were a kid to be called an adult, but once you are don’t need to wait.

Similarly Events come and go, focus on working and stop making excuses,

Events are undoubtedly the gold mines. There are some events which can fetch you up to 20,000$. So it’s up to your perception.

Start by doing small event like local festival, move on to tougher ones, internationally celebrated festivals. Achieved That?

Well go on to the ultimate ones – The sport events like Super bowl, Champions League, El Clasico, etc or wind up any exam result.

You just need to keep working.

This all stuff written above is correct but leaving this aside Why Event Blogging is considered unethical.

Well back in time, when event blogging started, it was observed that it doesn’t require quality content which opposes the fact that content is king,

So People kind of liked the fact that low quality content can fetch you money, so ranking low quality become a kind of trend.

That’s how it works, one person finds an easy way out, and everybody follows it blindfolded.

But you can be the change

You can make the situation better,

Why not innovate here, and write quality content and SPAM with that content. Well! That makes you go one step further than most of people,

And it would also not affect the traffic which will come to your site and eventually the user interaction will improve, ultimately increasing conversions.

With quality content, your monetization opens new horizons. If your content is worth reading, the products you promote from the same can also be considered worth buying and ultimately you can get the wheel of sales rolling and mark an edge over other people yet again.

So what you should be doing EXACTLY:

Steve Jobs, in his 2005 Stanford Commencement speech quoted, “Your time is limited, so stop living other people’s lives.”

That sums it up,

You need not follow my suggestions if they don’t interest you.

I have listed what I am doing and what I haven’t done.

Yes I too did Event Blogging in the initial stages of my blogging career, and eventually concluded it as unethical and moved over to niche blogging,

Luckily both did work for me, but I didn’t achieve what I could have achieved.

So some honest suggestions from my side would be to “Work your Ass off” and “Keep Innovating”.

Google has been continuously tightening its ranking factors and Web spam team is also pretty serious about the same, so start right now, before Google makes it impossible to start even if you want to. The future of event blogging seems dark, but it is bright at the moment. So get up and give it a shot right away.

You can do what I am doing currently. I am handling three niche blogs under my belt and started an event blog two days ago. Yes I am going to step on both of the boats.

The motto of the post was not to prove Event Blogging better than Niche Blogging but prove Event Blogging is however equal on opportunities to Niche Blogging.

Before wrapping it up, I would like to use Steve Jobs quote – STAY HUNGRY STAY FOOLISH.