Best methods to collect email addresses from your visitors!

Ways to collect Email addresses: E-mail marketing is important because it will give you much traffic as well as sales if done properly! First task for E-mail marketing is to collect email addresses from your visitors. You can say it is very hard process because they will not give you their E-mails because no one wants their e-mail to be spammed. And also, If you will not place your forms at right place, you are not going to get much conversion rate.

How to collect email addresses on website?

Here, you can see how important Content marketing is,

It’s $40 per $1 spent! Why so? It is because your subscribers trust you and that’s the reason why they gave you their e-mail ID so that you can send them content and updates about your business.

It’s actually hard to get good conversion and good number of subscribers daily. First of all, you need to improve traffic on your site to get more and more subscribers. Let’s do simple maths…

If you have 100 visitors a day and out of them 1 converts, Your conversion rate will be 1%. Now, to get more subscribers, either you have to increase traffic or you have to increase conversion rate. For example, If you will increase your traffic to 1000 visitors a day then you will get 10 subscribers daily. Or, If you will increase your conversion rate to 10% than you will get 10 subscribers daily from 100 visitors only.

You can do both together, Here, In this article, I will show you how exactly you can get more E-mail subscribers to grow your blog.

First of all, Let me tell you that the E-mail maarketing tool you use affects your traffic a lot! For example, If you use Free version of MailChimp, Whenever you will send mails to your Subscribers, Mails will arrive in Promotions folder of Gmail which is not god because all of us just ignore those mails.

That’s why, Even if you are using free E-mail marketing tool, Select the one who can send your Mails into Updates or Primary folder of your subscribers.

I’ve used and Recommend you getresponse if you don’t want to Spend money on E-mail marketing tool. I use it, Its free until you have list of 2000 E-mail Subscribers.

To make sure that your E-mails will arrive in the Updates and Primary tab, Just use only 1-2 Links in the content and never ever use Images in your Mails.

I’ve done one experiment too! When I used 1 Image in the Mail, I found it in the Promotion tab. The result was, Less number of open and click through rates! Make your Mails As simple as possible!

Now, Coming to the point, Here are the methods to Improve your conversion rates of E-mail Opt-ins.

1. Give them Reason to sign up

They will not sign up without reason. You have to give them reason to sign up. Here is the great example!

Anyone will enter their email because this form is perfect to attract readers! It’s from Quicksprout blog. Anyone will think that they are getting stuff worth $300 just to enter the E-mail in the box!

But do you know, it’s the smartness of Neil Patel. You will get eBook written by him and also, Newsletters whenever he will publish new articles on his blog.

By this way, you can convert lots of visitors into subscribers! Not only in the sidebar, but you can show such from by the end of the article too! Just like this one.

It is not necessary to have valuable book like $300 books from Neil patel. You can be as simple as Subscribe and get E-mail Marketing guide from me and that’s all.

It will convert many visitors into subscribers. You can even give away the product made by you for free! Like, If you are developer, you can giveaway the copy of WordPress theme made by you!

2. Collect Email Addresses Pop-up Forms

? Don’t worry, they are not like the pop-ups you get on Windows XP related to errors! They will be sweet and cute! For example, Whenever you will open technowlogy and Will scroll down a bit, you will get one full page pop-up that will ask you to like tech page on facebook.

You can either close it by Liking the page or you can close it by clicking on Cross in the right-top corner of the page. You can make such pop-ups to give important information to your readers.

You can also Force them in a sweet manner so that they enter their E-mail and become your subscriber! Just like below given Pop-up.

In this case, Most peoples will click on Yes button and they will subscribe too! You can take advantage by making this kind of Pop-ups to increase conversion rate.

3. Offer them Service for free

For example, if you know how to analyze anyone’s site in terms of SEO and you can give them advice that how they can improve their site, you can give away this service for free to get lots of subscribers.

I did this before few months and I used to get lots of subscribers because and I was giving away same service. I used to analyze their site in terms of SEO and used to send them Report of what they have and what they can do to improve their site.

I got many subscribers in just 3-4 days and finally, I stopped giving that service for free because I was not getting time to analyze the site of lots of visitors daily.

You can do this too! Whatever talent you have, give it to your subscribers for free! After growing up much, you can stop giving that service or you can outsource.

This is how you can get much subscribers. By using these type of simple tricks, you can improve conversion rate a lot!

Conclusion : Not only these 3, There are many other techniques to collect email addresses good list of E-mail subscribers in short time. And also, Build your own list, Never ever use the list given by others and the list you made without getting permission by the owner of the e-mail.

If you have any tips or questions than you can comment them down! Any tip will be appreciated and every question will be solved! Share this with friends to help me spread the knowledge.