How I made article viral with best title and stock photo

How to made article viral? We all need lots of traffic and we all work very hard to get lots of traffic. Do you know that small things like title and stock photo and also quality of stock photo plays vital role in making your blog post popular. You might be thinking that i am doing jokes but i will end up with live example and also with some articles that get higher traffic only due to best stock photo and title.

How I made article viral with best title and stock photo

When I was newbie in this blogging world, I used to select simple titles or used to copy someone’s title which lead to low traffic and of-course low rankings. At that time, i was not have good knowledge to make my article title very interesting.

I tried to read some guides but no one gives good and exact method with live example or any other example. So, in this article, i am going to give you real time examples so it will be lot of easy to understand.

Today, I am going to show you how you can get lots of traffic just by tweaking article title and stock photo. So, you might be knowing one article of this blog related to creating backlinks for event blog. I am going to give you information about that article because it is good example that can be given.

Title : How I made 5,000+ Backlinks in 30 days for event blog


Traffic(At a day of publishing): 260 sessions (Blog age was about 20 days)

Facebook shares: 92 (avg is 10-15 till now)

No. Of comments: 64 (today)

Stock photo:

So, do you think that the article got viral and covered 14 real times in just 5 minutes after sharing? If you are thinking no then you are wrong. Title of article and Stock photo played a vital role in making this article viral. Let me explain you how.

Main purpose of this article was to explain users that how to get backlinks for event blog. There are lots of articles available on web for this topic but then also why users clicked on it and read it. For example, I bet i was not going to get this much traffic and engagement with titles,

  1. How to make backlinks for event blog
  2. How you can make backlinks for event blog

You can easily see the difference, The real article title is as given above. If you have two articles in front of you then you will select How I made 5,000+ Backlinks in 30 days for event blog not that two article titles. In that article, I gave techniques to make backlinks for event blog and they were unique and users liked it so they shared it and commented on it.

So, now you can see how title played important role in making article viral. Now let us take live example, As a first choice, title for this article was How stock photos and title affects traffic of article which was quite interesting and while writing this sentence, i think that it should be more interesting. So, i thought for 1-2 minutes and got one idea to make it more interesting. New article title was How I made one article viral with best title and stock photo and when i selected, I messaged this to one of my facebook friend also.

Now let me tell you how Stock photo of that article made it viral. Stock photo was to be simple like one person struggling to make backlinks but that was not going to work fine. I thought and got idea to select professional image. At first, when i downloaded that image, It was simple like below given image,

You can see that image looks simple and i can use it as stock photo directly but i tried to make it more interesting and professional so i added some very interesting text in that image and in 5 minutes, Image turned into stock photo by which article gone ever green. Final stock photo was,

You can see that compared with first stock photo, Second one is appealing and telling us to know how i made 5000+ backlinks in 30 days for event blog. That are was very useful for users also and got very much attention of bloggers and i believe that article title and stock photo played very important role in doing that.

As it was going to be popular are also ever green article for this blog, I was not going to ruin its popularity, So i added facebook open graph tags by the help of plugin mentioned in article to make sure that the article that is shared by visitors is showing right information only at a time of share and also to make sure that at a time of sharing, Image is right one.

I am going to share real time example of making best stock photo that attracts visitors. So, I think last time professional stock photo worked for me so this time also, i am going to find professional stock photo by my method to find copyright free image in google that will be shared soon on this blog.

with some tweaks, I made this photo appealing like below given image, I only added one line and two sentence just by using microsoft paint which is default photo editor in windows operating system. You can do this in any photo editor,

Now this photo appeals visitor to click on image whenever it is shared on social media. So, as this is real time example, I am going to use same photo as stock photo for this article. So, Now you can say that article title and article stock photo affects traffic very much and also can make any article viral. This article is also one example of interesting and appealing title and interesting and appealing stock photo.

Conclusion : So, You can make any article who is having something which is not there in others viral or say popular as i did for my other article as well as for this article i did same. I think there is no guide like this with real time example so if you will share then other bloggers will also come to know that how anyone can increase traffic just by creating best title and stock photo. If you have any questions then you can ask it by commenting or just want to say thanks then also you can comment below…