How to do Guest posting without letting google to know about it!

Guest posting is the best method to get high quality links to your blog, isn’t it? But Google don’t want webmasters to guest post to get backlinks! Even google is penalizing the sites that accept guest post and gives backlinks to the guest author’s blog in return. Google has even penalized the big article directories. So, how to do guest posting?

How to do guest posting?

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Article directories are the one in which you have to submit some articles having 400-600+ words to get article approved and in Return, you can get high PR backlinks to your site form author Bio section.

But, Now google is penalizing them so we have to say good bye to article directories as Link source. There is almost no difference between guest posts on blogs and guest posts on article directories.

So, It is possible that you will not get link juice by guest posting on some blogs and yes, you might get penalized too! but this happens in rare cases only. So, How to be sure that you are not going to get penalized even after submitting guest post to get backlinks to your site?

This article is all about that topic. If you read my blog, you must be knowing that I am working on one niche site publicly and posting updates of rankings and Backlink strategies and all. Recently, To rank that niche site, I have decided to start guest posting on other blogs having Good DA or PR (if it has) to get backlinks to my niche site so that I can rank it on the top.

So, First let me tell you how I find blogs that allow guest posts on their blog (As many bloggers stop accepting guest posts to save their blog from Google updates). I used footprints in google to get the list of blogs that accept backlinks. So, which footprint I used?

inurl:”write-for-us” your_niche

So, from this footprint, I got the blogs that accept guest post. After that, I mailed them to ask whether they still accept guest posts or not… From some of the blog owners, I got positive reply and I told them to make account for me so that I can guest post on their blog.

So, this is how I find blogs to guest post. Now let me tell you how to guest post without letting google to know about it!!!

1. Not 1, Post more than 1 articles

Google doesn’t tell anyone to make backlinks to get higher rankings, But google ranks according to the number of backlinks, that’s why We have to make backlinks and make it look natural.

If you will post only 1 post on 1 blog then google may see that link as a paid link which gets penalized by google but instead of that, if you will try to look like an author of the blog by writing few articles regularly for some time, you will get great benefit from that backlink.

At normal speed, I can write about 500 words in about 20-30 minutes and I post 500-1000 words articles on others blogs. In a day, I post about 4-5 articles on others blog and yeah, mine too…

2. Write for their Readers, Not search engines

As you are not guest posting to get traffic, you don’t have to care about the search engine performance of the article you write on other’s blogs. If you are good blogger, your article will surely rank on the long tail keywords but you don’t have to care about it while guest posting.

Instead, Try to make good article that their Audience will like to read. And yes, Never ever copy-paste articles and re-publish them as guest post. If owner will come to know about that, he/she will not allow you to guest post any more. Write original and easy to read articles as a guest post.

Once your author account is created and you have posted some really good articles, you will be allowed to post more articles on his/her blog so that you can give backlinks to your other sites.

So, Post high quality articles as a guest post and never write for search engine…

3. Never guest post on spammed blogs!

Spammed blogs here means that the blogs having lots of guest authors and allow them to post any type of articles having any number of backlinks and any number of words in it. These types of blog can get penalized any time by google and even it is possible that they are already penalized.

If PR is high, then also leave that blog and start looking for others. If currently the blog is not penalized by google, it will be penalized after the next update, So it is not beneficial to guest post on already spammed blogs.

4. Get backlink from Content, Not Author bio

If you will get backlink from author bio, There will be more chanced to get penalized. Instead of that, Get backlinks from content which looks natural.

It is not necessary to get backlinks from every article you publish as a guest post on 1 blog. Just take backlink from 1 article from content and have diverse anchor text. Linking with exact same anchor text is not beneficial for you.

Write articles related to your niche and link naturally to get high quality backlinks by guest posting…

Conclusion: Guest post is still the best way to get high PR or you can say high quality backlinks to rank any site. But, you have to be sure that nothing bad is going to happen by guest posting like being penalized or anything like that. To guest post safely, use the above given tips. I am sure that you will guest post safely using this tips and will get your site ranked on the top of the google for targeted keyword!