Why I’ve monetized my main website

What is the importance of monetized my main website? After A long time, I am back to after many problems and Time consuming work. Hope you’ll like this article after reading it word to word.

So, You all know that is One of my main site open for all bloggers. The one who was never being going to get monetized. Now it’s Monetized.

When I started, Other friends and bloggers used to tell me that why you are not monetizing and My answer was “I want to target paying customers more than Affiliate sales and Clicks on Ads”.

Now, I am thinking in completely different manner. In this article, I am going to show you how I started making passive money from which was not possible when It was not monetized.

Monetized my main website

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1. I was targeting completely wrong countries

When I started, I used to write articles having the length of 1000-1200 words each. That helped me to rank on some medium competition keywords.

I was also ranking Higher in the US in comparison with other countries, but I was getting traffic from countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines and more.

And according to my target, I was getting emails for SEO and blogging and Content projects. I didn’t took 80% of them because they were from India, Pakistan and all and you know that how much they pay.

Since then, I left few $$$$ projects too and many small projects too. Yeah, You’ll think $$$$ is not less but the work done by me worth much more than that.

Finally, due to targeting wrong countries, I was not able to get good clients for which I was looking. So, One reason behind Monetizing was the same.

2. Client based work was Eating my Time a lot!

Think yourself, You have 2 clients for whom you have to work 2 hours daily. In total, You need 4 hours for them and your site is still waiting for you.

In short, When I was handling 3 clients parallel, I had to work for 6 hours for them at least. And also, I have to work for my site too!

Moreover, I am not so hard working when I have something in my bank. haha, Yeah, When There is nothing left in my bank, I can work for many hours without break but when There is something in my bank, I can’t work for 1- 2 hours too!

My target before 2-3 months was completely different than now. Before 2-3 months, I used to work to make money that is equivalent to an enjoyment of the day.

Yeah, I was just making money to enjoy every day of my life. Now, I am making money to make more money. hehe…. Yeah, Everyone loves money. Now, I also started loving it.

3. I don’t like to work under pressure

Seriously, I can’t work under pressure and due to same problem, I left $$$$ project too! It was because he used to tell me daily that complete this much work today.

Before this, I left many small projects too. They used to give me time and used to tell that complete this much work in this much time. I don’t like that. Currently, I have 1-2 good clients who loves my work and really likes to work with me.

They don’t put pressure on me at all. It’s like I can work anytime on their site. They don’t care how much I work but work should be done by me.

I am happy to work with them and that work don’t eat my time and money. That’s what we all want!

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Improvements I can see After Monetizing

  • 1. Lot of time for my projects

After Monetizing with Affiliate and Adsense, I am getting lots of time for my other projects because After Monetizing, I left client based work. Due to that, I am getting lot of time to work on my projects.

  • 2. Passive Income <3

Now, I don’t have to ask for payment to my clients. I get money when I earn. It’s very much exciting and I am working a lot nowadays. From today, I started working on and is also ready to rock.

I am thinking to start with the boom of Webinar. I will inform you all once I will create and publish landing page to register for Webinar.

  • 3. I am my own Boss

You can say, It is completely based on client’s problems. Now, I am my own boss and I earn for that I work. I am really working hard on my sites and started earning the good amount.

Conclusion: I believe that working with clients is still good when Clients pay for what you work. I still accept some good Deals when Clients message me directly about that. But now my main aim is to work on my own sites and make money from it. I am learning advanced web development and I have created one blog on same niche and one dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Now, I am gonna work on my sites and will make money from it instead of working with clients who contact you to save money :p instead hiring you because they like your work. I hope you came to know why I am monetizing my sites.

Monetizing your work isn’t important, Monetizing your work in the right manner is important.