How to get Vodafone 4G VoLTE in India?

How to Get Vodafone 4G VoLTE: Vodafone has started the roll-out of 4G VoLTE services in multiple telecom circles covering the states of Maharashtra and Goa. Vodafone customers in all our in India can now enjoy the benefits of 4G VoLTE services offered by the British telecom company. First of all thanks for the latest VoLTE roll out (actually, it is necessity to survive the company also). 

We are get the detail information about 4G VoLTE service by Vodafone in different Indian cites. Also, know VoLTE settings and what are the phone models that support Vodafone volte service. All this info are try to cover ahead in this article! So, keep reading, if volte not working on your phone to find best solution.

How to Get Vodafone 4G VoLTE

Vodafone’s VoLTE services, which the company markets as Super VoLTE, allows superior calling experience and an uninterrupted 4G data connectivity even during voice calls.

  • Where Vodafone 4G VoLTE:

All Our India Vodafone Store.

  • VOLTE is currently available City?:

VF VOLTE is currently available in all cities.

  • Charges for Sim card VoLTE:

Vodafone’s VoLTE services are a free upgrade and no additional charges.

  • Which handset Supported Vodafone 4G VoLTE:

All VoLTE supported handset

  • You Have a VoLTE enabled handset?:

Have a VoLTE enabled handset (To know if your handset is Vodafone Super VoLTE compatible or not, SMS 4G CHECK to 199).

How To Set VF VoLTE:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your VoLTE supported smartphone
  • Open the ‘SIM and Network’ options
  • Set the ‘Preferred network type’ to ‘4G/3G/2G (Auto), LTE’

IOS / Android

  • For iOS: Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Enable 4G ->Voice & Data
  • For Android: Settings -> Mobile networks -> Turn on VoLTE call.

Vodafone Super volte public review.

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