How to get targeted website traffic using these techniques

Getting higher traffic is not important, getting targeted website traffic visitors is important.

Yes, if you are getting 10000 visitors a day but if they are not targeted then only your bounce rate will increase without getting any benefit but if you have 500 targeted visitors then you are better then one who is getting 10000 un-targeted visitors.

How to get targeted website traffic using these techniques

So, this says that targeting your visitors matters a lot and in this article, i will show you practical techniques to get targeted visitors from different source like Search engines and other blogs. I tried and got good results. So, you can also do, let me show you how.

1. Targeting right keyword

targeting right keyword is the best way to get targeted traffic from search engine. You might have site in which you want more traffic from mobile or from tablet or from computer. According to your need, you can target the keyword which will give you targeted traffic from search engine. For instance, I have selected one keyword for this article which is “Targeted website traffic”. If i want to know that from which device, i will get more visitors then here is it,

Open keyword planner and enter Targeted website traffic as a keyword and hit enter. You will get search volume of that keyword which is 390. Now, Click on Search volume trends button and new Drop down menu will be opened.

Now, Click on Breakdown by Device and after that, you will get one pie chart just like this one,

Now we got that 326 searches are done from computer, 48 from mobiles and 16 from tablets. So, In short, i will get more traffic from computers and for which i am looking for! So, If you want to get more traffic from any specific device then target those keywords which has more traffic from the device you want.

Now, I want to know that from which country i am going to get visitors, So, I will click on Breakdown by device again and will select breakdown by location and then i will get a new pie chart,

So, according to this pie chart i am going to get more traffic from United states as i taregeted this keyword because now i am targeting US traffic and this are will help me in getting US traffic as majority of searches are done from US only.

So, By this way we can target the country also. If you want to get more traffic from india then you have to select the keyword which has more searches from India. So now, Let us move to 2nd method to get targeted website traffic.

2. Blog commenting

Blog commenting will give you targeted traffic if you will comment on blog which is on similar niche or related niche. For instance, If i will comment on one blog which is on health niche with a link back to my blog then it will not give me targeted traffic because on my blog i need bloggers as a visitor and in health blogs, there will be very less number of bloggers.

Now, If i will comment on or then i will get targeted website traffic because that blogs and my blog are on same niche, By commenting on that sites, i will get bloggers as a visitor which i want. So, this is the good way to get targeted website traffic.

Note: If you are commenting on any blog which is on other niche then don’t enter anything in website field. It is because by entering site, you will not get targeted traffic.

3. Social media

You can get targeted traffic from social media like i get. Whenever i write any article on my blog, I share it on my facebook, Twitter and google+. I have blogger friends in facebook that’s why i get targeted traffic to my blog from social media.

So, make social media presence and share your articles on social media. I have active blogger friends in my facebook account that that’s why i get targeted traffic from facebook and google+. So, according to your niche, make friends and share articles on social media and get targeted traffic.

There are some techniques by which you can get lots of followers on twitter and from twitter also you can get lots of targeted traffic to your site.

4. Targeting long tail keywords

Targeting long tail keywords is the best way to get targeted website traffic. As long and specific your keyword will be, more targeted your traffic will be. For example, If you are selling watches for men and you are targeting keyword best watches under 10000 then it will not give you targeted traffic.

For this, you have to target keywords like best watches for men under 10000 or top 10 watches for men and many more. By this way, you can target your traffic. Lets take on more example, You are selling watches for men and you have watches with maximum price of 10000. If you will work on men watches then you will also get visitors that are looking for precious watches whose price will be more then 10000. By this way, you can get un-targeted traffic.

Instead of that, if you will target watches for men under 10000 then you will only get visitors who are looking for men watches whose price must be under 10000. So, this is the good way to target your visitors from search engines.

5. Answer Quora questions

Quora is question and answer website. If you are on quora then you might know that you can ask questions as well as you can give answers of the questions that are already posted. So, there are many questions unanswered in quora and you can take advantage of it.

What you have to do is to answer the questions on quora and with answer you have to put link back to your blog. Of course it will be nofollow but you can get targeted traffic from quora. Many pro blogger use this technique to get targeted traffic to their site.

Even i used this technique to get targeted traffic and of course it worked for me and that’s why i added this topic in this article. So, keep answering questions  on quora and get targeted traffic to your website.

6. Guest posting

Google don’t like guest posting but it is just algorithm. If you will do guest post smartly then you can do guest posting without any problem with more benefits. Benefits of guest is you will get targeted traffic as well as you will get a dofollow backlink to your blog.

For guest post, you have to select a blog with same niche so that visitors which visit your site will be targeted. So, by guest posting also, you can get targeted traffic to your blog so that CTR and sales can be increased.

Conclusion : So, By using this techniques you can get targeted traffic to your blog or site which is better then un-targeted traffic. All this techniques are best and you can use this all to get only targeted traffic to increase CTR and sales.

From this all techniques, I personally love 1st one and 4th one because by using this techniques we will get traffic from search engines. If you have any questions or want to say anything about this post then you can comment down and also share this article because i like social shares a lot!