Increase Your Web Traffic – Get More Visitors To Your Website/Blog

Driving or Increase Web Traffic – Get more visitors and more traffic is the first thought when a blogger starts blogging, whether you are doing it for fun, community or for the profession.

Many thoughts come in mind, how to be successful in blogging, how to earn money and all that jazz.

Increase Your Web Traffic – Get More Visitors To Your Website/Blog

Increase Your Web Traffic – Get More Visitors To Your Website/Blog –

So, how to do it? Well, there are many ways to get/drive traffic towards your blog/website.

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization Techniques

We all have listened this word “SEO” but many of the beginners don’t pay attention to this word and affect them heavily which they even don’t know. Titles, Keywords, and Tags, these are most important from the SEO point of view, because if these are neglected then forget to blog or you’ll for sure not grow. There are many tools and ways you can learn and use them for SEO. The first and best is Google Keyword Planner  Whenever you think about writing an article, just have a look to this as it may serve you to many benefits to increasing views on that topic. 

 You can get an idea of the keyword density and the searches for that keyword, one of the features of this is that it also tells you the bid.

Use this tool you have best Keywords for your title and tags. Now the other tool is SEMrush the best tool of my life. It tells everything about your site you must know. 

2. Quality Post and Unique Content

Writing randomly without examining is insane, your content must be your and unique which reflects the quality of your post. Your content must be search engine optimised so that they can find your content from the internet, so start doing Keyword research. 

3. Social Media

Well, we all are familiar with this name, Social Media is a thing which you cannot neglect, if doing then you are in loss. It plays very important role in increase web traffic to your website, sharing and promoting your content on these will guarantee to increase your ranking and awareness among people. As because your content has quality but what’s the use of that if no one knows about that. So, make fan pages on social media like Facebook, Twitter (must need) and all the remaining. 

4. Commenting & Guest Blogging

Commenting and Guest Blogging, one of the best ways to get through the needs of traffic to your website. “Comment, but don’t spamit means that comment but not like “nice“, “very nice” and all other things like this. Just give them a reason to believe, you find their content helpful, appreciate, so write a well-mannered response to comment. Search Engine Optimization – Tuberank Jeet Rank Higher Your VideosNow comes, Guest Blogging/Posting, it means writing posts of your audience’s need but on other’s websites. This is helpful in making a “Brand Name” for yourself and creating natural quality backlinks. Know More Here: What is Guest Blogging: Guide

5. Buy Traffic

Now if all these doesn’t work for you, buy traffic, because if all these are not working in your case, it’s the only way. It can give you better results for making revenue using Google Adsense if using for placing Ads on your website. Read: Best Google Adsense AlternativesIt’s all about “Increase Web Traffic“, hope it is helpful for you and if it really works then, let me know first, if not then also…