Why Wikipedia ranks on almost every keyword? – Best SEO techniques

Do you know about Wikipedia? Everyone knows.

It is the biggest online encyclopedia and non-profit organization. In Wikipedia, you will get articles about everything from any good personality to any company and disease.

Moving to numbers, Let me tell you that Wikipedia ranks on #5 in terms of popularity and traffic. Wikipedia gets this much traffic from search engine. In this case, Much means billions.

Why Wikipedia ranks on almost every keyword?

Best SEO Techniques

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According to Alexa, 43.60% visitors are from the search engine. All other traffic is from other sources like backlinks, social media and direct.

If you are a blogger, you might be thinking that how much traffic Wikipedia really has! It ranks in top 20 results for 15 Million keywords in the US and gets 1.2Billion traffic from search engine from only US.

It ranks for a high search volume keyword like “facebook”(3,760,000,000 monthly search volume in google) to keywords like “interest free debt consolidation loans”(20 monthly search volume in google).

In between this 2 keywords, It covers 15 Million keywords in the US only. Estimated traffic from the US visited by the search engine is about 1.2Billion a month.

It is not less then any social media website. According to SEMrush, if Wikipedia starts advertising with ads network like Google Adsense, then it can earn $1.2Billion in a month from only United states.

The reason behind this much traffic is its Best SEO techniques which can be used by us too! There are very basic techniques used in a huge proportion. I am going to explain these techniques in detail. Be ready.

1. In-depth content

Whenever you head Wikipedia for any article, you will see that there will be complete information about any topic  you are reading. There will be A to Z information on any topic. Let me give you an example.

I’ve searched Business in Wikipedia and I got an article about business in it. Here are the screenshot and More information about that article.

This is just a starting part of an article, As it is impossible to take a picture and show it on this page. Some On-page information about this article is as,

  1. Number of Words: 2548
  2. Reading Level: College Graduate
  3. Keyword density: [Business: 2.24%]
  4. Meta description: NO META DESCRIPTION [SERIOUSLY :p ]
  5. Number of backlinks: 507 (to this article only)
  6. Number of Referring domains: 131

The Main thing from this information is a number of words. Number of words is 2548, They wrote 2548 words article just to explain to us “what is the business?”.

As you can see, they wrote an in-depth article related to business and they got around 500+ backlinks from 130+ referring domains.

It is because the article is In-depth and has everything about the word Business. It is not a big thing If you’ll start writing In-depth articles, you can also get lots of backlinks.

If you are thinking that Wikipedia get backlinks because it is well known. Let me tell you that at startup, Noe one is Well known. Let me give you one more example. You might be knowing about one blog named Neil Patel (

At first, It was just a site to attract customers but on September 30, 2014, He started a blog. After that, he wrote In-depth articles on his blog with a target to 100000 Visitors a month.

When he added a blog to homepage Of, Blog was publicized, He started getting lots of backlinks. Here is the screenshot of increase in the number of backlinks.

You can see, After adding a blog to the homepage and writing in-depth articles, He got 26233 Backlinks between May 1 – May 31. So, what was the reason?

The Reason is In-depth content. If you will analyze every article of Neil Patel, you will get 5000+ words per article on That is the reason of getting such a high number of backlinks in a short time. You can also do same, If you will write In-depth articles then you will get backlinks for sure.

Let me tell you about one technique by which you can get lots of backlinks. Name of the technique is Skyscraper technique Which was first mentioned by Brien dean on

What you have to do is you have to find a content which performed well in past and you have to write better than what they wrote in past.

Brien Dean used this technique for 200 ranking factors of google and Currently he is at #1 position for the keyword 200 ranking factors. Here is the Screenshot,

I know, you are not going to believe, but that article has 8,606 Backlinks. He also got 30.2k facebook likes and 5,909 Tweets. Length of that article is more than 5000 words. You can do same by writing In-depth articles.

2. Internal Linking (Interlinking)

I recommend this technique every time when I talk about Wikipedia and Content marketing. It is because this technique is very effective and Wikipedia Uses this technique very carefully and Effectively.

Again, Let us check the screenshot of Business article of Wikipedia. But now, With internal links given to other pages of

You can see, In the first 2 paragraphs only, they gave links to 12 other articles of Wikipedia. By this technique, they always get more rankings.

It is because, Internal links are actually more powerful than links we get from other sites. If Wikipedia will remove all internal links, they will fall down in SERPs and traffic for sure.

Even, Interlinking is helping every site to get higher rankings in google. Whenever I used this technique to rank any of my articles, I got quick results.

There is one technique I always recommend everyone to do interlinking, Here is step by step technique.

#1 Step:

First of all, make Feedburner Feed of your blog. make sure that you are getting all articles on feed and moreover, Each article on feed has whole content written on A single page.

In short, you will get all content of your blog in front of you on a single page. If you aren’t getting all the articles, For example, you have 35 articles and you are getting only 30 articles on feed, You have to change settings in WordPress. First of all, go to settings–>Reading. After that, you will see one field labeled Syndication feeds show the most recent

You should write a greater number in Syndication feeds show the most recent than the number of articles published on your blog. Now, let us move to the second step.

#2 step:

Now, you have to find the keyword for which you want backlinks to any article from your blog. For now, I need backlinks for my Keyword research guide. So, I will find Keyword research in the feed by searching it.

To search it, You have to Just press CTRL+F and you have to enter the phrase you want to search for in the feed. For now, I want to search keyword research. Here is it,

As it was found 37 times in feed, we can give a link to the guide from the keyword which is from other articles ignoring keyword research guide. It is because keyword research was used many times in that guide.

Whenever I will get that keyword on other articles. I will give a link to keyword research guide from other articles.

By this way, I will interlink my articles. This technique is easy and simple, You can use this technique for any website.

3. Authority

As you know, Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia and one more thing, It is a non-profit organization. As for now, It is developed and so has huge Authority. Wikipedia was not always a biggest, but hard work can do anything.

By writing In-depth articles and sharing knowledge to the whole world without earning anything made Wikipedia. They grew up slow and steady. They wrote lots of articles and got backlinks and like that, they grew up.

So, It is not necessary to make your site rank on google by making links artificially, It’s all about branding and Authority. If your site has authority, you will get more backlinks but to make authority, you have to work very hard.

Content Marketing is somewhat hard but you will get traffic and backlinks for a life time. Content marketing is what Wikipedia does!

Conclusion – So, Here are the major factors behind Wikipedia. Wikipedia isn’t a Biggest Online encyclopedia without these techniques. What I can say is Content marketing and Some best SEO techniques are the Heart of Wikipedia.

It is True that after knowing the techniques of Wikipedia, We can’t make Another Wikipedia LOL but You can Use these techniques to rank your site for any specific keyword. I will update this article with more techniques after doing deep research. You can share this article with your friends on social media so that they can also get some more techniques.