How to improve Alexa ranking quickly – I got XXXX in 36 days

Alexa rank is very important for bloggers and we always check our Alexa rank regularly. Actually Alexa rank is important because according to Alexa, It will rank any site according to site popularity and number of visitors and number of back-links also but all I can say is it doesn’t depend on traffic and backlinks only.

You can check June 2018 report of this blog in which i got only 1800+ visitors and at that time Alexa rank of this blog was nearly equal to 2000k.

How to improve Alexa ranking fast?

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Currently, Alexa rank of this blog is 1000k worldwide (check current rank) and 78k in India. This rank is very hard to get for you if you don’t have it before reading this article. After reading this article, I promise your Alexa rank will be improved. This are the techniques that worked for me also it worked for many other bloggers too! So, let us start with first point.

1. Niche of your blog

Yes, You will think I am mad but continue reading because i promise you will agree with me. Niche of your blog matters a lot for Alexa rankings. It happens that Blog-1 is getting 1000+ visitors a day and its Alexa rank is in 6-figures(100000-999999) and Blog-2 is getting 100+ visitors a day and has Alexa ranking in 5/6-figures(10000-99999). This blog is Living example of Blog-2 type blog. Alexa rank improvement of this blog is shown below:


For example, this blog is on blogging, SEO and social media niche. It clearly means that this blog is getting bloggers and webmasters as a regular visitors. Majority of bloggers has Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers and Alexa loves that blog which has visitors who has Alexa widget installed in their browser. So, this blog has higher rankings. Not only this one but take any blog which is related to blogging, SEO and social media, Alexa rank will be higher.

On other side, Think about any health blog. Visitors of that blogs may be a normal person, or any medical student who don’t care about Alexa rankings of that blog. So, they don’t have Alexa ranking toolbar installed in their browsers.

So, Alexa rank of that blog will be purely dependent on traffic. Improving Alexa rank quickly just by only increasing traffic is bit hard. So, if you have any blog in which you don’t get webmasters and bloggers as a visitors and your Alexa rank is not higher then don’t worry about Alexa.

When I was newbie in this blogging world, i was just thinking that Alexa rank can be improved using traffic but after creating and selling some blogging niche sites, I came to know about this fact.

So, bloggers if you think that Alexa rank is dependent on only traffic then read this again ?. You are also blogger and has Alexa ranking toolbar on your browser and currently you are on my site, Tomorrow my Alexa rank will be improved more.

2. Frequently updating blog

You can’t expect higher Alexa rankings if you can’t update your blog regularly with new content. In this case, niche doesn’t matters. You have to keep updating your blog to make your visitors come back on your site and to attract new visitors also.

If you will not update your blog regularly then no matter on which niche you have blog, You will lose Alexa rankings. Let us take an example of my old blog which is sold currently. At it best, Alexa ranking was 113xxx worldwide before 20-30 days with traffic of 50-60 visitors a day. When i sold it out, New buyer is just using its content i think and that blog is not live. It means that after getting sold, It is not updated till now or even it is not live.

Now At 5th of June 2018, Its Alexa rank was 1607,451. You can see that niche doesn’t matters in this case. You have to update your blog with new content as i do so that you can see improvement in Alexa rankings. I recommend you to post articles steadily.

For example, I have 5 articles and my aim is to improve Alexa rankings with this 5 articles only. What i will do is i will post article daily(Will take 5 days) or will post on alternate days(will take 10 days) rather then posting all 5 on single day.

So, After giving 2 examples in this case only, I think you are now confirmed that updating your blog frequently will help you to get higher Alexa rankings.

3. Giving backlink to Alexa

Yeah, this is also a quick way to improve Alexa rank. When i was working on my old blog which is currently down. I used to find different ways to improve Alexa rank quickly. First of all, I found this technique on one blog whose name is now not remembered by me.

I thought let us try this technique also, So what i did is i wrote one article on Alexa rankings and after that i also saw improvement in Alexa rank of my blog. So, this technique also worked for me and I recommend you to use this technique to get your Alexa rank higher quickly.

This technique is recommend by many bloggers and this worked for me. So, Try this and from this article, I also gave backlink to Alexa. Can’t believe, Just check 2nd paragraph, 1st line or see below given image ? .

4. Comment on blogging niche blogs

There are blogs specially on blogging niche just like this blog. If you will comment on the blog which is on blogging niche as well as it is getting good number of visitors then you can improve Alexa rank on your blog at a good rate. This technique works for every niche it means that niche of your blog doesn’t matter.

For instance, Quicksprout is one of the blog which is on blogging and marketing niche and gets thousands of hits daily. One effective comment on that blog can improve your Alexa ranking. Let me show you how.

Blogging niche blogs gets bloggers as visitors, Most of them has Alexa toolbar installed in their browser and Alexa gives good priority to the visits done with Alexa toolbar. If you will comment on blogging niche blog then you will get visits from that blog and mostly bloggers will visit your blog.

Again, bloggers have Alexa toolbar installed in their browser so your Alexa rank will be also improved. Let me show you real example, Before some days, i commented on one of the post of Quicksprout, that comment was so effective and drove hundreds of visitors from that comment.

My Alexa was about 50k before commenting and after some days, it jumped to 48k. So, this technique is very much useful and effective. You can use this technique for any niche blogs.

One more Effective tip:

If you want to improve Alexa rank quickly by making bloggers visit your blog then create separate category on your blog related to blogging and share your blogging tips and tricks and also your blogging experience there and share them on your social media profiles.

Now logic behind doing this is you will get bloggers as a visitor on any other niche also and also majority of them will have Alexa ranking toolbar installed on their browsers so that you will get blogger readers. It means that you will get good boost in terms of Alexa rank.

Conclusion : I know you also want higher Alexa rank and that’s why i have created this guide to make it easier for you to understand Alexa properly. Now, you just have to do is to increase more traffic if you are in blogging, SEO and social media niche and if you are in other niche then also now you come to know some ideas and also a fact behind Alexa rankings. By following this, you will get improvement. If you have any question in your mind or just want to comment for this article then please comment below because i like comments and social shares a lot…