7 Actionable Ways To Find People Under Your Niche [Fast+Reliable]

Many people talk about Niche(s) but haven’t successful finding their Niche to be carried on their business or their blog.

First of all, we must know What Is A Niche?

It is a term or keyword which is used to define one’s business or area of interest. It may be with a variety of meanings related to species or projects to work on. When it comes to Marketing like Email Marketing & Content Marketing. These are the important things to work on: Email and Content, be defined as Niche.

7 Actionable Ways To Find People Under Your Niche [Fast+Reliable]

7 Actionable Ways To Find People Under Your Niche [Fast+Reliable]

You may be working under different niches as a whole but want to get under the most profitable one. Many people asked me questions on Quora, Which is the more profitable niche to start a blog on? What Niche(s) I must be writing about to make more revenue?

…and more.

At first, I personally don’t really care about the category to work on. I thought “All are good”, but it’s not true. The reasons are many because if you aren’t writing about your interested terms, you might not write the articles in details.

For example, my niches are Tech, Internet Marketing. Now if I want to write about these, I can write well but if I will go for others things, I might not be able to write or write wrong. That’s why it’s important to find in yourself What’s Your Niche(s)?

What if you have a Billion Dollar Niche?

You must find it first.

One of the important reason may be your passion or goal towards your work.

Without your passion, you don’t have energy, without your energy, you have nothing.

–  Donald Trump

Now, you understand why it’s important?

…Yes, because without this, you have nothing.

No, talking personally as a Blogger, if you are Blogging for Passion or for money, how will you survive on the web?

How To Find Profitable Niches In 6 Steps [Easyily+Quick]

Now you know the importance of niche, you may have a billion dollar niche but what do with it if you don’t know about it. There is an infographic brought to you, from which you can easily find your profitable niche.

How To Find People Under Your Niche

As said above, you will have everything Blogging or Business when set a goal and category to work on. It becomes more accurate for your work in life.

Here, In this tutorial, I will be discussing “7 Actionable Ways To Find People Under Your Interested Niche(s).” Have you though why I am saying to find people under same niche(s) as yours?

It’s simple.

Think yourself, why it’s better to work on same things together instead alone?

For example, you are working on a project for your business, you stuck at something. Who will you ask for help? Instead, nobody will because everyone has their own work too.

But, for a moment think if someone is working on the same you are working, you can help each other.

Isn’t this amazing?

So, now are all set to find new friends or colleagues under the same terminology(niche).

Here’s the list.


As the name says it all. Meetup is an online service over which you meet people under your field of work.

You’re brilliant, your event planning strategies work. I have doubled my attendance by following your guidance. It is a great move in the right direction.

– Smiljana Orlic

In here, you can create your own meetup groups and arrangement to meet your friends working as the same you are.

Now, before we start, there are some basic things to set up. Let’s get that first.

Sign up for the Meetup. You can also do it by installing in your Mobile devices, it’s available for Android as well as iOS. It gives you three options:

  • Sign up using your Facebook account.
  • Continue to sign up with Google.
  • Or create an account using email.

It’s your choice, how you want to sign up as per your convenience.

Once you sign up for them, log in to your account. The first time it will ask for your location to provide accurate meetup services available according to your place.

NOTE: It asks for location so that it automatically fetch the categories you are interested in and get to you the nearest meetups so that you meet people under your niche(s).

Choose your targeted keywords or interest terms and continue. Now, you will be in your dashboard.

My dashboard look like this,

It’s showing the Tech Events near my location. The nearest location is Delhi.

These are the basic things you need to set up before starting finding the members.


Once you’re inside your dashboard, you have already selected the things you are interested in. It will be showing you the meetups held or going to held near you.

You can request to join the group, once approved talk to the members, if want some help, ask them. For sure, they will help. Create your own meetups if you can.

Meet new people, stay in contact with them. If you are a Blogger, find Bloggers they’ll help you a lot increasing your Blog’s presence on the web. Share your experience on the meetups, ask for theirs.

These things will guarantee to help you. After some time, you will see yourself growing a far better way before. Meetup is very powerful tool for everyone looking new adventures and journey to taste the flavor of their life.


As you all now, Linkedin is a business and employment-oriented social networking service. A powerful online tool that you can operate via Apps and website. It is mainly used by the business persons to grow their networks or finding jobs over the world.

It is used as the best content marketing strategy to generate more revenue and work best.

You can find the Linkedin groups that attract your visitors and customers to your new blogs. Linkedin groups frequently send notifications about new posts, what is going on the group. What are the discussing and all?

There are two ways to find Linkedin groups. Either you can search for the name or keyword or you can browse groups recommended by the Linkedin.

  • Simply search your keyword, now there will be an option showing you the groups(tab) under searching. You can now simply request to join the groups and once approved start talking to the members.
  • There’s also a recommended feature on almost all the social media networks. For Linkedin recommended groups, simply browse the new feed and you’ll find the groups.

Linkedin groups are good but sometimes the problem may occur is the amount of spam or self-promotional materials posted by the Bloggers and Marketers in hope of driving more traffic to their content.

Now there are thousands of member, which is good from the help point of view but spam is also more.

To create a Linkedin group:

  • Click the work icon from the right top of your screen and select the Groups from the drop-down menu.
  • Click my groups and create a new group.
  • Fill all the necessary details about your groups.

…and you are done.

#3 GOOGLE+ now shutdown

You all are aware of Google Plus and if you are here, you know the power of Google Plus. Google+ is something like black sheep on social media. If you are famous on Google+, you don’t need anything else to improve your Blog presence.

It has been the primary blogging platform of pro-bloggers since they started Blogging. Google+ is such a large thing to discuss on apart from it’s growing network. Google calls Google+ the social layer of their services offering many services on Play Store.

There are communities and circles on Google+ instead of groups but are the same things. The communities have thousands of members targeting their audience to grow their business.

Look at my feeds,

…and it’s my niche, for which you are here.

There are communities, peoples, and circles you will find interesting as yours. Join them, become a member of them, meet with the people with the same target, goal, and passion as yours.

Also, you can create your own communities and add people to communicate with them. To create one, sign in with your Google Account and once you are in your dashboard select the terms and categories you are interested in. Or simply, from the left menu select communities>yours>Create a community.

For the first time, it asks you your interest and what you want to follow. You’ll see posts and feeds of them only in your dashboard.

Start crawling your interested areas and niches.


Facebook is one of the top social media networks after Twitter. Today almost 91% people uses Facebook and one of the best growth hacking tool for marketers for Social Media Optimization.

Do you want to connect to targeted groups of people?

Would you like have more members as the same niche as yours?

Facebook will be best.

The first question may arise in your minds is that Why the hell we join the facebook groups?

One of the major reason is to enhance your social media presence and networking they offer. Firstly, do you know you can join over 6,000 groups on Facebook?

For example, if you have different niches like me such as SEO, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and more. You can join different groups for your different niche. Groups help you to gain more views and shares on your content which may not be so popular on search engines. It can really boost up your rankings in search engines like Google.

And Google has already said that social shares matter when it comes to ranking as a major factor. Have a look at the images below from Kissmetrics.

See, the Social Media Marketing matter unless you are making enough money or you’re a hardcore Content Marketer.

Assuming that if already have a Facebook account, log in to your account. Search for the keyword you are interested in and that’s simply your niche. From the search results, select the group’s tab and join any of the group after proper analysis.

For example, content marketing, the results were shown are:

The same way, search for any keyword you want to meet new people and have a discussion on a topic.


I were never a fan of Pinterest and even don’t know how to use it. But only till I haven’t read posts about how to drive traffic from Pinterest by Neil Patel. After going and understanding the process, I became a fan of Pinterest.

Have you ever tried to look for someone on Pinterest and found it’s a challenge to find?

Do you know Pinterest is a search engine? 


I also not aware of this and because of this I haven’t take advantage of Pinterest to find people under our niche. But as Pinterest search engine uses the same searching algorithms as Google, it seems little confusing as compared to Google.

Assuming you already have an account on Pinterest, if don’t have created, create a new from here. Start searching using your keywords, for example, content marketing. The searches will be shown are:

If you want more accurate results, choose the keywords given up there.

As I was reading an article about Pinterest, I came to know the mistake we are doing when setting up your profile. Like my profile (not popular, as I have started using it some days earlier), what we do is just put our names and about yourself in the bio section.


Follow me On Pinterest from here.

The biggest mistakes we do is that only. The others will not be able to find you with your name if they are gonna find using your niche you are working on. So, I updated my bio with my niches and area of interests I am working on instead of my bio.

Now, if anyone is going to search for me can also find using the niche(s) or categories I work on. That will make their searching work easier. And guess what? they gonna find me easily, this is also called the Pinterest Optimization for the Pinterest search engine.

This way you can find your partners under your niche quickly with the same passion as yours.

Bonus: With this trick, you can easily find infographics for your posts and articles, but you have to first inform the user to use that.


I have never used Kik before but one day my brother showed me Kik which he used to date a girl. Then I said it’s useless for me until it helps me in Blogging. But again he showed me, groups on Kik like BloggingMake Money Online.

After then I started discovering people which can help me or I can ask or discuss them about Blogging. It helped me a lot, and that’s why it’s here in the list.

As on earlier versions of Kik, its features seems to good but now, after updates, it gets worst. On the previous version, we are free to search closed groups also, but now we can only search for open groups. You can only add only 50 members in a group.

Join the group, start chatting was easy but after all this, I leave using it. But again as a Technical Person, I found a solution to that. There’s a Pi Kik version for that, it is just like a modded app. The features are back and I ma very happy to see that.

Now an addition to features we can contact to any group, open or close, now it doesn’t matter. Now I can easily find people who work in the similar niche as mine and enjoyed their company well.

#7 7CUPS

This must not be in this list as this is totally different from all these I discussed above. But it helped me find the people under my niches and categories like most of the Bloggers. So I decided to add this on my list.

Here is some information about 7Cups,

7Cups is an online service or simply a website which provide free supports for the ones who is exhausted or lost their interest form their life. They (Listeners) provide support/advice to people experiencing mental, emotional, anxiety disorders and distress. There are many things like drugs, stress, alcohol, breakups, managements etc.

You can join as a guest, requester or a Listener who listen to their problems and solve their problem advising them right.

There are some people here which try to suicide, so use it properly, it may lead to your personal thing.

Now coming back to the topic, it helped me meet people who are blogging on different platforms like weebly, wix etc. I discussed their Blogging journey, how are they doing? and all that jazz.

You can join the 7cups community from here.

Follow me on 7Cups from here.

All done, meet people, respond to the general requests, talk to other listeners and you’ll be motivated. If you wanna ask something about 7cups, feel free to ask in the comment section. work with small and medium-sized enterprises from 2 to 5000 users. We have a range of business telephone systems and ancillary solutions from Avaya, Nortel and more. Based near Manchester in Stockport, Criterion has a proud history of supporting business phone systems throughout the UK via a Group network.


Finding people who think as you may be difficult but the online services make is easy. Finding people with your niche help you grow in an online Business or marketing.

Talking as a Blogger, helped me a lot. You must discover things which can support you which can give a helping hand. Always remember, you cannot go far alone. Learn to work with others instead of alone like the Dark Knight, you’ll see yourself growing and find success more quickly than expected.

…at last. You are free to contact me if you want any type of help under my things of expertise.

You can contact me via Contact Tab.

Do share your experience in the comment section.

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