Metrics to consider before purchasing expired domain

Looking to buy expired domains with traffic: So, What are the main metrics to consider before purchasing expired domain. Like this car, Many Expired things are valuable and As we are bloggers, The only one thing which is Expired as well as Beneficial for us is Domains.

Domains are something that you should consider to grow your income Finally. If you make PBNs(Private blog networks) than you should know the importance of The Metrics of the domains.

Metrics to Consider before Purchasing Expired domain

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Every time, Getting good ready made blog isn’t possible. As A result, You make new blog by purchasing Expired domain. But, Why expired domains only?

You know the value of the age of the expired domains. If you make PBNs, I think you will get everything that you know about them in this post. Here, I am gonna tell you about the metrics of the domain you should consider before purchasing it.

As you will not like to purchase domain which is of no work. So, Let me show you what I am going to cover in this post.

  • TF (Trust Flow) and CF(Citation flow) of the Expired domain.
  • DA (Domain authority of the domain) PA is not so important at this point.
  • Age of the domain (The most important)
  • Quality of backlinks.

These are the Metrics that are most important. But, you should also know that how much TF,CF and how much DA and how much domain age do you need. I am gonna cover it in the same post. Chill!

1. TF(Trust flow) and CF(Citation flow)

At first sight, you might find this terms much hard to understand. Not the Trust flow but Citation flow is. Trust flow the name itself says that the value of TF indicates that how much you can trust on the domain.

And According to Majestic (One who found Trust flow and citation flow) says,

Citation Flow is a number of predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it. Trust Flow is a number predicting how trustworthy a page is based on how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.

Both, the Trust flow and Citation flow are assigned to any domain between 0-100. It means, A single domain contains the separate CF and a Separate TF.

So, How to decide whether the domain is good or not on the base of TF and CF. It’s easy, Just open up the in the next tab and Enter the domain you want to purchase in the Big textbox given by the Majestic and Then hit ENTER.

Now, you will get your TF and CF. I mean your domain’s TF and CF. Now, the main part arrives.

Divide the Value of TF by CF and get the answer. If the Answer is Greater than 0.85, Your expired domain Passed our TF and CF test. For example, I have one expired domain having TF = 30 and CF = 28, Answer of TF/CF will be 1.071428571 which is good because it is more than 0.85!

This are just Preferred values, If the value of TF/CF is less than 0.85, We can’t say its bad domain. But If possible, Be sure its above 0.85!

2. DA (Domain authority)

Domain authority and Page authority are developed by Moz. According to SEOs and According to me too, DA doesn’t have anything to take with google algorithms but If your DA is good, You will get higher rank in SERPs in comparison with the domain having Less DA.

So, Checking domain authority of any domain is very easy. Just open up in the next tab and enter your domain. You will get information about the DA of the domain, the PA of the domain and also the Number of backlinks and referring domains.

More DA your domain has, More beneficial it is. If you are looking for information about Expired domain in Open site explorer, Just check the domain authority, Not the page authority because page authority changes from page to page on the single domain.

So, check only DA for Expired domains.

3. Age of the domain

The most Important factor is the Age of the domain. It is because, Expired domains doesn’t get Sandboxed by google because already their age is huge in comparison with the domain we just purchase.

Whenever you purchase any brand new domain name, in initial stage, your domain get sandbox penalty if you target keyword with high search volume and high competition.

If you want to target the keyword having high search volume and high competition, you can go with the expired domain leaving behind the brand new domain.

To check the age of the domain, Domain age tool is great, just enter the list of the domain and you will get the list of the age of the domains in front of you within seconds.

Recently I’ve purchased the 17 year old domain and in comparison of the brand new domain, Expired domain performed Very well and a way more good than brand new domain.

4. Quality of the backlinks!

Quality of the backlinks matters for every expired domain. There are many ways to check quality of backlinks, You can decide the quality of the backlinks from DA, TF and CF itself but for detailed information, is the good choice.

Visit and Open the site explorer, and enter the domain. You will get detailed information about the backlinks of the domain. Just check whether the Anchor text of the backlinks pointing the domain is relevant or not.

If possible, also check the quality of the domain from which the expired domain is getting backlinks. If it’s good. Purchase the domain Fast!!!

Conclusion : Expired domains are very much powerful then expired domain but only if they are having good metrics. I’ve wrote in detail about the Metrics that are important. Just check this metrics before purchasing any expired domain. If you have any question related to this topic, Comment it down. I will help you to solve the query…