Mistakes I did in SEO, I don’t want you to repeat these mistakes

Common SEO mistakes: When it comes to SEO, Everyone has made some mistakes. I am one who made many mistakes in SEO. I’ve made this post because I don’t want you to repeat this mistakes. Everyone in this world has made mistakes in SEO and if you are one, Comment down your mistake so others can also take advantage of not making it again.

Nowadays, SEO is the most important thing if you want to survive in blogging world. If you have a blog but if it is not ranking on targeted keywords then you will not get traffic from search engine. If you are good at social media marketing then also you will only get traffic when you create and share your articles.

10 SEO mistakes to avoid

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Finally, To get regular traffic or to maintain blog’s traffic you have to improve your SEO performance. While telling you about mistakes I made in SEO, I will also tell you right method to do it so that you will not repeat that mistake again. So, Let us move to my first mistake.

1. Weak keyword research

When I was new in this world, I used to do keyword research but not in a proper manner. I was just in a search of a keyword with high search volume, but that was not enough. I also used to check the competition but on every keyword, I used to think that I can rank.

In short, I was selecting wrong keywords. The keywords with high search volume but High competition too! Nowadays many bloggers do this mistake and, as a result, they can’t rank.

Now, I know proper keyword research after many failures. I also wrote a keyword research guide to make you learn keyword research. This guide has Important topics covered like competition analysis, finding the right keyword, Finding long tail keyword and lot more! It’s based on my experience so everything will be new! You can download this by subscribing to this blog.

Keyword research is very much important topic. You should learn this because keyword research is the first step of SEO. Every newbie bloggers face problems in keyword research. I recommend you to learn it first because I don’t want you to make the mistake that I made.

2. Making backlinks like Mad

Everyone Knows that backlinks are important to rank on desired keywords. You have to make backlinks but in the natural way. When I was newbie, I used to make backlinks by anyway no matters its right or wrong. Here are some methods by which I used to make backlinks. If you are doing this then Stop ASAP.

  • Making profiles to get backlinks.
  • Guest post only for backlinks.
  • Trying to get backlinks from other niche blogs.
  • Taking sitewide links.
  • Getting links from spammed page.

These are some bad practices to make backlinks for your blog until its long term blog. If you are making backlinks for event blog then you can get backlinks by any method. Best methods to make backlinks for long term blogs are,

  1. Infographics
  2. Broken link building
  3. Skyscraper technique
  4. Writing Long and interesting articles
  5. Guest blogging (Not only to make backlinks)

If you want to make backlinks for your personal or long term blogs then you should follow above-given techniques. One more thing, It is not necessary to have backlinks to get ranked on #1 page. Let me tell you, Technowlogy has 0 backlinks but it is ranking on almost every targeted keyword.

3. Wrote content for Search engines

Nowadays, Almost every blogger writes content for search engines. You should remember that blogger is the person who solves other’s question and that others are human beings, Not search engines. Everyone is optimizing the article for Search engines only, but very fewer bloggers are their who writes for their readers.

As a result, Bloggers who write for their readers gets the higher rank than one who writes for the Search engines. It is because Nowadays, Search engines are just like a human being. They know the meaning of any word, they know the meaning of whole sentences, they know that on which topic you wrote.

So, if you are writing for search engines only, possibly you will not rank because content written for search engines are not well optimized for readers. You should optimize content for readers as well as search engines. If you can optimize for both, then its best!

4. Keyword stuffing

This thing is done by every newbie blogger. Reason, To rank higher in search engines. Reality is completely different, No matter how much you stuff keyword in copy, You will only rank if your content will be unique and written for visitors.

When I was a newbie, I used to enter the keyword at every possible place and every time I used to fail to rank. Keyword stuffing is the great problem nowadays. Let me tell you that Keyword stuffing will never help you to rank unless you are doing event blogging.

Keyword stuffed article will be marked as Poorly written article by the search engines and also SEO. So, you need to make content for your readers. Never keyword stuff your article because I did this mistake and I don’t want you to repeat this mistake.

Conclusion: These are the most harmful mistakes I made when it comes to SEO. Many mistakes are done by many content marketers in SEO, but these are the most harmful mistakes from them. I have experienced these mistakes and I don’t want you to repeat these mistakes.

If you’ve got any questions regarding this then comment down! I will surely solve your question. Share this article on social media to help me to spread the word. By the way, what are the mistakes you did in SEO?