How to improve your article writing speed effectively?

Impressive blog article writing speed improvement tips: Who don’t want to write articles very fast to do other works too because being blogger, we don’t have only 1 blog to handle. If you are regular reader of, you might be knowing that I am also working on one another blog.

The third blog is Niche blog and I am posting regular updates about it’s ranking and my strategies to rank that blog on the top of the search results for the targeted keyword. You’ll like to read that.

Improve blog article writing speed tips

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Even on, I am writing an article after a long time. Actually, I was going to write this article on but Then I changed my mind and thought to make technowlogy active. ?

Here in this article I am going to tell you that how you can improve your speed to write article so that you can manage other blogs too.

So, let us start with the first tip that worked for me to improve my writing speed.

1. Quiet place

Currently I have my room in which I can work without any disturbance of anyone quietly. When I write article in such place where there is no disturbance, I can work without un-wanted breaks and so, I can write articles very fast.

But, whenever I work from cyber cafes just like I am doing now, I get disturbed and distracted which kills my speed and energy and motivation (too!).

Continuing my article from dorm, Here I am feeling motivated to work always and at my home room too. So, It is always better to work from the Quiet place.

Moreover, you can listen to slow and steady music which will help you to maintain your freshness. I always listen to slow and steady songs while writing article.

2. Be As Fast as possible!

If you know how to write 2000 words article on the topic which you know. But if your typing speed sucks, you will not be able to write it as fast as it should be written to.

I try to beat my typing speed scores whenever I am free, Nowadays I play games too, that’s why currently there is no improvement in my typing speed but yes, it is good according to me. It is around 60-70 WPM, Some of you might be faster than this but, Currently I am at this speed and trying to take it at next level.

If you need some software or application on which you can practice your typing skills, you can always log on to KeyHero. You can make free account on key hero which will help you to save the record of your typing speeds.

3. Stick to the article!

If you will get distracted, you will not able to complete article as fast as possible. It happens with me that in the next tab, someone message me on Facebook about some help and I pass my other 10-20 minutes in helping him/her.

Again, when I come back to article, someone message me about help or something else and again I visit Facebook to waste my time in which I should write article.

But when Facebook isn’t there in the next tab, I can write article without getting distracted or something that waste my time. Moreover, I turn on Distraction-free Writing mode on WordPress which helps me to stick to the topic on which I am writing.

ConclusionThe best thing is to get started with the topic on which you are going to write. Till The past month, I was like thinking to write article for 5-6 hours and after that start writing articles with lots of distractions.

I did this things for about 1 month and I can see improvement in myself. Yeah, Now I get started with whatever I want to do and I am getting great results too! So, be sure to implement this things. If you have any questions regarding this, you can surely comment them down, I will help you to solve them.