How you are wasting lot of time on social media daily

Social media, The name by which you start thinking about traffic source if you are blogger. Yes, Social media is the best traffic source for your blog even this blog gets max traffic from social media. It is lot of times easy to get traffic from social media then getting traffic from search engines. If you can understand social media then you can drive lot of traffic to your site just like i drove very much traffic to my article related to build backlinks for event blog.

You waste lot of time on social media. Sorry, you might not but many bloggers waste lot of time of facebook to drive traffic to their blog without understanding that what users want. They just do hard work daily and waste hours daily to increase reach of blog but reality is different.

Social media time management

What they do is that they share their article in facebook group for bloggers which has thousands of members. In normal understanding, if there are 5000 members in any facebook group and you share your latest post on that group then it is obvious that from that 5000, 1000 should look to that article and if article is interesting like How i got adsense in 2 days with 4 copied articles then atleast 100 should click on that.

Yes, We got 100 visitors but in real understanding. In reality, no matter how much interesting your article is, you will only get maximum 10 visitors if you are lucky by sharing in single group which has more then 5000+ members. I am sure because when i entered in the blogging world, I used to to this and used to waste daily 1-2 hours to share articles in about groups in 2 figures which contains members in 4-5 figures.

By this, i should get about 400-500 visitors but in reality i was only getting 30-40 visitors by hard work of 1-2 hours daily. Maximum of them increased my bounce rate and i have Proof of that. I have stats of my old blog for which i used to share articles in groups.

This time limit is from 20 th June to 19 th July. This was a time when i was regularly wasting my lot of time to share articles on facebook groups. I think i used to waste 1-2 hours daily. Virtually i was sharing article to 1lakh+ members but in return i was getting only few visitors a day.

I sold that blog and in this one, i never shared any article in social media groups. Once for experiment, I shared very interesting article on facebook groups and in return, i got 20-30 visitors which was very much less then what i get by sharing in my profile! Yes, it was very less then what i get by sharing it on my profile!

When i wrote article with title “How i made 5000+ backlinks in 30 days for event blog”, and then i shared that article in my profile and in few minutes, Real time visitors on 15-20 days old blog was 14.

This is the real time traffic just after 10-15 minutes of publishing article. By that article, i came to know that title of any article matters a lot for social media. About 88 facebook shares were done only because of the title of thaat article. Instead of that title, if i used another like “How to create backlinks for event blog”  then i think that article was not going to get this much traffic.

Direct publishing article was also not going to do anything. I also generated curiosity in social media to make this article successful. After that, whenever i share article, they know that every share by me is worthy and so I get Loyal readers and they get loyal knowledge.

So, coming back to topic, if you will keep sharing articles in facebook groups to get traffic from which you can couple of visitors, you can utilize your time making your article easy to read for visitors and making it more interesting and more curiosity generating. I don’t share this articles in social media groups but then also i get good traffic from social media.

Conclusion : from this article, you can understand that sharing articles on social media without understanding it is not going to do anything for you. If you know what they want then and only then you can get good traffic from social media. So, I recommend you to utilize time instead of sharing articles in groups in making it interesting. If you agree then you can share this article or if you have any questions or just want to say thanks then comment box is waiting for you.