8 Hacks that will help you to grow your subscribers list

How to grow your subscribers list? Because Email Subscribers are the heart of any blog according to me. Don’t you think same?

Every blogger needs more email subscribers to get more regular readers. Even I need more email subscribers. You can see subscriber form on the homepage and even after the article. I target email subscribers using these techniques.

Actually, There are lots of techniques to gather emails from your readers. Attention please, I said Readers, Not visitors. It means that your traffic doesn’t matter a lot. For example, you have 1000 daily visitors and out of them, only 200 reads your content. Out of that, only a few readers will give you their email. If you are getting targeted traffic then this number will be higher, an even number of new email subscribers.

Out of 100% email subscribers you have, 24% of them open the Newsletters sent by you. All of them don’t click on the link to read a full article unless you are sending a full article in the email itself.

“How to build an email list fast”

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To increase the conversion rate, There are some techniques that I am going to discuss in this article you can follow to get your email list flooded. So, let us start with the first technique.

1. Offer them something Precious

This technique works every time. You just have to offer them something and you have to ask for the email to get that stuff. For example, I am a blogger and my readers are a blogger too! I can offer them an ebook containing lots of techniques to improve traffic on their site.

To get that ebook for free, they will give me their email and after that, I will start sending them newsletters whenever I’ll publish an article on my blog.

Do you want an example? I use this technique and you can see the form given on the homepage, Here is the screenshot of that form.


What am I offering? 2 eBooks for free! By reading this, Users will fill the form and will get eBooks for free and I will get subscribers.

If was my example. Let me give you the examples of the other marketers. One you know is the owner of (Harsh Agrawal). Here is what he is offering to get signed up! like own boss.


As you can see, He is offering WordPress installation guide to the one who sign up. If you will sign up, you will get newsletters by him whenever he updates anything on his blog. By this way, they use this technique and get lots of email subscribers.

Even me, I get lots of subscribers by using this technique. Here, Lots of means I have a higher conversion rate. Please don’t misunderstand that because you might have more traffic but no email subscribers then that traffic isn’t good or you need to improve your conversion rate. In short, My conversion rate is good. You should optimize conversion rate.

If you are not providing anything valuable, You are not in the right direction. Even if you have good conversion rate, if you will provide something for free, you will be able to fetch more email subscribers from your traffic.

Do you need one more example, Example of one person fetching hundreds of Subscribers daily by using this technique? Here is one,

Yeah, He is Neil Patel from If you read articles on Quicksprout, You will see this form at the end of the every article.

Moreover, He uses numbers in the form as he used $5000 to attract subscribers. Obviously, If someone is giving away the stuff of $5000 for the free to one who give him an email, All of us will try it once!

Actually, There are thousands or more bloggers who use this technique to fetch more followers from the traffic they get.

If you are thinking that you don’t have to give away anything. I have one solution for you. You can create something which is useful for your readers and giveaway for free. Here is some stuff you can create and give away,

1.1 eBooks

You’ve created a blog on which you can write a content of thousands of words. It means you are expert in that topic. What you have to do is write an eBook taking some specific topic into consideration.

In my case, I am giving away 2 e-books for free to one who subscribe to my Newsletters. One of them is Keyword research guide and another one is Guide on expired domains. I can convert lots of visitors by showing off e-books to them.

I am giving away these e-books as pdf format to the one who subscribe to my Newsletters. They are already up on the blog. It’s their choice to read it on the blog or to download.

You can also create ebooks to give away one your blog. Yes, It will take some days but after that you’d convert lots of followers into subscribers. After writing ebook, you just have to add the link to your ebook in the Auto-responders or the emails sent to user whenever they subscribe.

If you don’t how to add links of ebook in your Auto-responder emails, I have Quick Step by step guide for you. Here t is,

I use Mailchimp, if you are using same then this guide will be easy for you. If you are using any other email marketing solution, Method will be same. You just have to explore more,

1.1.1 Navigate to List designer

It’s quite hard to find form editor from Dashboard. Even I fail to find that sometimes, For you Here is the link to navigate to List designer if you are using Mailchimp.

After getting in, you will see something like this.

1.1.2 Select Email You want to edit

From the Drop down you got (Default selection is signed up form), you have to select Confirmation “thank you” pageClick on that and you will get the similar image as below given image.

I’ve already added links of ebook in the email. If you’ve not, you can do that by hovering your mouse on the part you want to edit (Body).

1.1.3 Editing an email

When you will hover your mouse on the body part of the E-mail, you will get Edit button on the top-right corner of the email template Just like below given image.

Click on the edit and you will get one Pop-up from which you can edit the email Just like you do while sending an email to someone from Gmail or similar. Here is it after clicking on Edit button.

Now, you just have to add the link to the ebook in the email. First, you have to upload your ebook to the cloud. You can upload it on WordPress or in Google drive or in Dropbox too.

After editing your E-mail and adding the URLs of your ebooks, Click on Save and Close. Now, whenever user will subscribe to your newsletter, he/she will get this email in which there will be Ebooks.

To give users this guide in an email, you have to add same links in Final “Welcome” email too! By this way, you can give your ebooks to your users only when they sign up to your newsletters.

1.2 Free access to paid tool!

If you don’t have time to make an ebook for your subscribers, you can give them access to paid tool! This is something hard to understand because currently you will ask, “Why the hell I will purchase any paid account for every subscriber?”.

Let me clear you one thing, I told Free access to paid tool! what if you are having your own tool? Yes, you don’t have to pay for every sign-up! You just have to add them as a user and that’s all. This idea is unique and I am going to use it too!

Now again you will ask, “How I can create any tool?”. If you are a coder, You can do it surely. If you are not, I’ve one solution for you too!

The solution is you have to purchase one script from or the similar site. In my case, I have a blog related to blogging, SEO and marketing. Visitors of my blog will be bloggers. They like to schedule the posts on social media so that they can market their blog whenever they are sleeping too!

I can Purchase Facebook auto poster from Codecanyon to give it for free to my subscribers. When they will read, Sign up and get free access to Ultimate Facebook auto poster and schedule on my blog then they will go mad to sign up!

On the other side, they don’t know that I got that Script for 13$ only. Yep, Only 13$ If you don’t believe me, Just see the image given below.

Yeah, it’s 16$ only. Still, if you don’t believe, just click on the link given above. The script is Robust and can be the best way to get lots of Email Subscribers.

Limitations of this technique: Yes, everything in this world has limitations and this technique has too! You can use this technique only if you have a good server. As lots of users are going to use it, Your server will get lots of requests. You have to host this script on your server to run.

So, If you have a good server and if it can handle lots of requests, you can use this technique to get lots of email subscribers.

TIP: If you are going to use this technique, Be sure to remove inactive users. Warn users at sign up that if they will not be active for xx days, they will lost access to that tool forever.

1.3 Offer some service for free!

We have to offer something valuable. Once, I used this technique and result was lots of conversions. My email account was burst with emails.

If you are my regular reader, You’d know that once I provided the website analysis for free. I just created a simple Landing page on my homepage and done! I started getting emails related to that service.

So, What I was Providing? I already said that Visitors on my blog are bloggers too! they need to know whether their blog is going in right direction or not. I just told them that I will analyze their site for free and they have to just give me their email, name, and website URL.

So, What was the conversion rate? You may ask this question to me. My answer will be more than 40% Yeah, it means that I used to convert around 40 visitors out of 100.

Just think, You have to analyze any site in terms of SEO and for that you need only 5-10 minutes. Yes, If you have traffic in 4 figures daily, you can’t handle this much site. Let’s do some math. If you have 1000 visitors daily and out of them if only 100 wants you to analyze their site, It will be impossible for anyone to analyze 100 sites daily.

In this case, Again you can use a script that can analyze anyone’s website and send an E-mail to the site owner. Similar to this, Neil Patel is doing to get emails. If you will open Quicksprout, you will get this.

Quicksprout gets lots of traffic and due to the same reason, There will be many requests in a day to analyze a website. Due to the same reason, He applied script on the form. Whenever you will enter the URL of your site, you will get one dialogue box asking for permissions to know your email.

By this way, he will get an email of yours. Moreover, due to Script, you will get your site analyzed in few minutes. Each and everything will be covered in that report. If you want to use scripts, you can get it from Codecanyon or other script providers too!

This technique works very good and converts lots of visitors into Email subscribers. You’ll not like to miss this technique.

2. Pop-Ups (Smart ones!)

Popups were/are/will be the best way to collect emails from users. But you need to be smart because here we are talking about gathering more emails from the traffic you have.

Many or almost all marketers who use Pop-ups to gather emails use some techniques to convert lots of users into subscribers. So, let me explain you Techniques with examples to get more email subscribers by using pop-ups when what you are getting currently.

2.1 Address visitors

Ever tried Addressing visitors to convert them into Newsletter subscribers? If not, you should try now! I am gonna show you some great examples that can convert visitors into subscribers just by addressing them!

What do I mean when I say “Addressing visitors”?

This question will arise in your mind for sure. Let me solve it, Addressing visitors means using any phrase or sentence that points the visitor who is reading that.

For example, If you will read Do you want more traffic? on any site, You will think about you. It means that the site owner is pointing you or addressing you.

If you will read something like getting 30 ways to increase your conversion rate for free just by entering your name and email. Now you’ll think, That’s great. Here is it live,

This is addressing you by telling you about increasing your conversion rate. Yeah, It works. Not only this, Here is one more example for you.

This is telling you that for you, it’s free, Just enter your email and enjoy. This is how addressing visitors will increase the number of subscribers.

Not only in the content, you can also address them in Buttons to make them click on that. Instead of using “you”,”yours” and similar, you have to use “me”,”mine” and all.

You can see same happening in the Pop-Ups given above. Here is the live example of,

Before some days, I used to use Subscribe me! on the button but after changing it to Send me the Ebooks, I saw the quick boost in the number of subscribers. This is how it works. Not only me, You can see same happening on Brian Dean’s

Yeah, It is effective and attracts visitors to it. So, Addressing visitors to make them Newsletter subscribers is always a great technique to use. Now, let us move to another great technology to get subscribers from the users who are leaving the site! Yeah, it’s true.

2.2 Use Exit intent Pop-ups

Do you know about them? If not, let me tell you about them. Exit intent pop-ups will be displayed on the screen of the visitor when they will try to leave the site. Actually, it works on the position of the mouse pointer. If mouse pointer will move towards the cross button, Pop-up will be displayed to the user.

Actually, they are not special or different than normal pop-ups but they will try to get your visitor back to the site by displaying something very interesting.

You can get Exit intent pop-ups by using Optinmoster or any other better Lead generators.

To get your visitors back, you can use something like Hey, wait…. Here is something for FREE for you. or similar to get their attention on the pop-up.

This technology is used by lots of marketers to get Newsletters subscribers even from the visitors that are leaving our site.

2.3 Force Users to get Subscribed in a Sweet manner!

haha… It’s Little bit confusing, Isn’t it? Let me explain you in detail. Actually, By using this technique, your visitor will be forced to get Subscribed even if his mind is saying no.

To understand this easily, See the Pop-up given below,

If you will click NO, It means that You have enough traffic but we don’t have. Actually, No matter how much traffic we have, we will always look for higher traffic.

While If you will click Yes, you will get free traffic generation guide. Who don’t want a guide full of techniques to get more traffic!

In almost all cases, User will click on yes because he/she needs more traffic for free. By clicking on Yes, He/she will get one field to enter Email. After entering email, He/she will get eBook and after that, he/she will start getting Newsletters from Quicksprout.

I’ve also seen one Similar Pop-up, but it was different than this one. Instead, He was telling his visitors that this offer is for only 1 time. Once you will close this pop-up, you will lose this offer Forever.

I liked this technique and soon gonna use it on my blog too! This is how you can collect lots of emails and get lots of Newsletter subscribers for your blog!

3. Don’t let them get out of the list!

It’s simple as hell… If the equal amount of subscribers will leave your list as the ones who join, your list will never grow.

The one and only solution to get rid of this problem is to not let the current visitors leave your subscribers list! It’s simple as that.

Now, coming to the point.

If you will offer them something like eBook, they will sign up for sure, but they can leave the list once they’ll get the freebie! Many of them will not do so but they can!

How to not let them leave your list?

Offer them something Recursive freebie!

Want example? Do you remember something like Getting 7 NICHES EVERY 7 DAYS FOR FREE!? Yeah, you’ll subscribe for sure seeing something like this.

If you don’t know about this, subscribe to, you’ll get 7 niches every 7 days so that you can start a niche blog on it and earn money!

Here’s the takeover that I’ve used!

Currently, I’ve turned off the scroll mat i think, but I’ll turn it on.

In short, if you have something that you can offer every week or month or something, you can take advantage of this technique that will help you to get less number of un-subscribes!

You can either send your Earning reports to your subscribers only! You can offer something like Subscribe and get to know my income reports every month SECRETLY!

I hope you understood what I want to say, You can always comment down your question!

Wrapping it up: It’s Quiet hard to Convince any visitor who is visiting your site for the first time. To make them click on the subscribe button, you have to use these techniques. I’ve used almost all techniques and all of them works great when you are talking about gathering email subscribers.

According to me, if you will use the techniques given bellow, you will get 1.5-2x more subscribers then what you are currently getting from the same traffic. If you will have more Newsletters subscribers, you will get more traffic and more traffic means more subscribers again. This is how it helps to grow a blog.

If you have any question related to this topic, you can comment it down so that I can solve your questions. You can share this articles with your friends on social media to help me spread knowledge.

By the way, What are the techniques you use to get Newsletter Subscribers?