Exclusive tips to make backlinks for long term blog

Building backlinks is one of the best way to improve search engine performance of your blog. There is difference between backlinks for event blog and backlinks for long term blog. It is easy to make backlinks for event blog but it is very hard to make backlinks for long term blog. For long term blog, there is one more technique called Link wheel by which you can rank your long term blog. You can learn link wheel strategy easily.

Exclusive tips to make backlinks for long term blog

Reason for that is for event blog, you just need backlinks for few days or at-most one month and the time when Google penalize you, event will be over and that’s all because you already made good amount of money on event and now you don’t want that links at all.

For long term blog, you need backlinks for very long time because you have to make money forever from long term blog and in this case if google penalize then it will be like big trouble for you.

For event blog, you can make any type of backlinks including sitewide links which is marked as pure spam by google. But if you will make sitewide links for long term blog then you will be penalize soon.

So, Finally we can say that slow and steady link building is good for long term blogs and I am going to show you some techniques by which you can make backlinks for long term blog safely.

1. Create Infographics

Infographics are the best way to make backlinks for your blog but just creating and publishing infographics will not work for you. you have to create good looking infographic and you also have to allow others to add same infographics to their blog by giving proper credits to you.

If you want example then you can take Quicksprout as a example. Neil Patel post infographic regularly and they allow other bloggers to add same infographic just by copying-pasting code to your blog. If you are unable to understand then image is waiting for you…

To add infographic, you just have to copy and paste the above given code to your blog and infographic will be live. This code does two things,

  1. It will add whole infographic to your blog wherever you paste this code.
  2. It will give 2 links to from your blog

So, If you will add their infographic to your blog then you will get infographic for free and for that Quiccksprout will get 2 backlinks. If you will also allow others to add your infographics on other blogs for free then you will also get backlinks. This backlinks are safe and you don’t have to worry about penalty.

Now a days it is not much hard to make backlinks if you have knowledge of designing. You can easily make infographics for free using because it will provide you vectors and all the things that are needed to make infographic. So, By creating and posting infographics on your blog, you can make backlinks that are safe and very good for long term blog.

2. Broken link building

There are thousands of broken links on web in any niche by clicking on which users get 404 Error or any other error and they don’t get the thing that they expected by clicking on that links. What you have to do is you have too find that type of links.

After finding that type of links, either you have to create article using that keyword or if you already have then you have to directly send mail to the owner of that page. For example, I found one broken link on any other blog with anchor text “Backlinks for event blog”. I already have article on that keyword so I will just send mail to the owner of the site where i got broken link. Mail will be,

Hello Owner_Name,
I liked your blog very much and while reading one article, I got one broken link on article_link and it is not good for your site to have broken links. I have article with same topic whose URL is your_article_link.
it will be good for you and also for readers because they will not face ERROR_PAGE_TYPE while clicking on that link.
Thanks and regards,
Your name.

So, If he will like my article then he will link to your article. By this way, you will get safe backlink for your long term blog. To find broken links, there are many tools online in which you just have to enter URL of blog and it will show you broken links. If you want to learn how to do proper keyword research then Here is Ultimate keyword research guide from me.

 3. Guest blogging

Yes, you are thinking right. Guest blogging is not recommend by google but still I recommend you to do guest blogging and by this way, no google can identify that article is only for backlinks purpose. So, Guest blogging is still good to get backlinks. How? You may also like to read how i got AdSense in 2 days old blog with 4 copied articles.

If you will take backlinks from profile or the author box at the end of article, it is not a good idea.

Google loves contextual links and so, If you do guest blogging then make sure that you get backlinks from content rather then getting backlinks from profile or author box. By doing guest blogging like this, you will get safe backlinks for long term blog.

4. Write long interesting articles

You might be thinking that i am drunk but writing long and interesting articles will give you backlinks without any mess. If you will write long and articles then you will get backlinks automatically. One of the technique used to get lots of backlinks is Skyscraper technique.

In Skyscraper technique, you have to write better article then the article that performed better in past. For example, Brien Dean made article on 200 ranking factors and got lots of backlinks and subscribers and traffic. That’s all for skyscraper technique.

You just have to create big and better article then article that performed better in past. Google like Fast loading blogs and here is a guide to speed up your WordPress blog.

Conclusion : So, this are the techniques by which you can make backlinks for long term blog. This techniques are safe to use and you don’t have to worry about penalty by google or any other search engine. I will keep updating this article with new techniques to build backlinks for long term blog. If you have any question running in your mind or just want to say thanks for this techniques, You can comment down your questions and i will solve it.