New virtual ID KYC for Aadhaar card holders from UIDAI

What is Virtual ID KYC? UIDAI introduces virtual ID for limited KYC for Aadhaar card holders. So, why this one more ID need for Indians? Let’s check – what we can do with this. The virtual ID can be used to avoiding the need to share the base number at the time of authentication. This limited KYC service agencies will eliminate the need to collect the Aadhaar numbers. Indian Distinguished Identity Authority (UIDAI) has introduced virtual ID and limited address-your-customer (KYC) for Aadhaar number holders, in double tactics to address privacy and security concerns regarding sharing the base details.

What is new Virtual ID KYC?

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Let’s go through with the details of it. According to a circular issued by UIDAI on Wednesday, to avoid the need to share the Aadhaar number on the basis of the basis of the basis. The virtual ID can be used for the base holder in lieu of their base number. Limited KYC service will eliminate the need for agencies to store base numbers.

This is a solution getting after a newspaper report in The Tribune, after a few days, he claimed a big violation in the base database through the sting operation. 1.19 billion plus base card holders.

How to work Virtual ID KYC?

UIDAI introduces ‘Virtual Aadhar ID’, a 16 Digit Number, different from the 12 Digit Aadhar Number. That can be used in place of the Original Aadhar Number, for any verification purposes. This step is taken by UIDAI in order to secure our Aadhar Details further.

When can I generate virtual ID KYC for Aadhaar?

Every Aadhar card holder can generate their Virtual ID from 1st March 2018 using their website, or by sending an SMS (details to be mentioned soon).

UIDAI will be releasing necessary APIs (Application Programming Interface) by 1 March and all agencies have been directed to make the necessary changes for the use of virtual ID, UID token and limited KYC to start using the new system by 1 June. Those who fail to do so may face discontinuation of authentication services and the imposition of financial disincentives added the circular.

What is the use of virtual ID KYC?

They can then use that Virtual ID and Biometrics to verify their identity on any KYC Mandate such as Sim Verification, LPG etc. All companies are further instructed to only obtain the virtual ID and not the Aadhar ID from 1st June onwards.

A user can generate as many Virtual IDs as they wish. It is more like the app-specific passwords we use on Google Account, where each app gets a specific password.

Crux: In my opinion, even 1 ID is safe if it is kept secure. And even 100s of IDs are unsafe if they can be hacked easily. We need to make the base strong instead of opting for different options. Anyways, let’s see where we will stand with this new virtual ID KYC for aadhaar card?