Have you paid Penalty for excess luggage while travel on train? New luggage Limit rules by IRCTC

New luggage Limit rules by IRCTC in trains: In an unexpected move, Indian Railways has decided to strict punishments have been announced for those passengers, who take extra luggage To be honest, did you also know that there is a limit on the weight of goods, which can be taken by a passenger to the train? Yes, there is a rule of 30 years!

Luggage Limit rules by IRCTC

6-Times Penalty Announced For Excess Luggage!

So far, there is no inquiry on the goods being carried by the railway passengers. In the north, and even in western India, we have seen the passengers more in their bicycles, trunk, agricultural produce and trains.

But soon, things will change.

Indian Railways has decided to strictly execute a 30-year old law regarding the luggage which a passenger can carry inside the coach, and how much can be parked in the luggage van.

Officials said unlike at the airports, where the luggage of each passenger is weighed, the railways will carry out random checks among the passengers.

If a passenger is found traveling with UN-booked luggage weighing more than the free allowance, the excess weight will be charged six times the luggage rate.

Suitcases and Box Size Limit:

The Railways will also ensure that the trunk, suitcases and boxes follow the set size of 100 cm x 60 cm x 25 cm (length, width, height) for personal items in the compartment.,. suitcases and boxes exceed any one of the dimensions, those would have to be booked and carried in the luggage van

IRCTC New Rules For luggage Limit in trains, weight allowed. (The following maximum limit free allowance, marginal allowance are admissible for carriage of luggage in the compartment : )

ClassFree allowanceMarginal allowanceMaximum quantity permitted ( including free allowance)
AC First Class70 Kgs15 Kgs150 Kgs
AC 2-Tier sleeper/First class50 Kgs10 Kgs100 Kgs
AC 3-tier sleeper/AC chair car40 Kgs10 Kgs40 Kgs
Sleeper class40 Kgs10 Kgs80 Kgs
Second class35 Kgs10 Kgs70 Kgs

Now, say a passenger of Sleeper Class is travelling for 500 km, and say, he is carrying 80 kgs of luggage.

For example, if a passenger is traveling 500 km with luggage weighing 80 kg in the sleeper class,  To avoid any fine, he can carry 40 Kg in the coach, and place the remaining 40 KG in the luggage van by paying Rs 109 as the fees.

However, if he fails to do so and is caught with the excess luggage, he will end up paying a penalty of Rs 654.