Product promotion techniques and Best Affiliate marketing networks to get started

Ever tried Affiliate marketing?

If not, I would like to recommend you to try Affiliate marketing once. You can make passive income from it, Moreover you can make more money than Adsense and other CPC networks by having better conversion rates and right promotion techniques.

For those who don’t know the meaning of affiliate marketing, Let me explain you once in brief. When you are doing affiliate marketing, you will earn money whenever someone will purchase any product from the company you’re promoting.

Product promotion techniques and Best Affiliate marketing networks

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To track the number of sales and traffic, you will get unique URL. You can place that URL on images or text on your blog or anywhere you want to promote. The number of clicks and number of sales will be tracked and you will be paid according to the number of sales.

Whole affiliate marketing process is given here,

Find best product to promote –> Promote that product –> track sales –> Get paid

You can make five figures a month from affiliate marketing with proper research and promotion techniques. The main thing is How you promote your affiliate product. Here, the question arise,

What are the best Product promotion techniques?

Yeah, Let me solve your question. There are several ways to promote your product. Some of them works, some of them does not. It depends on the product you promote. I will give you some ideas to promote your product to get more sales. Here we go,

1. Offer something in Return

Without giving something in return, if you are getting the good number of sales then you can boost up the number of sales by returning something to the customer. You can give them your service, your product as extras to get more sales.

For example, I got one site which is offering Free website setup when someone purchase hosting from the company they promote.

He is Very clear about what he is promoting and those who are looking for creating a website for free will surely purchase hosting and he will get some fees for that. As he is promoting Hosting, He will get more fees.

Hosting company pay $50-$125 per sale and it depends on the company you are promoting. Customers are always looking for deals something like this one.

You can see the boost in the number of sales by providing some services or any other product as free or extras with Affiliate product.

2. Promise your Audience

If you are promoting something, you should be sure that your product is best at its work. You should trust your product and should have faith on it.

For example, If I am Siteground Hosting affiliate. I should promise buyers that It will be your best experience to join them. If not, We will give you money back. In short, It is promising to the Customers that it is the best.

In case of mobiles and other affiliate products, you can promise that you will get money back if it’s not the high-end product. As you will be paid for only satisfied customers, you can use this line as a trigger to make others purchase your promoted product.

3. Help your Customers

What if your Customer has purchased your product but has some problems with it? Allow them to ask you for help for any kind of help or problem. Help them personally and get their trust and if possible, Show their feedbacks and testimonials on your site to get the trust of new customers.

There is one more thing which falls under this category is being transparent with your customers. If you will disclose your affiliate relation, you will get more sales. Tell your audience that if they will purchase the product with your link, they will get some freebies or discount from you! Moreover, they can get help from you anytime!

So, these are the techniques you can use to increase the number of sales! In number, they are only 3 but if you will understand them, you will get many techniques from them.

Now the question is,

What are the best affiliate markets to get started?

Yes, There are lots of Affiliate markets to join. You can join any of them to make money by affiliate marketing. But you should choose trustworthy Affiliate market to be sure that you will be paid for your hard work. Here is the list with description and Recommendation ratings according to me!

1. shareasale

Recommendation ratings – 10/10

shareasale is one of the best and fast growing Affiliate market. It is trustworthy and You will get paid for each and every product you sell.

I personally recommend you to join shareasale because It is very secure, Trustworthy and High paying Affiliate market. They believe in paying for the hard work you do.

There are not chances to do Fraud with you. You and your income are safe if you’ve joined shareasale as a Publisher. You will get 24*7 support from them and there are lots of more benefits of joining shareasale. You will be paid higher per sale because their Advertisers are big companies like commerce online shopping website  and many more.

If you want to join some Affiliate market, I would Strongly recommend you shareasale Because of their trustworthiness and their support and payment. Even I am starting my Affiliate marketing journey with shareasale. You don’t have to pay anything to join shareasale.

2. Commission junction

Commission junction was/is very good Affiliate market, but there is lots of crowd and I think it’s hard to get approved as publisher. Commission junction is used by many affiliate marketers and no doubt it is also aa good affiliate program.

3. ClickBank

Clickbank is also well-known Affiliate market with lots of publishers and advertisers. You can be a part of it and there are lots of products also to promote. You can join ClickBank to make money by affiliate marketing from clickbank too!

Conclusion: Affiliate marketing is No doubt the best earning source if you know SEO and blogging. Also, You should know how to convert any visitor into a customer. I have you ideas above to do so. shareasale is the best affiliate marketing network according to me currently. I am going to join it too!

If you have any questions in your mind and want it to get solved, Just comment it below. I will answer your questions related to this topic. Share this with your friends to help me to spread a word.