How To Clean MacBook (Camera & Full Cleaning at Home)

The lens on your iPhone’s camera can easily get dusty and stained with fingerprints. Luckily, basic cleaning is easily. Compressed air can be used to remove dust and fingerprints and set-in stains can be wiped off with microfiber cloths. In some cases, dust may get trapped under the camera lens. You should see an Apple technician to fix this problem, as opening your phone on your own can damage it.

How To Clean MacBook Pro Air (Camera & Full Cleaning at Home)

How To Clean MacBook (Camera & Full Cleaning at Home) 1
How To Clean MacBook (Camera & Full Cleaning at Home)

This should include:
• Lint-free soft cloths
• Air-duster
• A soft brush
• Water
• LCD wipes
• Q-tips

If you find dust, use an air duster to help clear it away with ease. Spray the air duster over the MacBook keys and make a few pass over it if your keyboard hasn’t been cleaned in a while.

To clean your MacBook screen, use a lint-free soft cloth and a very small amount of water. When the cloth is damp, wipe in circular motions over the screen. If you find stubborn marks on the screen, invest in some LCD cleaner or wipes to get rid of any leftover grime While doing your thorough MacBook cleaning, you might find yourself needing to clean the MacBook frame.

If so, use a damp cloth and avoid cleaning solutions that aren’t approved for Apple products. If you find some especially difficult gunk on your MacBook exterior frame, you can use dry cotton swabs to help rub it off.
If you find your ports getting grime or dust in them, you can use a makeup brush to help remove the grime.

The best way to keep your MacBook from building up grime, dust is, keep it wrapped in a perfect buckram linen case or leather sleeve.

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  • Be gentle! This is true whenever you’re dealing with delicate electronic devices, and especially true with keyboard keys. Nothing should be done with excessive force. If you’re applying a lot of
  • force – you’re doing something wrong.
  • When using liquids, be it water or alcohol, use moderate amounts – you are NOT giving your laptop a bubble bath !
  • After cleaning the laptop, don’t turn it on until everything has dried. Be patient! you can also use a hairdryer to speed things up.
  • If the spill leaked inside anything else, e.g: DVD drive, cable ports, etc’ this guide will not be enough, and you’ll need to clean those too before powering on the device. In this event I would
  • recommend taking your laptop to a professional lab.
  • Visit video tutorials website for removing keyboard parts

Don’t drink coffee near your computer !..