Interesting Facts about Freelance Jobs You May Not Have Known

Freelance jobs are on the hype, and for the right reasons. Emerging technology is making it a lot easier for people to turn to freelancing as opposed to their regular jobs. Research suggest that self-employment is currently growing. However, the convenience of being your own boss and setting your own hours comes at a price.

Here are facts about freelance jobs that are likely to surprise you.

  1. Freelance community has created jobs

There are numerous online freelance jobs today that never existed ten years ago, and many of them benefit freelancers. For example, look at virtual teachers. Teaching traditionally occurred within a brick and stone setup, but technology has enabled freelancers to be able to tutor people easily online. This shows how the popularity of freelancing has increased over the decades.

  1.  Millenials make up the largest share of the freelancer community and workforce

Youth are the biggest contributors to the freelance workforce, partly because they are more conversant with emerging technologies and know how to use them to gain freelance work. Most freelance jobs are increasingly technology related, hence the need to have people conversant with these emerging trends.

  1. Technology has made it easier to find freelance work

Over 69% of freelancers thank technology for making it easier for them to get jobs online. Job website portals like Surejobz have enabled freelancers to find meaningful work based on their knowledge, skills and experiences. Technology has made it a lot more easier for people offering work to be able to break it down to a range of tasks to get the best professionals on board.

  1. Freelancing is about skills and speed

With increased numbers of freelancers in almost every profession, only one thing can tell everyone apart, and that is your speed and expertise. Most jobs for freelancers require the work to be completed within specified deadlines. You have to be exceptionally skilful in that particular field and be committed to work.

Freelancing is a great profession, given that you can manage your time to suit your work and life needs. You do need to make sure you choose the project you can complete well, as well as being able to manage your time efficiently and effectively.

Surejobz encourage freelancing to everyone, especially those in their early twenties. It’s one of the finest ways to build a strong set of skills, attain financial independence, and gain a deeper understanding of what you want to do in your life.