5 Inspiring Designs of Porcelain Tiles for Walls and Floors

Tile is the best decorative way to enhance the beauty of the home. There are a wide variety of tiles available in the market. Porcelain tiles have become very popular in the tile world because of its aesthetics, durability, versatility, and affordability. This tile has the power to style any space. Whether you use porcelain tiles for walls or floors, they can give a high-end look to your room.

Since the collection of porcelain tiles for walls is overwhelming, it is difficult to choose the trendy and perfect one that suits your taste and interior style. We have come with the seven inspiring designs that add a luxe, cozy, and elegant vibe to any space to help you in this.

Five Tile Trends and Designs

1. Milen Hexagon Field Tile

Give your home a luxury look with this Milen hexagon field tile. This tile is suitable for bathroom walls and kitchen floor. If you want to remodel your outdated kitchen or bathroom, this marvellous tile can add an exotic touch to space. There are many types of porcelain types for walls available in the market, but they cannot match with the standard of Milen. Paint your wall with grey paint, and install Milen hexagon field tiles on the floor. Undoubtedly, It’s a great combination. If you want long-lasting and impactful transformation in your kitchen and bathroom, then you can blindly trust this design.

2. Sierra 12X14 Porcelain Walls and Tiles

Homeowners searching for porcelain tiles for walls that can add elegance in the space, then your search ends here. The versatile pattern of Sierra offers an exceptional and elegant look to any room. If you are tiling your wall this season, you can’t go wrong with Sierra, one of the best porcelain back splashes tiles. It is extremely beautiful and can add an open feel to any space.

3. Honolulu Porcelain Field Tile

If you love hardwood but not in a mood to spend thousands of dollars on the tiling, you can opt for the alternative option, Honolulu Porcelain. It is a wood-like tile that gives an exact wooden touch to your space. This tile doesn’t require regular cleaning and low-resistance to heat and water. This porcelain tile is the perfect choice for interior space. It has a realistic wooden effect that can be tricked with vibrant colours.

4. Seattle Porcelain Tiles

Seattle is a timeless design that can transform any residential and commercial space. This tile pattern has grown in popularity over the last few years. It is ideal for creating a striking look to any space. If you seek porcelain corridors tiles that have a clam feel, and require minimal maintenance, then Seattle is the perfect buy for you. This design can be used on both walls and floors, making a fab statement floor or eye-appealing feature wall.

5. Dozz Porcelain Tile

This tile offers an elegant feel and can make the space brighter and lighter. It is a polished, rectified porcelain. The idea of ‘Creating a natural look; in your home is a huge design trend. Out of all natural stones available, Porcelain is by far the most durable and versatile stone. Perhaps due to its charming look, its dozz design gives an extra finish to any space instantly.


We hope this comprehensive guide on porcelain tiles. Trendy designs will help you a lot. All above-mentioned designs are highly popular. They are cost-effective and timeless. Use them quickly and easily with a mesh backing technique. You can also comprehend the porcelain tiles in USA at the Tile Life, the most remarkable tiling store.