Honda Activa CNG 2018 – Features of CNG Activa Price and Specs

Honda Activa CNG Review: As a Part of Pilot Project, A Honda Activa CNG will hit the Road soon in India. Honda Activa CNG Price will depend on the kit you are going to buy. Honda Activa is chosen seeing its popularity and easy to drive. After desire result, the Activa in CNG project will be implemented commercially all over India. One can obtain the CNG kit from an approved supplier from the government.

New CNG Activa Features and Specifications

Honda Activa CNG Price

The Price of Honda Activa CNG kit will be Rs. 15000. Please be Noted Currently, the Government has introduced CNG fitted activa only, so the Activa Showroom Price + CNG Kit Price will be a total cost of CNG Activa.

1 KG CNG will help a user to travel 90 KM and the price of 1kg CNG is 45.   There will be 2 Cylinder caring 2.2 KG Capacity will be installed below the seat and legs., while regulator will be installed on top of the engine.

Honda Activa CNG Price
Honda Activa start 3G, 4G, 5GINR 72,000 Onroad Price

Honda Activa CNG Kit Price:

Cng Kit Price Available at Lovato cng Authorize fitting store cost of Rs. 15000/-

According to Ranganathan, this will help to bring down pollution with the strong economical option.

Honda CNG Activa  Launch Date:

The Company Fitted CNG Activa scooty is yet to go in development, though you can buy external cng kit to convert your activa in cng running vehicle. the government testing the kit with pilot project includes 50 CNG Activa given to Dommnio’s Pizza Delivery boy. Once the test completed, government will release the list of Authorized CNG Kit Seller for Activa as well will ask 2 Wheeler companies to produce the vehicle in CNG version as option as well.

It should be noted here that, CNG Activa can run with petrol as well, the CNG is Optional fuel and you can run your activa with both the fuel option same as cars.

Update: Jan 4 2017 : CNG Activa Launch in Below State are,

  • Delhi 
  • Mumbai 
  • Kolkata 
  • Hyderbad 
  • Gujarat
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Punjab
  • Haryana 
  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Bengaluru 
  • Rajasthan 
  • Other Cities 


  • You can Install CNG Kit in Honda Activa 4g, Activa 3g, 125 & i.
  • First CNG Kit Dec 16 ,.10-March-2017Activa 4G Launched.
  • Update: 3 Jan 2017 CNG Kit can be fit in other gear less scooter in India. Find authorize kit seller.
  • Update: 27-12-2016 CNG KIT Launched in Mumbai. Authorize Kit Supplier can applyh it in Activa and Other Scooters.
  • CNG Activa will be launching 50 Activa and will be given to Domino’s Pizza for their delivery boy as test run project. The Scooter will be given to free of cost.
  • CNG Activa Testing Begins in Delhi under pilot Project.
  • Delhi government has revoked ban on retrofitting CNG Kits.
  • 2018 Now available for public sector.

List of Two Wheelers in which You can Fit CNG Kit in It:

2018 Updates:

  1. Honda Activa 5g
  2. Honda Activa 4g
  3. Honda Activa 3g
  4. Honda Activa 125 & 125 2017
  5. Honda Activa Het
  6. Honda Activa I
  7. Hero Duet 110
  8. Hero Pleasure  110
  9. Hero Maestro 110
  10. Honda Activa 125
  11. Honda Dio 110
  12. Mahindra Duro DZ 125
  13. Mahindra Gusto 110
  14. TVS Jupiter 110
  15. TVS Scooty Zest 110
  16. TVS Wego 110
  17. Vespa VX 125
  18. Yamaha Fascino 110
  19. Yamaha Ray 110
  20. Yamaha  Alpha 110

Mahanagar Gas Limited launches CNG two-wheelers in Mumbai:

What is the Activa CNG Mileage?

Those who drive aciva petrol is well aware about petrol average, which is common in all cities  like 45 KMPL, i my self drive and having same mileage. Well when you will convert your activa in cng, the mileage will be 90 to 100 KM and the price of 1kg CNG is 45- Mumbai (price may vary by cities)

Honda Activa CNG Mileage

Activa 3g, 125 & i Fitted with CNG KT90 km/kg

CNG Honda Activa Tank Capacity:

As per the latest information, the CNG kit will be installed external and it will contains 2 cylinder carried 4.8KG capacity combined.

While consider in real life scenario, you will never get full tank as there are pressure of CNG Pump matters. You will get max 1.8 to 2.2 KG Tank which can run your CNG activa at least 250 KM in least case.

How to Fill Gas in Honda Activa CNG:

Honda Activa CNG Safety Features:

Activa CNG Kit has been passed and approved by ARAI.   From the Testing Done so far, it was running good and thus its been given to Domino’s Pizza.

Now Available for public.