Using content marketing in a link building strategy: the powerful combination for online success

There are many online strategies that allow you to gain visibility and improve your online positioning.

Among these over the years, one of the most relevant has certainly been link building which manages to strategically combine Off Page SEO activities to improve one’s position for certain keywords, with the ability to disseminate contents which are able to convey users towards the reference site.

Obtaining high-quality backlinks is certainly essential to improve positioning on search engines and increase the authority of our site. However, link building alone is not enough. It requires a well-thought-out strategy that must also consider the importance of a technique called ” content marketing “.

This plays a fundamental role in acquiring valuable backlinks . In fact, especially today, we must not think exclusively about the strategic research dedicated to obtaining a link but we must also create an enjoyable text that can make the brand stand out and be perceived as authoritative in its reference sector.

Not only that, it is also possible to take full advantage of this strategy to be able to make known the main news of your sector or your company through press releases that also contain a link to your website on a keyword or on the name of the brand .

Content Marketing: a tool to engage the target audience

Content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating and distributing quality content to attract and engage your target audience.

This approach goes hand in hand with link building, as valuable content is more likely to attract the attention of other websites, encouraging them to link to our material.

Creating informative, original and useful content is the first step to obtaining authoritative backlinks. Pillar articles, for example, are comprehensive and detailed content on relevant topics in the relevant sector that could even lead to the generation of natural links!

In fact, these articles become authoritative resources, arousing the interest of other websites and encouraging them to share our content through links.

Another solution is the publication of research and whitepapers with industry news that can be of interest to a wide audience. After publishing the research, survey or whitepaper, it is possible to create a press release with a summary summary and the conclusions reached.

This strategy makes it easier to reach a truly interested audience while generating a sense of authority around the brand and easily inducing users to click on the link that leads to the relevant in-depth information.

Quality content attracts backlinks

Variety of formats is another crucial aspect of content marketing to get backlinks. Diversifying the types of content allows us to reach a wider audience and attract the attention of different websites.

Infographics are an example of a visual and captivating format that summarizes data and information in a clear and engaging way. This content often goes viral and is widely shared, increasing your chances of getting backlinks.

Videos are a powerful tool for engaging your audience and earning quality links. Creating original and creative video content can attract the attention of other websites and increase the authority of our site.

Furthermore, ebooks and in-depth guides are more complex , but highly informative content. These materials can be considered as valuable resources by other websites, leading to valuable links.

Data plays a fundamental role in content marketing and link building. Unique and interesting data-driven content is more likely to be cited and shared, increasing your chances of getting quality backlinks.

Producing proprietary data gives our website authority and originality, positioning us as an authoritative source in our industry. Furthermore, the analysis of existing data and their reinterpretation can lead to new correlations and original research, increasing the relevance of the proposed contents.

Strategic promotion of content

Promotion is an essential part of content marketing and link building. Using social sharing buttons within content facilitates diffusion across social platforms, increasing visibility and the chances of obtaining backlinks.

Public relations (PR) plays a vital role in stimulating interest from other websites and obtaining backlinks. Organizing events, partnerships and presentations can increase the visibility of our brand and our online activities, attract the attention of authoritative sites and lead to new backlinks.

Content marketing is a powerful tool in your link building strategy to achieve maximum success online. Creating high-quality content and using a variety of formats allows us to reach a wide audience and attract the attention of authoritative sites.

How to implement your link building and content marketing strategy strategically

Promotion on blogs, newspapers, magazines and newspapers is an important stage in the link building process.

It requires careful analysis and a well-defined strategy to obtain authoritative and quality backlinks. This approach involves some key steps that help you reach potential sites and stimulate interest in acquiring links.

Research and Analysis of Prospect Sites

The first step in promoting earned prospects is site research and analysis. The link builder undertakes to compile a media list of sites that could be useful for the client to acquire valuable backlinks.

These sites should meet some important criteria:

  • Good SEO metrics such as Domain Authority and Trust Flow , which indicate the authority of the site.
  • Good organic traffic , avoiding sites that could be subject to algorithmic or manual penalties. It is useful to analyze site traffic with dedicated tools.
  • An active presence of users , with comments on posts and shares on social media, signals engagement and relevance of the site.

The media list should be carefully studied before proceeding with the next promotion phase.

Digital PR campaign and Seeding Activities

Once the media list has been created, we move on to the Digital PR campaign and, in particular, to the seeding activities. Seeding consists of contacting link prospects with the aim of raising awareness and stimulating interest in our content, with the ultimate goal of obtaining editorial backlinks.

To ensure the effectiveness of your digital PR campaign on earned media , it is important to follow some good organizational and executive practices:

  • Prepare a press kit containing the press release, images, screenshots and iframe code, if necessary for the embed.
  • Create static versions (images) for interactive content, so they can be shared even on sites that don’t support embedding.
  • Personalize email texts based on homogeneous groups of prospects , avoiding massive and impersonal sending.
  • Prepare a short and engaging email subject, testing different variations to obtain the best result.

Good Executive Practices:

  • Avoid contacting publishers on holidays, weekends or at the beginning of the week to maximize the likelihood of receiving a response.
  • Use a professional, yet personalized communication style that reflects the prospect’s interest in the site and content.
  • Be ready to provide additional information and details, demonstrating the validity of our material and your interest in collaborating.

Promotion on publishers’ sites requires commitment and patience , but with a well-structured strategy and effective communication, it is possible to achieve significant results and acquire high-quality backlinks to improve the positioning and authority of our website.