Easy and effective ways to get ideas to write your next article

So, want to write an article but don’t have an idea?

No worries, This thing happens with everyone! Even me. We have to write articles frequently for our blog otherwise traffic may drop very fast. Sometimes it happens that you want to write an article but you have no idea to write an article.

Many bloggers face this situation and I thought this is the best time to write an article on this topic. Now, I am not facing this problem because I have a list of ideas. Yes, List of ideas on which I can write articles whenever I want to write.

Easy and effective ways to get ideas to write your next article

In this article, I will explain you a ways to get lots of ideas to write articles for your blog as well as for your clients if any. Actually, There are lots of techniques to get ideas and may vary according to your niche and quality too! These techniques work for every niche.

1. Quora is the treasure

Quora is the best Question and answer site I have ever seen. There are thousands of questions and answers on any single niche or topic! Whenever I don’t have idea to write an article, First of all, I knock Quora.

You might be thinking that how anyone can get many ideas from Quora. Let me show you the exact technique to get many ideas from Quora. First of all, In the Search bar of Quora, Enter the topic on which you want to write an article. If you don’t have any idea for the topic then Just enter anything related to your niche.

In my case, I want to write an article related to Domain authority by Moz. I will type Domain authority in the Search bar of Quora and then I will hit Enter. Here are the Questions I got as a result.


Here are the top 4 questions I got as a result. From the top 4 questions, I got 1 Idea. The 3rd Question is best to get solved as an article. We can write much on Page authority vs. domain Authority. I have added this to my list and I will write an article on this topic.

One more advantage to get Ideas from Quora is, After writing an article you can answer a same question in Quora while putting your link in the Answer. As a result, you will also get some traffic from Quora.

2. Nothing can beat your Experience

You can generate lots of ideas by recalling your experience. For example, I have good experience with WordPress and I want to write an article related to WordPress. What I will do is I will see some plugins from my list. After seeing them, Here is the ideas that I got, Even without thinking in deep.

  • How to Optimize your database using these plugins.
  • Your WordPress is unsecure Without these plugins.
  • 5 Plugins to make your WordPress site fast.
  • These are the must use plugins to make your WordPress SEO friendly.
  • Use these Plugins to Increase number of subscribers of your blog.
  • Many more…

You will not believe, I coined this 5 Ideas in less than 2 minutes by just moving My Eyeballs on installed plugins. This is just a result of moving my eyeballs on WordPress plugins. There are many more things in this niche and in comparison with that, WordPress plugins are less than 5%.

So, Now you came to know that power of Experience and some open mind? If you don’t have experience then also you can get quick ideas by just opening the door of your mind.

When I entered in this field, I was not able to get Ideas this much faster because I used to get tension about this. Don’t take tension, Take it easy, you will start getting ideas and this is my promise. Now let me show you 3rd technique.

3. Some tools will help you a lot

Yes, I am talking about tools and you are reading right. There are some tools from which you can fetch some Ideas to write an article. I’ve used one tool which is very much effective and I liked it.

This tool is very much easy to use. You just have to fill some noun in the boxes given in the tool. In this case, I am entering SEO because it works best for nouns instead of any other thing like WordPress or CMS or anything else which is not a term.

Now you realized that why I entered this tool in this list? You and I got 5 More ideas to write articles. There are some more tools by which you can generate Ideas to write an article, but no one is as much effective as this one.

So, Now you got 3 Easy and 100% effective techniques to get ideas to make next article on your blog. You can use these 10 Ideas too!

4. Qeryz will fetch Ideas from your readers

I think you are listening this name for the first time. Qeryz is the best tool by which you can get Lots of ideas from your readers itself. Actually Qeryz is one of the surveying tool in which user doesn’t have to enter their information like email and passwords but then also they can enter information as per your need anonymously.

So, if you are asking that On which topic you need next article on this blog? with one text box then they can enter the topic and then they can submit if they want to do. It is not any type of popup that can distract readers from reading your blog. Let me show you how it works, Here is the image of working Qeryz,

So, By this way, they will ask questions to your readers. If your readers want to answer your question, they will enter the topic in box and will send you the topic. You will get that topic in your Qeryz account and then you can write article on that topic. These Ideas are given to you by your readers! One more thing which may shock you is this tool is free for basic Use, Here is the link from which you can register for Qeryz,

To register for free – Register here.

Conclusion : So, I know that you are now going to follow these techniques because they are a lot effective. In front of you, I gave 10 Ideas to write articles while writing this article. Just because of these techniques, I am also making new and unique articles for my blog.

There are many more techniques to get ideas to write an article for your blog but if you are following this 3 ideas, you don’t need any other idea. Many bloggers recommend to surf other websites to get Ideas but I am will recommend this because this may lead to copy content and same Idea. If you have any Questions related to this topic then comment it down! I will solve them and share this article on social media too!