How Niche, Geographic location and Keywords Affect your Adsense Earnings

Do you think that you can make more money from Adsense then what you are making currently? Sure, After reading this article completely, You will be able to learn some techniques and ideas by which you can increase your AdSense earnings.

Main Purpose to write this article is to give you an idea on how AdSense pays money to the Publisher, How any publisher can boost up AdSense earnings with some twist in the keywords(Will teach you in same article) and niche.

How Niche,Geographic location and Keywords Affect your Adsense Earnings

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So, first of all, Let me show you that how you will be paid for any keyword. For example, the keyword is Samsung s9 price in India. When you will see this keyword in Keyword planner, It will be like this,

In the fourth column from the left side, You will see the column with heading Suggested Bid which is the bid, any advertiser has to pay per click to the google. For example, You are an advertiser and want to advertise for this keyword then You have to pay 14.53 or higher per click to the google.

If you are an advertiser, then there must be one publisher too! Here is the twist. When Adsense says that they pay 50%-70% per click to Publisher, they mean, they pay 50%-70% of Suggested bid to the publisher.

In short, If you are targeting Yu Yureka price in India as a keyword then you can get 7Rs to 10Rs per click. It means 0.1$-0.2$ for this keyword per click.

That is how you get CPC. Now, Our target is to find keyword and niche which pays higher. Let me explain to you How price per click is decided.

For example, You have business in which you can make lots of money with a single client. Let it be loans for bad credits. As you can guess, this keyword is about loans, If any bank or any org who provides loan will get single client then they can make the good amount of money from it.

That’s why they pay more to google per click. Here is the analysis of the keyword loan for bad credits.

OMG, Yes it is 530Rs. You can get 200Rs-400Rs+ for a single click. Now you will get a question in your mind if you are ranking for high CPC keyword.

Your question will be, “I am ranking for this keyword, but I am not getting CPC as you told”. Let me solve this question for you.

In case, If you are getting 100% traffic from 2 traffic source only. One is DIRECT and another one is ORGANIC. You will surely get 50%-70% of Suggested bid.

The Twist is, no one gets 100% traffic from only this 2 traffic sources. You are also getting referral traffic and Traffic from social media too! You might be knowing that Google Adsense show ads to the visitors according to cookies also.

It means that, after surfing about Luxurious watches, If you will open Tricks website then also you will get Advertisements related to Watches.

If your visitors are coming from sites targeting low CPC keywords, You will also get Low CPC if that visitor clicks on your advertisements. I hope your question is now solved. To get balanced and expected CPC, target visitors from search engine and direct source.

Now, Let me tell you How does niche affect your earnings? If your earning source is Google Adsense or other similar networks.

How does niche affect earnings???

First of all, If you are new in blogging You should know the meaning of niche. Those who don’t know the meaning of niche, It is A major category on which you can do blogging. For example Marketing, Health, Entertainment, Finance etc are the niches.

Now Coming to the point. How does niche affect earnings? Let me explain you by comparing 2 niches practically. Let one be Gaming and another be Insurance.

If you have gaming blog then google Adsense will show ads related to games on your blog while In Insurance niche, your site will be monetized by Insurance companies.

For instance, If gaming company is earning 200$ per 1 sale, then Insurance company will make double or lot more than double. Due to this, Gaming company will pay less to google Adwords for Advertisements and you will get less payment.

As Insurance company is making more money for single sale, they will pay higher to google Adwords. As a result, Google Adsense will pay you more.

This was the theoretical Part. Let me Show you practically by the help of Google Adwords Keyword planner. I got this when I searched for Gaming in Keyword planner.

In some Keyword groups like PC games, Computer games and Gaming laptop. CPC is higher, It is because they are highly converting keywords. I will explain you that in same article.

Average CPC is between 200Rs to 250Rs. When I searched Insurance in Keyword planner, I got this.

Woo! Yes, I’ve not uploaded fake screenshot nor I did anything with Keywordplanner. These are real stats! You can get High CPC on Insurance keywords!

As I said, Insurance companies earn much money with 1 client so they pay more to Google Adwords but Gaming companies make less money so they pay less to Google Adwords.

This is how Your niche Affect Your Google Adsense earnings. If you want to get the estimate of CPC of any niche, Just put that niche in keyword planner and see average CPC of every keyword group. Otherwise, Just think what they sell and How much money they make per 1 sale.

Now, let me tell you How keywords affect AdSense earnings? This is somewhat logical to understand the topic so open your mind and Go on! Once you will get the logic, You will get everything related to this.

2. How keywords Affect AdSense earnings?

In One niche also, there will be the difference in CPC of keywords contained by that niche. For example, Here are keyword groups contained in Gaming niche.

As you can see, CPC varies from group to group. Highest CPC is on the keyword group “Gaming laptop“. While lowest CPC is on the keyword group “Games Download“.

First of all, let us analyze the keyword group related to games download. Here are some keywords contained in that keyword group.

As you can see, Keywords contained this Keyword group is related to piracy. It means that either games will be the freebies or they will be Pirated. You can think that if searchers are looking for pirated or freebie games, very less of them will purchase by paying for it.

That is why the CPC of this keywords is less. If you are an advertiser, you will not like to place ads on Piracy blog or blog full of spam.

So, the niche like Gaming and Tricks get Low CPC. One advantage of these niches is you can get higher traffic. As every person want stuff for free.

One another Keyword group in the niche gaming was the gaming laptop. Now It’s time to analyze that keyword group so that we can get exact idea about this question.

So, you can see No piracy here. If 14,800 peoples are searching for best gaming laptops then Majority of them are willing to purchase Gaming laptops if they will get laptops best rate with the best config.

If the keywords are attracting customers like this one, you will get higher CPC. So, to get higher CPC you have to find keywords that can convert to customers. They are not your customers but customers of an Advertisers.

In short, If you think that any keyword can convert visitors into customers then surely you can work on that keyword. You can also get this type of keywords by putting yourself as a buyer. For example, If you are an affiliate of and you can make money by selling Mythemeshop themes, you can rank your site on keywords like Mythemeshop coupon codes.

The Logic behind ranking on this keyword is if any person is looking for coupon codes then he/she is willing to purchase theme if they will get the coupon code.

Not only affiliate but in Adsense also, this thing is important. If the keyword can attract customers or they are searched by the buyers then CPC will be higher. Not only the keyword and Niche affect earnings but also Geographic location does.

3. How Geographic location affect Earnings?

You’ve listened to this may times that India has lots of traffic but very low CPC or conversion. The reason behind this is Indian peoples think before they purchase anything and Currency is low compared to The US. $1 = 60Rs at average.

That’s why, It’s expensive to anyone In India to purchase anything in dollars. Similar to this, Countries having good Currency will give you higher CPC and Conversion.

When I saw the geographic location of searches for the keyword group gaming laptop which we discussed above,

We can say that CPC is higher because Geographic location is Good as well as It converts visitors into customers. The majority of the searches are done from United states, United kingdom, Germany, India, and Canada.

If you are going to target First tier countries then you will get higher CPC and conversation for sure. If you are targeting US, AU and GB then you can get great CPC and conversation. After that, It comes Germany and France. At last, Italy and Spain.

These are the countries that can give you the highest CPC. You can increase your AdSense earnings by targeting this all countries.

Conclusion: As Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize any website, I made this article to help you to maximize your earnings by doing some tweaks and understanding some logics behind Adsense and other networks. You can use this techniques and logics to increase your earnings from Adsense.

If you have any question related to this topic then I am more than happy to help you. Just put your comment down and I will solve your question for sure. Help me to share this knowledge by sharing this article with your friends on social media :).