How to get Your Blog Ready for Guest Blogging Campaign

We all want more traffic and more sales, Don’t we? Yes!

What are the ways to get High-Quality traffic that converts into Customers or Subscribers?

Here are they,

  1. Advertise: Google AdwordsAdshop by Infolinks, Facebook Advertising, etc.
  2. Proper Search Engine Optimization: Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  3. Getting Referral Traffic: Paid Posts(Very easy to get) and Guest blogging(Hard and Effective way).

What I want to prove is, Guest blogging campaign is hard but very useful if you want to get targeted traffic. It’s because you will get traffic from the same kind of blog as you have.

How to get Your Blog Ready for Guest Blogging Campaign

get Your Blog Ready for Guest Blogging Campaign

As a result, you’ll get traffic that will convert at it’s best! Here in this article, I’m going to show you how exactly you can make your blog ready for Upcoming Guest blogging campaign.

On an average from the single guest post, you will get few hundred hits. That’s why the single guest post is not going to make money for you. You have to continue until your goal is reached.

Getting your blog ready means, How your blog will look and what it will contain when you post something on other’s blog because once your article goes live, you will start getting some referral traffic from host blog.

Why? It’s because if you fail to make them your Customer or Subscriber; you will lose most of them forever.

I don’t know what do you think in this case, but I think you should look impressive, and there should be some interesting topics ready for them to read.

And yes, Most of them will bounce, that’s why, if you can, make them your customer on the first visit only.

For example, Show them some companies you recommend as an affiliate; tell them to subscribe your blog for their purpose. Give something away for free and take their E-mail ID in return.

Now let us dive into the main part of the article.

1. Update your Blog with some Interesting Articles

When they visit your site, they’ll not like to see some review articles and some artificially written articles on your blog.

Make something good for them that they’ll like to read. As a result, they might change their mind before leaving your blog. They’ll become your subscriber if you succeed to do so.

As you can see, it does not look so fresh and exciting. Yes, it is informative and very useful for some budding entrepreneurs like me because they can advertise their product on Infolinks at very cheap rate.

On the other site, when I’ll publish this article and one more article related to making your content interesting on social media, my blog will look attractive, and it might drive some E-mails inside my Mail list.

That’s why I’ll recommend you to update your blog with most interesting ideas you have about publishing articles on your blog.

Even, I’m going to start guest blogging campaign for I’ll publish guest posts on some great blogs like and and also maybe.

That’s why I’ve started writing articles for them and also for my blog to make it look more impressive.

2. Try to Convert as many visitors as possible

Yes! Put Subscribe us forms at as many places as possible. Give them as many offers as possible.

I was joking. Don’t irritate them but put Subscribe us forms at as many places as possible. According to me, you should put subscribe us forms at,

  1. Sidebar: It’s because every blog has one subscribe form in the sidebar and it’s the first place where the user will look for it. So, Put one form in the sidebar.
  2. One after the article bodyJust after the article, you can put Subscribe form. If your visitors like the article, they’ll subscribe for sure. That’s why to put one way just after the article with some offer. Neil Patel is really good at this, Here’s the example.
  3. One TakeOver when Users try to leave your site: Some tools or plugins will show subscribe form when the user tries to leave your site.

And many other methods will help you to get more and more subscribers.

You can also do A/B Testing for better results and testing. As you will get traffic continuously from other blogs.

Long story short, The traffic you are going to get isn’t permanent. So, catch them as soon as possible.

3. Improve Site Speed

It’s because Users don’t like to wait for a long time to get the page loaded. Your site should be as fast as possible so that they can open your site and see what’s in there.

I have some interesting statistics to show you related to site speed.

Check out report –!/cGLeqb/

Only 1-second delay can make a big difference. But here we are not talking about millions of dollars. We just have to get as more subscribers as possible.

Still, Loading time plays the crucial role. As no one likes to wait for the page to get loaded because they can find the same information on other pages too!

If you don’t have much time, or you have already started the Guest blogging campaign, Here are some tips for you that work.

  1. Use CDN:  The Content delivery network will increase your site speed and also, it will protect your site from those who wants to know your other domains. By using CDN, you will be free from Reverse IP Lookup. One of the best CDN I use and recommend is Cloudflare.
  2. Remove Unwanted Plugins(Scripts): You can just remove the plugins you don’t want in the case of WordPress blog. In case, you are using some other blog management system like Joomla, Just remove Addon scripts that are not needed.

If you want to learn more about site speed, I have some articles that you should read. Here are they,

So, that’s all you need to care about site’s loading speed. Each second matters, Make your site load as fast as possible.

Conclusion: That’s all I am going to do before actually starting to post as a guest blogger. You’ll see some big changes on kadva- technowlogy in today and tomorrow and I’m going to change it completely.