How to watch the first-ever image of a Black Hole from space

Scientific history is about to created today. The guys at NASA will reveal what is believed to be the first-ever image of an actual black hole in space.

Dubbed “Black Holes: The First Image”, a presentation will be unveiled tonight at around 6.30pm Indian time on YouTube. The video will feature animations and actual data around supermassive black holes that have always remained a mystery.

The astronomical community across the world hopes to see the first image of a black hole, particularly the one placed at the center of galaxy M87. It will be streamed live on theĀ US National Science Foundation’s website.

The community believes that almost every major galaxy in our universe features a massive black hole at its center, and studying them will help improve our learning of space as a whole. However, don’t get your hopes too high around a spectacular image.

As YouTube channel Veritasium explains in this video, the image of a black hole can be underwhelming because light does not pass through a black hole. He says that this experiment will help us predict as to what happens in the gravitational area of a black hole.