Definitive guide for buying expired domains

Related to buying expired domains list: So, Expired domains are trend now a days. We can purchase new domains also then why you want to buy expired domains. It is because there are many benefits of buying expired domains. Expired domains have many things that you want and just because of that it is very beneficial to purchase expired domain. There is financial benefit also and let me show you how.

Definitive guide for buying expired domains

While in this Guide, I will cover as many topics as possible. List of the covered topics is,

  • »   What are expired domains?
  • »   Benefits of expired domains
  • »   How anyone can make money from expired domains
  • »   Things you should know about any expired domains before buying
  • »   How to find list of expired domains

What are expired domains?

So, The expired domains are the domains that gone out of validity before renewing it. For example, was registered back on 25th of February,2017. Generally every domain comes with validity of 1 year and that’s why validity of will expire at 25th of February,2018.

It will get expired and will be again available for anyone who wants to purchase this domains if I will not renew it before 25th of February,2018. So, This domains will be counted as expired and Anyone can purchase this domain if it is not renewed as fast as possible.

What are the Benefits of expired domains?

There are many benefits of have expired domains. I will try to state as many as possible. So, here are they,

1. Desired PR

PR is the biggest reason to buy any expired domain. You might be knowing that in this year as well as in last year, there were no PR updates. Recently there was PR update in April 2017 but it was only for old and gold domains. Now, There will be no PR update and that’s why the domains that has High PR are just like diamonds.

PR is still taken in consideration at a time of rankings as you can see that every time, A domain with better PR will rank above then a site with low PR or no PR. As last PR update was before some years, Many domains that got high PR is now expired and because of that, you can purchase it to rank higher in search engines.

There are very easy techniques to get list of expired domains with PR and that will be discussed in this guide later on. So, As a conclusion, Expired domains with PR are very important now a days. Now let me show you how you can make money from expired domains.

2. High DA

DA was,is and will be a major ranking factor. High DA means high rankings and high authority. Bloggers always struggle and try different things to get DA higher and higher so that they can rank higher on desired keyword and also to get Sponsored posts to make quick money.

Many expired domains has very much high DA. Here, very much means above 50 or 60. So, it will be a good deal if you can get very high DA expired domain name. By having this type of domain, you can also make money as stated below.

3. Backlinks

Many expired domains has already built thousands of backlinks and you can get benefit from them if expired domain has good number of high quality backlinks for you.

Only high number of high quality backlinks can’t do anything. It can help you if you want to make blog on same niche or almost same niche. It is because if backlinks will be for different niche and if you will create blog of different niche then google will not like it.

You might be thinking that how can you check quality and anchor text of backlinks by which you can get info about niche. In same guide, I will also explain all this but later…

How anyone can make money from expired domains

You might be started thinking that how you can make money from expired domains! I will answer that yes, you can!

1. Sponsored posts

So, Do you know about sponsored posts? or say Paid post? If you know then it is ok and if you don’t know then,

Sponsored posts are the post in which you have to review any product or promote any product on your blog by posting article on your blog. You will be paid to publish this type of articles on your blog.

So, if you have high PR domain then chances are more to get good number of sponsored posts! and the price of sponsored post depends on PR and DA of your blog which in combination says Authority of your blog. If you have high PR and high DA then you can get hundreds of dollars and maybe thousands of dollars for single Sponsored post!

2. Sitewide links

Only getting sponsored post is not only the way to make money from expired domain. You can also give sitewide links to your client who needs it for money. If you don’t know that is sitewide links then,

Sitewide links are the backlinks that are given to site2 from every page of site1.

Sitewide links are bad for both site1 and site2 as it is marked Pure spam by google. Still, Till google detects any sitewide links, you can use it to rank any event blog or any news article by which you can rank higher in search engines. Still you can make money by giving sitewide links to anyone who wants it.

4. What you should know about expired domain before buying?

You will buy any expired domain without knowing anything about it? Definitely not because we need some reason to purchase that domain. That thing should not be there in brand new domain. So, There are some metrics you should know about that domain in order to decide that we can purchase or not! So, here are they,

1. PR (Page rank)

Page rank is the most important factor for which you should care about before buying expired domain. If you are buying 0 PR domain which is expired then i think its better to buy brand new domain because PR of brand new domain will be also 0 and main thing is brand new domain will be unused.

So, PR matters a lot, Now let’s move to 2nd thing for which you should care about,

2. DA(Domain authority)

Domain authority is also a metric for which you should care about before buying expired domain name. If DA of expired domain is high then and only then take it. High doesn’t means 20-30 because it can be get by doing hard work on brand new domain also.

If you got domain name which is expired then you can directly check its DA and PA using Open site explorer by Moz. So, the domain you selected must have good DA and PA. If it has good DA then you can go further to 3rd most important thing.

3. Quality of backlinks

Backlinks are the major factor by which we can get high DA and high PR. So, backlinks maters a lot and it may happen that the domain you selected has spam links which will not be good for your site and also google can penalize it. In expired domains, you also have to see quality of backlinks. So, how can you check quality of backlinks? So, here are the signs of High quality links,

1. Relevancy of backlinks

You got domain, Now you have to check that backlinks are relevant to your niche or not. By checking anchor text of backlinks that domain got in past, we can decide that domain was used to create a site of which niche. For example, Anchor text of backlinks is Best SEO tools for bloggers then we can decide that the blog or site was related to blogging and SEO.

So, If you want to know anchor text then you can check it from the tool named ahrefs. By using ahrefs, you can get information about backlink profile of any domain. It will also show anchor text of backlinks just like it shown for HR blog,

Similar to this, you will get anchor cloud for any domain you enter in ahrefs but note that you can only check stats about 1 domain only. If you want to check stats of more then 1 domain then you have to register for ahrefs using email, Google or facebook. After registering, you can check stats of 5 domains. If you want to check stats for more then 5 domains then you have to purchase ahrefs pack.

So, If anchor text is also releavnnt to your niche then you can go ahead to 2nd point.

2. High PR

The page from which you got backlink is having high PR? If it has PR of 3,4 or more then that then backlink from that page is very good for you and they can help you in future also.

So, if PR of the page from which you got backlinks is high then you can go ahead to 3rd point.

3. Links / page

So, the domain you selected has backlinks from the pages that has hundreds of external backlinks then think that PR and DA doesn’t matters at all because that type of backlinks can do nothing.

If your domain has backlinks from the page from which very few external backlinks are given and one is to yours then that type of links can be very much useful if it has High PR and DA and also PA.

As now you know that what you have to check before buying expired domain, Benefits of expired domains and much more about expired domains, Now its time for you to find list expired domains from which you can select one for you.

How to find list of expired domains?

So, now you know everything that you should know related to expired domain so now you can decide by yourself that the domain you selected is worth to be purchased or not. One thing you don’t know is how you can find expired domains. Now let me show you how you can do that also.

There are some tools by which you can get list of expired domains and one of them is When you will enter that site, you will be asked that which type of domains you want (.com,.net,.in and many more). Select the one who want and in that category, they will show you expired domains just like this,


So, i selected .com domains and i got this list. You can see that it is showing many metrics of domains and our main thing is PR in this case. So, in this image, you can see Domains with PR 1 and PR0. Now if i want high PR domain first then from heading, i will click on PR and after that i will get high PR domains first, Just like this,


So, now you can see high PR domains only. But most of them are again registered that can be known by seeing its status on Status column. In the same list, i only saw 1 PR5 domain available from the first page of expired .com domains. There are many many pages so there are also hundreds and maybe thousands of expired domains that can be purchased. There are 72494 expired domains in .com category only with PR. In total, there are 19 lac expired domains in only .com category.

This is not only the tool by which you can get list of expired domains but there are many others like,

So, By using this tools, you can get list of expired domains from which you can select one for you to get benefits from them as stated above.

Conclusion: So, I think this is the biggest guide related to expired domains and in which i explained all the factors  of expired domains. In this guide, I covered as many points as it was possible, It is always good to have any high PR expired domains because it can use that domain to get backlinks to your main blog or on any event you can use to get site-wide links.

So, By this guide you came to know everything related to expired domains. If you have any questions then comment down and also share this guide on social medias so that your blogger friends can also get benefit from this…