You can use this 5 methods to get backlinks indexed

We all run behind creating backlinks for our sites but do you know that creating backlinks is not important but creating backlinks and then backlinks indexed. It is important. If you have PR10 backlink form the domain whose DA is above 70 then that backlink can do Magic in rankings of your SERPs but if it is nofollow or it is dofollow but not indexed then that backlink is similar to PR0 backlink.

There are many techniques to get your backlinks indexed. I am going to Show you 4 methods in detail by which you can index backlinks to get good results. But, First of all you also need to know that your backlink will be indexed or not. Yes, You might be knowing about robots.txt. If not then let me tell you that robots.txt will tell any bot about the pages on which any bot can visit and will also disallow bots to visit some pages.

Methods to get backlinks indexed

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For example, If you are using self hosted wordpress for your blog then you will see default robots.txt file as,

This robots.txt will allow every bots or say crawlers to crawl every page of the site but it will disallow  because that is the page which is useless to index. Similarly, If you have backlink from any site whose URL is  and you have backlink from that page. For instance, Robots.txt of that site includes  disallow: /users/   then your backlink can’t be indexed.

So, If anyone tells you that you will get backlink from any high authority site then first check its robots.txt because now you can know that backlinks will be indexed or not. Okey okey, If robots.txt is also allowing bots to crawl page from which you got backlinks then your backlinks will be indexed and you will get benefit from it. So, If it can be crawled but it is not getting indexed, then you can use this techniques to get your backlinks indexed.

1. Google Webmasters technique

This technique is very smart technique to get your backlinks indexed. I will whole method with real time example so that you can understand it properly. First of all, I made one response backlink. If you don’t know what is response backlink then first read this article in which i explained that how to make backlinks for event blog.

For instance, I made backlink from the page,  then next step will be to give direct backlink to that page from any one page from my blog. For example, I am giving link to that page from the page .

Next step is to make google crawl our page to index it. Now, We have to use fetch as google from webmaster tools. In fetch as google, We have to enter URL of the page from which we gave backlink to that page. As for now, page we have to make google crawl is  .

Now, Here is the Twist. You may know that google gives us two options whenever we submit to index any page of our site using fetch as google as image given below,

Whenever google ask us to select one of this option. We have to select 2nd option. After selecting second option, Just click on Go and your page as well as backlink will be indexed. Logic behind getting your backlink indexed is in second option, google will crawl our page as well as direct links given from that page. As we gave one direct link to the page from which we got backlinks. It will get crawled and indexed.

Google doesn’t guarantee that every page submitted using fetch as google will be indexed. Moreover, You are allowed to do this only 10 times a month. So, gather links of the pages from which you got backlinks, Put all of them in one page on your blog and just use fetch as google and get your backlinks indexed. I will create and put short video on this technique so stay tuned.

2. Directly submit link to google

Do you know that other then fetch as google, there is one another tool by which you can submit URL to google. Whenever you create any backlink, Just submit that page to google from which you got backlink and your backlink will be indexed as fast as possible.

Google doesn’t take guarantee that it will be indexed or not but in most cases, Pages will be indexed in few minutes only. Let me show you how you can submit this.


Whenever you will open this tool, you will see one field with label URL: in which you have to enter URL of the page from which you got backlink and in next step you have to solve that Captcha and then just click on Submit Request and then your backlink will be indexed as soon as possible. Generally this process takes few minutes but sometime they may not index any page at all.

3. Pinging Services

You might be knowing about pinging  service by which you can index any page by using some service that ping pages and page will be crawled by google and other search engines and page will be indexed.

What this pinging services do is they will tell search engines that your blog is just updated and will tell search engine to crawl and index your page. So, If you got backlink from any page it means that page is updated and you can use this pinging sites to ping that page and then google and other search engines will index it.

There are some free pinging services like pingomatic and others. Just you have to do is to submit URL of that page from which you got backlink and then you have to allow pinging services to ping that page and your backlink will be indexed.

4. Using twitter

Twitter is one of the best way to genuinely index your backlinks. If you got backlink from one page which is not spammed or say you are making backlinks for long term blog then you can use this. If you made backlink for long term blog or say you have less number of backlinks that is to be indexed then you can use twitter.

Whenever you tweet any URL then it will be indexed. This says that google has more trust on twitter and you can also use twitter to index your articles fast in google. Whenever you will tweet any URL then google will crawl it and then it will index that URL.

If you have thousands of backlinks that is to be indexed in google just like you need to index many backlinks for event blog. Then this idea is not good to index many backlinks because you will not like to waste time in tweeting thousands of backlinks and one more disadvantage is it will ruin your twitter account.

5. Paid tools

There are many paid tools by which you can index your articles very easily. Just you have to do is to send URLs of the pages from which you got backlinks and you are done! Your Backlinks will be indexed very fast! Here are some paid tools to index your backlinks faster.


So, you can use this tools to index your baclinks faster without doing any hard work but for that you have to pay some fees to get your backlinks index.

Conclusion : This are the best techniques to index your backlinks. You can use this techniques for long term blog as well as short term blogs or event blogs. I would like to personally recommend you all this 5 methods for this work and effective technique is 5th one. If you don’t want to buy whole account then you can pay some money to one who has account to index your backlinks. If you have any questions related to this topic then you can comment down because I love comments and social shares.