How can you Optimize your article for readers and search engines

Do you optimize your article for readers and search engines? Nowadays, Almost 80% bloggers try to optimize their content for the search engine but they never try to optimize their content for their readers. The problem occurs here. You have to optimize content for your readers too. If your readers will like your content, search engines will also like it. Remember this,…

Search engines are Virtual Humans, If you will optimize your article for real humans, Virtual humans will like your content.

Optimize your article for readers and search engines

I am not telling all this without experience. This blog is ranking on many medium competition keywords just because the content is User-friendly as well as SEO friendly.

By this way, I engage my readers on this blog. Let me tell you one fact first, The most engaged articles of this blog ranked higher than less engaged articles. In this article, I will show you that how you can optimize your content for search engines as well as for your readers like I do.

1. Easy Language

If you will try to Use Very complex and hard to understand words in your content just to make it look very professional, Your reader is no going to like it. Yes, If your readers are Graduates, then they might like it but this is  the web. Anyone can read your content. I believe in this,

If 6th grader can’t understand your content, you are going wrong.

So, If you are performing well by using hard language, You can perform better by using easy language. Let me tell you about one word counter tool in which you can count the number of words as well as you can know about the difficulty of your content. When I publish my content in that tool, I usually get an 11-12th student. Which means that if the reader is an 11-12th student then he/she can easily understand my content.

My article on making backlinks for event blog is ranking on #1 position without any backlinks just because it is very easy to understand and It is informative.

It is ranking on right keyword because Google knows that in this piece of content, there are the techniques to make backlinks for event blog. I didn’t use this keyword in my article anywhere then also it is ranking because it is easy to understand and Users are engaged with that content.

Nowadays, Google crawlers can understand the meaning of any sentence and the content. So, in some cases, Including keywords in your copy is not at all necessary. So, Making your content easy to understand is good for your readers as well as search engines.

If you will use 1-word many times in your copy, then there is no problem with search engines but your users might hate that content. To solve this issue, You have to use synonyms of that word instead of using the same word many times. Google and identify synonyms of any word but how to find them? I use one tool named from which you can get synonyms of any word.

2. Speed of your blog

Do you know that the speed of your blog matters a lot for readers as well as for search engines? If you have 2 blogs with same content and quality, One which is faster will rank higher then another one. It is because search engines like fast blogs.

The reason behind changing the theme of this blog was same. The Old theme was taking more time to load and after changing the theme of the blog, I got improvement in rankings.

I have 2 articles on this blog in which I have mentioned the techniques to improve the speed of your blog to make it user-friendly and SEO friendly. Here are they,

It’s ok that google like the fast site so we have to improve the loading time of our site to make it SEO friendly, but User also likes fast loading sites.

If your website is slow and your reader is using 2G connection then obviously your visitor is not going to like that because he/she wants to read your content but your site is not loading at all! You don’t know, but many of your readers visit your blog from 2G connection. So, make your site as faster as possible to make it User-friendly.

3. Headline of your article

A Headline of your article matters a lot! There are many types of headlines and each of them has its own importance. if you are using a number in your headline then you will get more facebook and twitter shares then other types of headlines.


You can see that Headline clarity of Number is Most. This might be somewhat hard to understand, Let me give you examples.

1. Number – 10 ways to optimize your website speed

2. Reader Addressing – How you can improve your traffic from search engine

3. How to – How to install WordPress manually

4. Question – What you can do to increase social traffic?

5. Normal –  Ways to make your content more interesting

If you will use Numbers in your headlines then it will get more social media shares. Mainly facebook and twitter. Mostly I use Reader addressing and Numbers and I get best results.

You have to make your headline more catchy. For instance, How I made 5,000+ backlinks in 30 days for event blog is more catchy and attractive then how to make backlinks for event blog. Content is same in both the articles but the first heading will get most clicks because it ha the numbers in it as well as experience.

If you want learn more about making your title catchy then I have one article on this topic. This is to make your content User-friendly but to make it SEO friendly, You have to enter the keyword in it. Let us make one attractive and SEO friendly Headline now!

For example, I want to make an article on SEO myths and I know 8 Myths, Than the best headline, should be 8 SEO myths you should never follow. By this way, you can make your Headlines attractive for Humans and also for Search engines.

4. Rich Snippet

Whenever you search on google, You click on the result whose meta description is more attractive right? Yes, Obviously. One more thing you have to do to make your site user-friendly as well as search engine friendly is to write rich snippets or rich meta description.

You have to enter your keyword in meta description as well as you have to make it attractive so that users can click on it. You have to maintain your meta description between 140-150 characters otherwise overloaded characters will be hidden.

More attractive your snippet will be, More visitors you will get from it. Use Numbers in the snippet, Use attractive words and also use your main keyword in it to make it rich.

Conclusion : So, here are the tips and techniques to make your content and website more SEO friendly as well as User friendly. You will surely get lots of increase in traffic by using these Optimize your article for readers and search engines techniques. If you have any questions on this topic then comment below, I will solve your questions and share this article to help me to spread the knowledge.