Getting some sales and Ranking on top 20 positions

It’s a long time since the last update. I am working on one niche site to make some money and turning it to the auto pilot so that I can get money out of it without working on it.

So, how I will turn it to auto pilot? I am working on the site whose income depends on the ranking of the site in google for the Specific keyword. So, Once I will rank it on the top of the google and will work on it for some more time to maintain the rank then it will never come down because there is medium competition too!

Good to say, The site is ranking on the top 20 positions in google and I have got 2 sales too! One of it is canceled due to some problems but another one is yet to be paid. The Site has made $100.

I am happy because One average, I have worked for 10-15 minutes a day on this site since it is launched. Now, It’s time to work as much as possible for the site. Here are some shots of traffic of the site…

I was supposed to get 30-50 visitors a month but It is 51 in last 15 days because I’ve added the site to google Analytics just 15 days back.

Here is the information about rankings!

The Main keyword is at 19th Position and sub keyword is on 9th position. Sub keyword does not have a good number of searches at all but I’ve just added it as it was the Exact match.

Now, The important thing, Backlinks. Here is the Ahrefs report of My niche site.

I have PR2, PR3 and PR4 links from content. How did I get it? I just asked the blog owners if I can guest post on their blog for 1  follow the link. Those who allowed me, I posted on their blog and got the backlink!

Other than that, I also made some profile links and also did comments on the blog to diverse the Anchor text. I have also applied SSL certificate to the site.

There is not much improvement in rankings after applying SSL certificate but It’s better than what it was. Other than that, I’ve also applied NoIndex tags on some pages that can create Duplicate content problems.

So, this is what I got till now From this niche site. I am also planning to start one more series on niche site but it will be open completely. I will also reveal domain name of that niche site.

I am currently doing keyword research for that and Soon I will post the article on how I did and what’s the keyword and more information about keyword too!

Now, Here is one interesting more interesting thing! I don;t have good social signals on my niche blog… I am thinking to make it socially active and to increase the number of shares in facebook and twitter. I will do that ASAP… Will try with fake Shares too! Let us see what happens! I will post update on that topic!

If you have any questions or doubts regarding this then you can ask it in the comment section! I will surely help you!