Importance of English as an International language

English is considered an important medium for communication across the world. It has evolved from centuries and has found a place in every country. All the countries are working with each other via business relations, and here the most important thing is communication. This is why one should learn English to explore global opportunities.

Given below are the reasons why English is important as a global language.

  • Dominant in the USA-the USA is a powerful nation which is the global leader in the fields of business, sports, science, technology, and entertainment. Here, English is the dominant language, and this is the main reasons for English as a global language.
  • Considered at UN and EU-The preferred language is English at international organisations like United Nations and across the European countries. English may not be the official language in European countries, but it is widely accepted as a language.
  • Default language-English is considered the default language globally in academics, science, and technology, business, films and music, news distribution, literature, and others.
  • English in the global market-The acceptance of international brands, every discovery, and the invention is necessary for countries such as Canada, USA, Australia and UK. These countries are English dominant, and all the marketing is done through English communication. This leads to using of English communication mandatory for growing business.
  • The Internet is English-based-The contents on the web are almost English. The internet has content that is preferably in English and to utilise its power English is important. Hence, to use the internet, one must know English at the basic level.

The importance to learn English in the current world is very necessary for both career and education. English is the best way to bridge a gap between people from diverse backgrounds.