Ranking your site on the Great keywords that are unknowingly targeted by you!

Are you ranking for the keywords you targeted? If yes, You might be writing lots of other articles to rank on more and more keywords to get more traffic and finally, more money.

But you ever thought that you are also ranking for some keywords you never targeted as well as they are related to your niche or topic or anything? You will not be ranking on the first page for every such keyword but you will be on the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or similar pages.

If you will take them to the first page, you will get hell lot of targeted traffic and you don’t have to write any extra articles targeting that keywords. The page which is ranking on that keyword on 2nd, 3rd or more pages will rank on the first page and will bring you traffic.

Here, I am going to explain you following topics in detail…

  • How to find keywords that are not targeted yet you are ranking.
  • How to rank your site for the keywords.

Once you rank on the top for any keyword, you have to work to maintain the position otherwise others will beat you for sure. So, Let us start with the first topic.

How to find keywords that are not targeted yet you are ranking

It’s the fun part. You will be amazed to see the keywords which are not targeted by you. Still you are ranking for that keyword in top 100 as top 10 is not necessary in every case.

Here, 2 tools will help you. I am going to show you how exactly you can use that tools to get the list of such keywords.

1. Google’s Search console

Google search console is the really great tool you can use for this purpose. Whenever you log in to google Search console, you will get the list of your sites. Select any one site and you will get information about that site just like below given image.

As you can see they are normal stats of the site… Now, Click on the Search Analytics in the middle and you will be given more information about the total number of clicks and impression of your site in google. Just like below given image.

After Checking both of them, you will get information about impressions and Positions of the keywords for which your site was detected in the search results. Just like this image…

As you can see that it is showing that how many impressions are there of your site for the specific keyword and what is the average position of your site. Now, Click on the Position to sort your keywords by the current position. If you have lots of keywords, start from the highest ranking.

Now, your queries will be sorted according to the current position. After that, find the keywords having position between 30-50 or any keyword you want to rank.

In my case, I found these keywords ranking between 20-30 position which is the 3rd page. I can take them to the first page to get more traffic.

You can also write them down in the notepad file and upload it on the keyword planner to see more information about that keyword. If the keyword has 0 search volume, don’t waste time to rank for that keyword.

By using this technique, you will get some really great keywords you never thought about. Now let me show you another technique to get these type of keywords.

2. Ahrefs

Position explorer of Ahrefs is one of the best tools to check the current position of the site for any keyword having specific search volume but in the free account, You can only see 5 keywords at most for which your site is ranking.

If you have paid account of Ahrefs, you don’t have to use the search console because Ahrefs is accurate and easy. You just have to enter the domain in the Position explorerand hit enter. Results will be in front of you…

Ahrefs is expensive… If you are new to blogging and can’t or don’t want to invest in Ahrefs, you can use the above given #1 technique because it is completely free and gives 100% data.

How to rank for that keywords?

I am not going to waste your time in this section because there is easy and every blogger use this technique and I always recommend this technique in my articles.

One more time, It’s Interlinking. Interlinking is very effective technique to get ranked on that keywords. Give links from other articles with the exact keyword as anchor text and with time, you will get ranked on that keywords.

You will not find 1 keyword for 1 article, your single article will be ranking on the 3-4-5 pages for many keywords. My other site ranks for 369 keywords on top 100 positions but has only 35-36 articles.

So, Interlinking will help you a lot in ranking for that keywords in top 10 positions. I have ranked many articles of just by interlinking.

There is one more tool available for create valuable back-link profile by using link lifting website. That will help to boost your website traffic.

Conclusion: In this whole method, the key part is to find keywords. You can use both the techniques or if you have any other tool that helps us to find the keywords for which our site is ranking, You can comment down to help other readers. This technique works like a charm and I am using it since the long time. If you have any questions related to this article or method, you can comment it down and I am here to solve your questions!