How to generate content that your readers will Love!

Great blog content love everyone and generate content fresh and new every time is difficult, but here are some popular ideas that will help you to generate reader focused and fresh content every time. I know the image is irrelevant but It’s Parampara(tradition) of kadvacorp... Leave that. There are many types of articles that you can write to share Knowledge with your readers. Today, I am going to share something really good with you all guyz.

How to Generate Content Ideas?

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Here is the list of articles that you can write.

  1. Gadgets
  2. Reports (Maybe traffic, Income)
  3. Lists
  4. Reviews
  5. How to
  6. Experience driven
  7. Tips
  8. Make Money (Business)

Actually, I am the one who writes 8th type of articles on my blogs mostly, I also write other type of articles. I don’t think there is something like that but I’ve added according to me.

I will explain you all of them in detail. All of them are interesting for different kinds of blogs. For example, If blog is related to blogging or marketing, 3rd and 2nd types of articles will give you most traffic because when it comes to blogging, readers will be interested to read articles like “6 tools that helped me to become productive” or “Income/traffic report of May 2015”.

In the case of blogs related to chemistry or math or similar subjects. Readers will be more interested in reading 1st, 5th types of articles. If you have blog with good traffic than you can write Reviews to make money too! (Sponsored posts).

It is not so attractive but it converts more than any other type of articles.

Here you can see in short that which type of content is most interesting for readers according to the number of shares.

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Here you can see that Infographics has lots of social shares. Infographics will also help you to get lots of backlinks from lots of domains to increase authority of your site. But the cost of the Infographics range from $$$ to $$$$. So, if you are rich enough to invest in infographics, it can do wonders.

Now, coming to the point, There will be no value of any of these content if you will not write it properly. I mean, Your Readers should love it so that they can share it on social media so that you can get traffic on your site!

Here, Some readers will love my writing style while some will not! I am trying to improve myself and Here are the things that helped me to improve the quality of my articles and traffic too!

1. Write short and Sweet sentences

Just think about the computer having Less RAM. It will work slowly, right? In this case, Computer with less RAM is your readers. If you will write long sentences, they will not like it. It is because they have to remember everything that is written in the sentence till end.

If they will not like your content, they will just close the tab and will start working… So, it is always good to write short sentences, Even I write long sentences sometimes and Trying to make it short.

If you will write short sentences in your blog posts, your readers will not have to remember much. That’s why, Most probably, they will like your content.

2. Use Active voice

Try to be as much straight forward as you can. Don’t turn your sentences as you want and finally come to the next point from which you started. Just like I did it now. ?

You can also use voice recognition software to decrease passive voice and yes, also to write articles naturally. Here are some good Voice Recognition programs that you can use.

  • – It is really good because I just tried it and found out that you don’t have to practice much with it. It will recognize your speech just like your grandparents do. You just have to be more clear and Loud (If your mic is not so good).
  • – Hey, Actually, you will be shocked to know that it’s made by Amit Agrawal and it is really good. I can rate it 10/10 because it was writing exactly what I was saying! I am going to use it to write some articles on other sites owned by me!

I think these 2 tools are enough as they are great when it comes to speech recognition and also, they are online. You don’t have to download it to work on it! Just open up the URL and start dictating.

3. Write short Paragraphs

It is good for your readers to understand short and crispy paragraphs because if you will start writing paragraphs having 7-10+ sentences in it, your readers will feel like they are reading their school/college books and you know how much they hate them.

For you and your readers, you can write as much short paragraph as possible. Even it is possible to write paragraphs having 2-3 sentences in it.

Just like the first tip, if you write long sentences as well as you write 7-10+ words in your paragraphs than sorry but your content sucks! according to me. I don’t know about your readers. ?

Conclusion: Your generate content for articles must be good to your readers because they are the one from who you earn money. I am trying to improve my content just because I think it is not so good. As well as recently, I stopped getting the ideas to write articles. I don’t know why.

If you’ve got any questions related to this topic or you want to share something with readers, you can do it by commenting it down. It will be appreciated! share this with your friends to help me spread the word!