8 Precious Ways To Find The Correct Domain Name For Your Blog

Blogging is not a short-term game. It is a journey of years to come. It is very important to find the correct domain name so that you can kickstart your blog with the right approach.

I know choosing the right domain name for your blog can be a hectic task. Initially, you get so many names in your mind that ultimately give you no solution. This can puzzle your mind & get you in the wrong name.

It is the fact of today that if you think of any good domain name for your blog, and if you start searching for it in any domain name generator tool (I will also tell you here about the best tool from which you can find your domain name quickly) you will come to know that 99% of the name has already been taken by others.

This can also be very frustrating.

The small mistake of having an inappropriate domain name can land you in a lot of trouble in the future. You need to be very attentive in choosing a domain name for your website because this is something that is generally irreplaceable.

Brandable Domain Name Or Keyword-Based Domain Name- Which Is Great?

Brandable Domain Name

As a Beginner, We must have encountered this question in our minds as to which type of domain name we should go for.

Let’s find the Answer

In the case of a Brandable Domain name, you have the option to create brand value for yourself.

It gets easy for your domain name to be remembered among your audience and thus will help you in building a reputation for your blog. This can also help you in building quality traffic to your website

If you are going for a brandable name it is more likely that your brand name may still be available for your use. you have the freedom to launch anything under that brand name.

At the same time, I must admit that a brand name takes time to become popular among your audience as compared to a keyword-based domain name.

Keyword-Based Domain Name

This type of domain is generally found in micro-niche blogging. A keyword domain name is a generic name that you use in your daily life.

For example, the word marketing is a generic term but if somebody is creating a website around marketing this can become the keyword in the domain name along with some additional words.

In the case of a keyword-based domain, the reader can quickly make out what the website is all about by just seeing the domain name but this is not applicable in the case of a brand name.

Keyword-specific domain names will help you to rank on google search pages quickly as compared to a brand name.

Now, Let’s consider the Third case

Many bloggers have started using the keyword & their personal name both in the domain. This is also a very unique way to convey your audience about your brand.

For example, Digital Deepak, You all know that He is a famous Digital Marketer he used his Brand Name as Deepak & Keyword as Digital. This way he has built his identity under his niche.

I would recommend that if you have a long-term vision for your blog then, you should always go for Brand Name.
At the same time, if you are setting up a micro-niche blog or if you don’t want to build a brand for yourself, then you can go for a Keyword Based Domain name.

Most Important Tips That You Should Follow To Find The Appropriate Domain Name For Your Blog

1. Extention Of .Com Is Must

You should always go for a .com extension because it is the most reputed & popular extension in the world. It also helps you in growing your organic traffic. There are other popular extensions such as .org, .in, .net which also some websites use but having the .com extension is above all of these.

The one most basic advantage is that it is recognized all over the world as compared to .in extension which can only capture the Indian audience.

Now, let us take the case of policybazaar the largest online insurance company in India. They have registered their company as This extension has been added to a company name by default. This makes the extension even more superior to others.

Needless to mention here that now the keyboard itself has an inbuilt button for this extension.

2. Keep It Short, Simple & Readable

While finding the domain name for your blog make sure that it should be short & readable. Try to limit your domain name in between 12 to15 characters maximum.

Always remember that the name of your website is for your readers & not for you. You should always keep in mind the convenience of readers while selecting the name for your blog.

If the name of your website is complicated & long then it will get difficult for your readers to memorize your domain name and thus it will harm your organic ranking this is why a short name is always convenient as compared to long names.

If you take the example of my domain name i.e. Kadva Corp it has only 9 characters which are fairly easy to read & remember.

3. Don’t Use Hyphens

It is also a big mistake that many newbie bloggers make just to make the domain name innovative.

You should never use a hyphen in your domain name. It will not only give a bad impression among your readers but at the same time, they will face difficulty in finding your domain name.

Let’s Imagine any big brand such as youtube like this You-tube Is it looking Good?

Of course Not

if it would be like this then definitely they wouldn’t be able to generate that much popularity which they have acquired now

4. Use Of Number Is Also Not Advisable

Some websites use digit in their domain name just to make their name unique. According to me, you should never use the number in your domain name as it can distract your readers.

This can also lead to typing error as many of your readers must not be aware of you using digit in your domain name.
Try to find & put only simple letters in your domain name.

5. Avoid Using Any Brand Name On Your Site

Many newbie bloggers do this mistake of including the famous brand name as a part of their domain name. According to law, you cannot use anybody’s brand name in your domain.

You will get panelized by that person directly whose brand name you have chosen to use it. This usually happens when you create a micro-niche blog.

For example, if you try to use the name of Amazon in your domain name then you need to face legal consequences of it. Amazon has registered its name in the copyright act. They will immediately send you the legal notice.

6. Call Test

This is the most unique way to test the simplicity of your domain name.

Let’s say, I tell you to “visit” over a phone call & if you can visit this website without asking me how to spell it then it is considered that this domain name has passed the call test. I have done this practically & passed this test.

You should also try this test after you decide your domain name. This is only possible when you take up a common generic word like Kadva Corp.

The words of the domain name should be so easy that even the 6th class student should not find it difficult to write it correctly.

7. Don’t Repeat Letters

This is something related to typing errors. While finding the domain you must ensure that you should not repeat the same letter consecutively. it will create a problem for your user to type your domain.

For instance, let’s take the word “skillset” if you include this word in your domain name then you probably going to lose a lot of traffic to your website. This is because of the letter “s” which is repeated two times consecutively.

If your readers will type your domain name & forgot about typing “the seconds” which is there in your domain you can lose a lot of organic traffic.

This problem usually arises when you have this type of domain name. Always choose a name that has independent words like Kadva Corp.

8. Check Domain Name Availability On Social Media

I am pretty sure that many of you are not following this step before buying a domain. As you know that nowadays Social Media is the quickest way to get initial traffic to your blog.

You should always check the availability of your domain name on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Gone are the days when you can just have a blog on google & increase the traffic from thereon now you need to have various social media accounts to help you generate your brand name.

Try to check this out before purchasing the domain.

Some Important FAQs

What is the Best Domain Name Search Tool?

Well, there are various free domain name generator tools but I prefer only two tools to find the domain name for any blog.
1. Leandomainsearch
2. Namemesh
I like leandomainsearch more than the second one because it is a very user-friendly tool. You only need to enter your keyword & then it will suggest the prefix or suffix word which can complement your keyword.
It will suggest you the best list of domain names related to your keyword. I found this the most practical & easiest method.
I always find my domain names from this tool.
If you want to try any other tool then, you should go to Namemesh which is also a good tool to find the domain name for your blog. It also has a lot of suggestions based on your keyword.

Which is the Cheapest Website to buy a Domain name? (Without Hosting)

Generally, if you are starting the blog for the first time you need to purchase hosting in which you get a free domain name. If you want to purchase only the domain name then you should check out
I found it very useful in case you want to purchase only the domain name for your blog. You will get your domain at the best rate here (approx 6 to 7 dollars for 1 year) as compared to others.

Can I change the domain Name Later?

You know, only a few websites have able to successfully change the domain name of their site after taking all the precautions & spending a lot of money.
I would not recommend you to change the domain name for your blog as it would adversely affect your ranking in Google organic search. If you would follow the above-mentioned steps carefully then I assure you that you will not regret it after purchase.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right domain name is a strong foundation for your blog. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to purchase your great domain name. I follow all these steps whenever I purchase any domain name.
I hope this guide will help in finding the right domain name for your website.

Let me know if you have any doubts or questions regarding the domain name in the comments below.

I would be happy to answer your questions.

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