8 Social Media Content Ideas You Need To Try On Your Site

Social media is a powerful tool that can you help you attract thousands of targeted visitors to your website if done right. With hundreds of different things you can post on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, what should you be posting and what should you be avoiding?.

8 Social Media Content Ideas You Need To Try On Your Site

Maybe you currently post a range of different content but aren’t getting the results you’d like. Or maybe you’re new to the whole social media content and don’t have a clue what to post. Whatever stage you’re at, we’ve got some exciting new social media content ideas for you to try out on your profiles.

So stop retweeting your old posts and stop uploading that same picture as last month, we’re here to inspire you with 10 new content ideas.

Guest Posts

Now you’ve probably already of guest posts before and either think they’re a terrible idea or god’s gift. Whatever you think, you should be actively using them to help promote your website and to give your audiences new and exciting content. The concept is simple, you write some content and submit it to similar sites in your industry to increase your exposure and web traffic. At the same time you can also do it on your website by inviting similar people from your industry to write new and exciting content your readers will love. Maybe you’re in the SEO industry but don’t necessarily know a lot about PPC. That’s fine, invite someone who does to write a guest post and share the knowledge with your social media followers.

Live streaming

Live streaming is a relatively new thing social media and not everyone has started to get full advantage of it. Currently available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, live streaming is an excellent way to share original content with your followers. The ideas behind the live streaming events can vary greatly from live Q and A’s to interviews or even a webinar. As long as they provide some kind of value for viewers, then almost any ideas will work. Just make sure it’s not a one off event, live streaming should be a continual thing that allows you to interact and communicate with your followers.


Infographics are a great way to turn complex data and statistics into interesting and thought provoking visual stories. These infographics might take a while to research and create, but they are very popular on social media and good infographics can get thousands of shares. Just make sure it’s something that hasn’t been done before and is related to your business or industry.

PRO TIP: Infographics are usually very large in size and dimensions, to make sure followers get the best experience make sure you link to a blog post with it embedded. If you post it directly to social media then it will often be compressed and shrunk making it very hard to read or understand.


Everybody loves an eBook, especially if it’s free! An eBook is a great way to help increase your website’s exposure by using them as promotional marketing material. You can also use them to capture people’s email addresses which you can then build into a mailing list.

The eBook should be somehow related to your industry and offer readers value such as solutions to problems. You can then share your eBook on social media and use it as a regular post. In fact, once you get good at making them you can produce a new one on a new topic every month or so. Not only will readers share the eBook with their friends (which will have your branding and website on it) but it will also help promote your business and services.

Video Media

Sometimes posts with pictures and text can be very boring for readers. Especially when they are following hundreds of other pages that do the same thing. To stand out, introducing videos to your social media streams can be a breath of fresh air for followers. Not only are videos more interesting, but they perform a lot better on social media. Due to viewers, short attention spans nowadays, users are much more likely to watch a 30-second video than read 100 words of text.

By introducing videos to your social media profiles, you can basically amplify your messages and make sure people pay attention.

Shareable Quotes

Shareable quotes are a type of social media content that can work very well in certain industries. By posting famous quotes from business owners, athletes and celebrities, you can help inspire your followers to do great things.

These type of posts are loved on social media and often receive a lot of shares and likes. It’s best to try it out on your social media first to see how people react. If it’s a great success then be sure to include it into your regular social media content calendar. Don’t worry about running out of quotes, there are literally millions of them, and you can even include your own.

Product Reviews

No matter if you sell products or not, product reviews are a great way to increase your social media following. Regardless of your industry, there will be some kind of service or product that you’ll be able to review. By reviewing these products and services not only will you come across as an authoritative figure, but it’s also a great way to drive traffic to your website.

People always want to know how good something is before they buy it. By giving them your honest opinion of a product or service, they’ll be often reward you with a share, comment or even a follow. By continuing to review products in your industry people will start to view you as the number 1 place to go for reviews. It also helps if you’re the first person online to do a review for a certain product, this means readers have no choice but to read yours.


Let’s face it; memes are taking over the internet. Memes are much more than just funny cat pictures and videos; they’re creative jokes that can easily boost your social media following. Everyone loves a good laugh and combining memes, and your industry is a great way to get attention and a huge mass of followers. New memes are created almost daily and most of them can be made to fit a certain topic or industry.

Not only do memes attract a lot of attention to your social media profiles but if the meme is funny enough it can often make your page go viral. Not only will that bring you thousands of new followers but it will also drive plenty of new visitors to your website.

Now you have plenty of ideas on how to improve your social media content, be sure to put these ideas into practice and not just leave them on your to do list. By adding these new content ideas to your schedule you’ll be able to get messages across to followers easier and boost readers engagement. Stick with these content ideas and you’ll definitely notice a difference an increase in views and follows within the upcoming months.