10 Best Types Of Blogs That Can Make Huge Money

Do you want to know the types of blogs that can make huge money?

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Then you are at the correct place.

Everybody wants to take up that blog niche which can make high earning. In this blog, I have made a list of those blog niches that can make your pocket full of money. I know finding the blog niche can be very difficult. It takes a lot of time to decide on which topic one should blog about.

The choice of selecting the niche totally depends upon your interest area. I am not telling you to choose these blog niches which I am sharing in this post.

Of course, you can choose any blog niche of your choice.

But choosing the profitable Blog niche can make a lot of difference.

Always Remember,

You should select only that Blog niche in which you can write comfortably. As you know, Blogging is not just about writing 20 or 30 Articles.

It is a Long term journey of sharing your experiences.

Choose Wisely!!

Evergreen Topic Or Trending Topic Which Blog Topic To Choose That Can Make The Most Money?

Significance Of Trending Topic

Well, it’s a million-dollar question. Somebody like you who is thinking to start a blog must be confused between these aspects.

If you want to start a blog on trending topics you need to see all the pros & cons about it before starting so that you can make a better decision about the types of blogs that can make enormous money over the period of time. You can find the trending Blog topics on Pinterest.


You will get instant visitors to your blog thus it increases traffic to the website.

There will be less competition in your niche as there are only a few people who are publishing content on that topic.

You will easily earn more money as many people will come to your site to read your trending content.


You need to do a lot of research to stay updated with the trend. For Example, if apple is launching its latest I phone Model people will start searching for this on the internet before its launch. You need to publish your content at least 6 months before the actual launch takes place.

Secondly, Your earnings will also fluctuate. Once It Becomes out of trend, you will receive a comparatively less amount of visitors to your blog.

Let’s Talk About Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is the content of a long term basis. Evergreen topics are always in demand. if you are taking this type of blog niche you will definitely earn a lot of money in future.

I suggest you to go for evergreen blog niche as it is a long term & stable source of income.


It is a very useful option to blog on stable topics because it will give us a constant rate of traffic to our blog without having fluctuation.

You will get stable & high earning in the long run from this type of blog.

You will receive targeted traffic to your blog which can also benefit you in Affiliate Marketing.


These types of blogs will surely take time to make money.

At the start, you will not be able to generate income from this blog. You need to put consistent effort to build authority in your niche.

You will also face competition in the evergreen blog niche.

Today, I will talk about some of those evergreen blog niches in which you can make money.

Let’s Dive Into Some Of The Most Popular Blogs Types That Can Make Massive Money

1. Travel Blog

If you love travelling to various parts of the world then it will be easy for you to write about it in your blog.

As you know people will never stop travelling they will always search for the places that they can visit. As a content Creator & Traveller Explorer, you can start this blog anytime by sharing your past experiences of the places that you have visited.

Become a guide to your audience about the food that you like, the best hotels to book in that place, the best places that you have visited to spend your day, and all other related information.

In this way, your audience will start connecting with you & thus it will help you to grow your blog.

You can also earn money by collaborating through various hotels & tourism companies in different parts of the country.

2. Lifestyle Blog

Travelling & Lifestyle blogs go on parallel with each other. It is also one of the most searchable topics on the internet every time.

In this blog niche, you will not feel short of content on any day because you are sharing your lifestyle with your auidence. share some exceptional content with your audience through your daily routine life.

You can share your tips & tricks with them.

Talk about the places that you have visited. You can also have a chat about home furnishing tips, gardening tips, and many other. Your aim should be to solve the day to day problems that an individual faces in its daily life.

That’s how you can develop a personal connection with your audience to better engage with them.

These small steps will definitely help your blog to grow at a decent level.

3. Health & Fitness Blog

We all know how important this blog niche is as it is connected to each & everyone who is living on this planet. More & More people are conscious about their health. You can become their guiding light.

Trust me, This type of blog will definitely make your money double at a quick time. Everybody loves to know about how they can remain Fit & Healthy.

At the same time, you also need to be very cautious about the content that you are sharing with your auidence. It should not be misleading as it can have an adverse effect on their health. if you have proper knowledge about the medical field then only you should start this blog.

You can also earn a huge amount through affiliate marketing & sponsored posts by just promoting certain health-related products that you feel can be beneficial for your auidence.

As you know, health & Fitness is a wide niche. If you want targeted traffic to your blog you can write about some micro niche topics like Exercise, Mental Health, Yoga, Nutrition, or any other topic based on your interest.

This type of technique will surely help you to make more money through your blog.

4. Online Marketing Blog

We all want to increase our earning sources as much as possible.

Right!! So, what’s better than the Internet?

Today, As the Internet is at its peak. Nearly 5 billion people across the world are active internet users. There are tons of searches about how to make money online by people every day.

This type of blog is also making good money at a decent pace.

Like I have this blog in which I share tips & tricks about how you can make money online. You can follow Technowlogy to know more about this topic. It is a blessing if you are helping people to earn money through internet.

Again this topic has a broad niche like the previous one. There are thousands of ways by which one can earn money on the internet today.

You should target on the micro-niche so that you can earn more money & can bring targeted traffic to your blog.

There could be various types of sub-niche category in this blog topic by which one can earn money through the internet like blogging, YouTube, Affiliate marketing, freelancing, e-commerce, selling online courses, eBooks, etc.

5. Finance Blog

This is also a high demand blog topic. when anyone starts earning they also want to save their money effectively so that they can become financially independent.

This is also a very searchable topic everytime on the internet. We search for people who can guide us about which investment plan to take, what can be a good return on investment, and many other related doubts.

If you have a deep knowledge about finance then you should make your blog. This is also one of the most popular type of blog which is making massive money.

You can also share your own experience thus helping your audience to make better decision on their investment plans.

6. Food Blog

You all know the importance of food in our body. If you are a passionate food maker (or a great food eater) you can share about the various types of food recipes on your blog.

There are millions of people who want to know the recipe of their favourite food. If you will share those recipes with your audiencethrough your blog you can drive a lot more traffic. This type of blog can also make money from affiliate marketing.

You can also talk about Good or Bad Eating Habits in your blog. write about the various healthy foods available in the market which will help your blog to gain legitimate authority in your niche.

7. Job Information Blog

This is the type of blog which makes huge money in India as you know that there are various people who look for job on various job portals.

As you know, the unemployment rate is always on the rise as a result you can expect a great amount of traffic to your blog. Many blogs are already earning a lot of money despite being a new site.

In this blog niche, you need to do an extra effort to run this successfully. As there are various government & private companies which release their vacancies everyday. For this, you need big research & have to update your blog with multiple posts everyday to be always on the top of search results.

The biggest advantage of this type of blog is that the new site can also rank quickly on Google search & can start earning money.

8. Amazon Affiliate Blog

Firstly, Have a look at the Profitable Affiliate Niches of Amazon and decide which niche you want to take to blog about?

This is the type of blog which can make massive money in a short period of time. In this, you don’t need to depend totally upon your Google Adsense earning.

Of course, you will receive Google Adsense earning after a stipulated period of time. One Biggest Advantage with this blog is that even if you receive less traffic you can still earn money through affiliate links. Your content should be very helpful & informative to the people visiting your site.

At Amazon, there are various products which are listed on their site. You should choose only that product in which you are interested to blog about.

For Instance, Let’s say I want to give a review about the various mobile phones which are there on the Amazon site for that I will simply set up a blog about only mobile phones.

You only need to give information & affiliate link related to the best mobile phones & nothing else. Always, Pick only one type of micro-niche blog & that’s how you can build authority in your niche.

9. Coupon Blog

Who dislikes saving money, probably not even the richest person.

In this online world where almost everybody is using the internet to shop for their needs, you can save their money by creating your coupon blog. You just need to create informative content that can be short & simple.

Your search engine optimization techniques will play an important role if you are creating a coupon blog because your coupon on the site will be of no use if you are not getting visitors to redeem them. Try to focus on SEO after creating rich content.

10. Personality Development Blog

We always want to improve our personality so that we can stand apart from the crowd.

In this blog type, you can talk about your personal experience as to how you have improved your personality. Your audience wants some effective tips so that they can replicate the same steps. At the same time, you also need to be very honest with your auidence.

Don’t just copy & paste anything from any website. Create your real content. This topic is very much popular among students & young working professionals as they want to get their personality better for the upcoming competitive world.

Final Words

I know deciding the blog niche is a very difficult task but on the other hand, deciding the correct blog niche is the foundation to successful blogging.

In my opinion, if you are thinking to start a new blog you should start on anyone of the above list which I have mentioned.

I hope this information will help you to decide your blog niche.

Do let me know in the comments about which blog niche you are picking to start your blogging journey.

What do you think apart from this list of blog types which can make massive money?

Lets us know about it so that we can add up here to make our list even more effective.

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