How To Find Fake Friends vs Real Friends

How To Fake Friends vs Real Friends,. Where would we be without our friends? Though they may have changed over the years, every aspect of our personality has been affected by the friendships we keep. We often tend to build our friendships around people with similar interests.

In fact, those interests are what probably spark the friendship in the first place. Throughout our life, we would have had a number of friends. And yet the most important ones are those we make in our early adult life. Some of us may have a huge number of thriving friendships, while others may have only a handful of close friends. Even those who keep a large friends circle would have only a select few in whom they confide the most.

Since friendships are so easily formed, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of them turn out to be toxic relationships.

You may find a lot of people around you who pretend to be your friend but don’t act like it.

Such people are simply a waste of your time; out of your politeness you may be friendly towards them, and yet, the more you’re nice, the more they take advantage of your nature.

How To Check Fake Friends vs Real Friends ten tips

Such fake friends have no place in your life. As hard as it may be, you need to separate your real friends from your fake ones. There are a number of ways to know which of your friends are real:

  • Support system

Your real friends are your true support system.

They are the ones who encourage you to take challenges and support you physically, emotionally and morally. They will be there on every step of the way.

If they think you’re heading down the wrong path, they don’t merely criticize you and let you down, but constructively help you by pointing out why something is bad for you.

They are the ones who help you the most in overcoming your problems

  • Acceptance for who you are

If you have to hide your real self in front of any of your friends, then it’s high time you stopped calling them friends.

Your real friends will always accept you for who you are, instead of demanding you to change.

Not only do they accept you, they love your personality and re happy to be called your friends. Such friends are keepers!

  • Forgiving

Forgiveness is something that is very hard to come by in the people of today.

Everyone seems to be at each other’s throats for silly reasons.

When we make mistakes, being forgiven is the most relieving thing that can happen to us. Your real friends will forgive you for your mistakes.

We all are imperfect people, and mistakes are bound to happen.

But it takes real love to forgive unconditionally. If your friend is ready to forgive you, know that there is much depth in that friendship.

Only a real and loving friend can forgive, and forgiveness is the mark of true friendship.

  • Always on your side

Your real friends will always have your back.

No matter what you’re going through, they will always be on your side, fighting for what you fight for.

If your friends tend to always counter you, they’re probably not worth keeping.

Your real friends know that something is important to you and hence back you up.

  • They know you inside out

Your real friends are the ones who know that you’re a little cranky when you’re hungry, or that you’re not much of a morning person.

They know your likes and dislikes, your mood swings, and what sets you off and what calms you down.

Since they know you so well, they act accordingly, knowing when it’s okay to bother you and when you should be left alone.

Such friends are real gems of whom you should never let go.

On the other hand, if you have friends who unreasonably harass you every time you upset them a little, it is because they do not quite understand you well.

  • Keeping in touch

Those friends that constantly check on you and keep in touch (maybe even to an annoying level!), they are the ones who hold you near to their heart.

Fake friends would only contact you if they need to get some favor out of you, or simply to get titbits of juicy gossip.

Real friends are actually concerned about how you’re doing, and would readily help you with any problem you face.

  • Secret-keepers

Those few people you can easily share secrets with, and who actually keep your secrets for you, are friends in their truest form.

If you share your secrets with the wrong kind of person, they’d probably only treat it as a piece of gossip and send it fluttering through their friends’ circles after ding a little spice of their own.

Being able to keep secrets is an important mark of true friendship; those friends who seriously guard your secrets do so because that’s how important your friendship is to them.

  • Being free around them

When you’re among your real friends, you don’t have to worry about dressing your best or being in your best behavior.

Your real friends are those few people around whom you can be as free as you want: sometimes, even more, than you are around your family.

The ability to be yourself around them means that you have your best times spent with these people.

If, when you’re about to meet a friend, you feel the need to overly dress up, or you find yourself constantly checking the mirror, chances are that you’re about to meet one of your fake friends.

  • Finding time for you

Friends who constantly, repeatedly cancel on you probably don’t want to be with you.

Your real friends will always try to make time for you during their day unless they’re caught up in the middle of something unexpected.

This is not simply because they have to, but because they want to.

  • In good times and bad

Your real friends will be there for whether you’re successful or not, whether you’re in a tough situation or not.

In good times they’ll be by your side, celebrating and enjoying with you.

In bad times, they’ll be the shoulder to cry you, your source of comfort and solace.

Those faces that come to your mind that have been there through thick and thin, they belong to your real friends.

You probably don’t have one memory, be it good or bad, without them.

We hope these tips have helped you understand which friends are your true friends and which of them are fake.

The best thing to do is to avoid the fake people in your life.

However, you don’t have to be mean to them or cut them off completely.

In doing so, it’s like stooping down to their level. Find ways to keep such people at bay.

And most importantly, don’t let what they say or do affect your life, or your decisions in any way.