How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google, Bing, Yahoo

Submit Sitemaps, when a blogger starts blogging, he or she assume, how to be successful in his/her field, so, one after creating website or blog, now how it’ll come on search engines and how it’ll reach to audience?. Chances are to submit sitemaps to search engines.

These all thoughts are normal and comes in the minds of all blogger, even for Famous Blogger also (when they started).

How To Submit Your Blog Sitemap To Google, Bing, Yahoo

So, it’s all about sitemaps, which helps search engines to index your blog. Basically, a sitemap is a list of pages of blogs/websites used for crawling purpose.

Before submitting sitemaps, you should know hot to get or create. It’s simple and easy to create.

Creating & Submit Sitemaps

To create sitemaps, you can just search on Google and use the results to create. If you are using WordPress, then install the XML Sitemap and directly use that. Now for others(Blogger/Blogspot), you can go the either way to Google search or just simply go to this site. Create Sitemaps ( Wait For 5 seconds and “Skip Ad” ) Now after you’ve created sitemaps, time to submit. Read: How To Increase Traffic To Your Website/Blog

Submitting Sitemaps


To submit your blog’s sitemaps: * Go to Google Webmaster Tool * Now if you have already verified your blog/website, select that and if not verify it. * Select “Crawl” from the left sidebar. 

* Select “sitemaps” and ADD?TEST SITEMAP

* Now copy the created sitemap here and click “Submit“ NOTE: copy the sitemap’s link only, which is after your domain (.com/…….) or simply                         “atom.XML” * It’s all for Google Webmasters Tool, you have successfully submitted the sitemap(or submit sitemaps). 


* Go to Bing Webmaster Tool and log in with your account or create a new one, if not. * Now, you are in Dashboard, select “Configure My Site” and “Sitemaps“ 

  * Now, put here the sitemap link you create. * Click “Submit“ It’s done……., You have successfully submitted sitemaps to these search engines, now your blog/website is ready to reach to your audience.