How to Check Airtel Prepaid Recharge Balance Online?

If you are a user of Airtel Mobile network, then you have time to come to check airtel prepaid recharge or airtel data pack balance. You are using airtel prepaid account and want to check airtel prepaid recharge balance online, then here are the quick steps to check my airtel balance.

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How to Check Airtel Prepaid Recharge?

Check Airtel Prepaid Recharge Balance Online,

There is a simple solution for your all requirement of check airtel prepaid recharge in one click.

  • Dial *121# to manage your airtel Mobile, fixed line/broadband & digital TV accounts.

Here you can start or stop any Value added services on your Mobile.

Also, Check Airtel prepaid account Balance and validity of your prepaid mobile/ digital TV account.

How to Check Airtel Balance of 2G/3G/4G Net Balance?

Here good news for Airtel mobile users because here I am giving List of all USSD codes for Airtel. It’s a very difficult to remember all Airtel USSD code. That’s why here I am giving full information about USSD codes. That will help you tocheck airtel prepaid recharge status.

  • If you want to Check for Free 2G Data Balance, then dial *123*10# or *123*#.
  • And dial from your airtel card to *123*11# for Check for 3G Data Balance.
  • An easy way to Check for Airtel 4G Balance is just type *121*8# and dial with airtel network.
  • Dial *123*197# for Airtel Night Data Balance.

How to Check Airtel Recharge Offers for 2G/3G/4G and DTH Connection?

You can check your airtel plans offer for recharge and data packs or dth connection offers at their online portal. Here is the link of airtel offers.

How to Check Airtel Online Recharge Status?

Check your Airtel online recharge for postpaid Here.

And you can also check online recharge status for prepaid Here.

Useful Airtel USSD Codes for you.

What is an Airtel Customer Care Number? – 121.

What is an Airtel Complaint Number? – 198.

How to check your Main Balance and Validity? – Dial *123#.

How to check for Local SMS Balance in airtel? – *123*2# or *555#.

What is a DND Activation or Deactivation code for Airtel? – 1909.

What is an Airtel Loan Number? *141*10# or 52141.

How to check My Airtel and My Offer? *121#.

Check Airtel Value Added Services? *121*4#.

To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services? *121*7#.

How to check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance? *123*1#.

Few More USSD Code to help in Check Airtel Prepaid Recharge.

What is my Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance check? *123*6#.

Check for Free Local, STD SMS Balance in airtel? – *123*7#.

How to check for Free STD Minutes Balance? – *123*8#.

How to Airtel Talktime Gift Service [Share or Ask Talk time] Check? – *141#.

What is an Airtel 3g activation ussd code? – SMS 3G to 121.

Which is airtel Special 5 Offers? – *222#.

What is an Airtel Live Services and how to check it? – *321#.

How to Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day] on airtel network? – *325#.

Twitter Service activation on airtel? – *515#.

Check my Airtel Special Offers and Rewards. – *566#.

What are an Airtel GPRS Activation and Deactivation code? *567#.

Missed Call Alert activation code for airtel? – *888#.

How to activate Local National SMS Packs on airtel? – *777#.

How to know my own Airtel number? – *282#.

So, this is all about airtel prepaid balance check for your mobile data packs status and offers. This airtel information will help you to get latest airtel data pack or mobile data offers, as well as benefited you with my airtel recharge offer.