Which businesses need the sun to shine this bank holiday weekend?

Fish and chips, black cabs, double decker buses, The Beatles, cups of tea and, unfortunately, rain. These are just a few things that the UK is known for. Amongst the many unique aspects of living in the UK, it is a well known fact that we regularly have to put up with some pretty shoddy weather (this summer’s heatwave notwithstanding).

Whilst many of us are hoping for this bank holiday weekend to be a bright and sunny one, there are many UK businesses that rely on good weather simply to survive.

This got us thinking about the companies who will be praying for sunshine this bank holiday weekend, so we turned to the  UK Business Universe to discover a bit more about who they are…

Cool off on the log flume

The August bank holiday weekend is often the perfect time for a day out at an amusement park. There are so many to choose from in the UK, 727 to be precise, so you’ll be able to find somewhere to suit everyone’s needs.

The UK Business Universe also tells us just how popular amusement parks are, as they generate a staggering £547,640,000 between them! The UK region with the most amusement parks is the East Midlands with 137 of them, so folks in that area have plenty to choose from. Hopefully it’’ll be sunny enough to warrant a few goes on the carousel!

Polish your swing in the sun

For those of us who are partial to a round of golf, you might be a member of one of the UK’s 36 country clubs. These combined contribute £67,325,000 to the UK economy, showing us that relaxation is serious business.

From looking at the UK Business Universe, the people of Hertfordshire are particularly keen to spend an afternoon on the course, as they are lucky enough to have four country clubs to choose from! So, if the sun shines this weekend, it might be a good time for you to polish that swing!

Outdoor pursuits companies

If the rain holds out and we see the sun this weekend, many of us might decide to take part in an outdoorsy activity – and there’s so much to choose from! The UK Business Universe shows us that there are 930 businesses in the UK that are classed as “outdoor leisure pursuit organisers”, with a significant number of them being located in the beautiful counties of Cumbria and Devon.

The people of Bristol seem to be particularly enthusiastic about their outdoor pursuits activities, as there are more companies there than any other region – 15 in fact, that generate £11.1million between them!

Get a good view of Monday

Hot air balloons have long since been an incredible way to view the UK countryside from great heights. They are an increasingly popular bank holiday activity too, facilitated by the wide variety of companies cropping up in the UK. Specifically, there are 50 hot air balloon companies to choose from in the UK.

The people of the UK’s south west region are particularly into their hot air balloon rides as there are 18 hot air balloon companies taking advantage of the area’s beautiful scenery and stunning landscape. The data further shows that these companies are thriving, with one hot air balloon SME alone having a turnover of £500,000.

So, with so much to choose from, what will you be up to on this bank holiday weekend?