What psychological facts about "KISSING" are shocking to you?

Let's check out...

1.  Kissing is surprisingly a physical and emotional pain reliever.

2.  The happier we are, the less sleep we need.

3.  People are more attractive when talking about their interests.

4.  Being alone for a long time is worse than smoking.

5.  Our brain tries to make boring speeches more interesting.

6.  We are not as good at multitasking as we are.

7.  By explaining to yourself, you think that your mind is sleeping well.

8.  The person who gives the best advice is usually the one with the most problems.

9.  Tute hue dil se marna sambhava hai. This is called stress cardiomyopathy.

10.  Singing reduces feelings of depression and anxiety.

11.  98% of the time when someone says that they have to ask you a question, you remember all the bad things you have done in the past.

12.  People who supervise tend to crave more sleep.

13.  When you are single, you see happy couples; Aur Jab Aap Nahin Hote Hain, To Aap Khush Ekal Milte Hain.

14.  Women who have mostly male friends are in a better mood.

15.  Listening to high frequency music makes you feel calm, stress free and happy.

Information source  - Internet