Unlocking the Longevity Secret: Birla White PrimaCoat Primer for Enduring Paint Finishes.

At Birla White, our unwavering commitment to elevating every Indian home has sparked a remarkable revolution in the construction industry, driven by the unique White Cement Advantage. White Cement based is a versatile innovation that seamlessly blends with other products to enhance every facet of home building, from the foundation to the final finishing touches.

Introducing PrimaCoat Primer

Birla White PrimaCoat is a groundbreaking white cement-based liquid primer that stands head and shoulders above other acrylic wall primers available in the market. It offers superior adhesion and higher coverage, making it an exceptional choice for preparing your walls for a long-lasting paint finish. Let’s delve into what makes PrimaCoat Primer the secret to achieving enduring paint finishes and safeguarding your walls for years to come.

Features and Benefits

PrimaCoat Primer boasts an array of features and benefits that set it apart:

Superior Adhesion: Its advanced adhesion quality ensures a strong bond with subsequent topcoats, providing a stable base for your paint.

Higher Coverage: PrimaCoat Primer covers more area, making it a cost-effective choice for your painting projects.

Excellent Opacity and Whiteness: This primer offers exceptional opacity and whiteness, ensuring that the true tone of your paint shines through.

Improves Topcoat Appearance: The use of PrimaCoat enhances the overall appearance and longevity of your topcoat.

No Pre-Wetting or Curing Required:  PrimaCoat does not need pre-wetting or curing with water, simplifying the application process.

Prevents Peeling: It effectively prevents the peeling of topcoat emulsions, ensuring your paint finish remains intact for years.


PrimaCoat Primer is a versatile product that can be applied on various surfaces, including interior cement plasters, interior ceilings, and interior wall putty surfaces. It is designed for both interior and exterior applications, making it a versatile choice for all your painting needs.

The White Cement Advantage

The secret to PrimaCoat Primer’s effectiveness lies in the White Cement Advantage, a pioneering approach to construction that has redefined the industry. White Cement’s innovative mixture seamlessly integrates with other products, elevating the quality of construction projects.

Exploring the Primer Lineup

In addition to PrimaCoat Primer, Birla White offers a range of primers, each tailored to specific needs and applications:

Extocare Primer: Birla White Extocare is an exterior wall primer based on white cement, enhanced with polymer modifications. It offers an exceptional 7x increase in adhesion compared to any acrylic wall primer currently in the market. This primer not only safeguards your walls from topcoat peeling but also ensures long-lasting protection for years to come. It provides unparalleled opacity and whiteness, bringing out the true essence of your paint color.

ActivCoat Primer: Birla White ActivCoat Primer is a white cement-based liquid primer that provides better opacity and whiteness than acrylic wall primers available in the market. This helps to bring out the true tone of paint color and ensures the best outcome for your home walls.

In conclusion, Birla White’s PrimaCoat Primer is the key to unlocking the longevity secret of paint finishes. With its superior adhesion, higher coverage, and excellent opacity, it ensures that your paint remains vibrant and intact for years to come. Backed by the White Cement Advantage, PrimaCoat Primer is your trusted companion in preserving the beauty of your home. Choose Birla White for enduring paint finishes that stand the test of time.